Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 9, 1961

Brother Pat Continues To Slip

Bill Cavender, Greggton, Texas

Brother Pat Boone is that fair and gallant young man of Nashville, Tennessee, who is the church of Christ's (?) contribution to the entertainment world. You see, Pat learned how to sing by leading singing for churches of Christ. He was outstanding so we are told. He developed this talent under the auspices of the "music department" of David Lipscomb College which some churches of Christ support. After college, brother Pat's talent was recognized, he became a recording artist, and then television star and now a movie star. Along with his fame, he has become well to do and has found himself the darling and object of affection of every grafter and promoter in the church who is looking for a financial handout.

When brother Pat began to come into his fame and fortune, the liberals among us from Burton Coffman and B. C. Goodpasture on down became enraptured with him and told us all, and especially the young folks among us, that there was a young man who could live in the world and partake of the worldly pleasures and habits of the entertainment world but could not possibly be overcome thereby. Pat was proof positive that it is possible for a Christian to love the world but not be influenced by it (1 John 2:15-17) He was rewarded for his good work in becoming famous by being made the "song director" of the Manhattan church of Christ, operated by Burton Coffman and company. This is the church, you know, that for years now has conducted a million dollar begging campaign so they could purchase property and build a "church plant" on Manhattan Island in New York City, so that the world would be impressed with the church of Christ and know that we were no longer a backward people. We were told how many millions from all parts of the world passed this corner each month. So "we" must build this million dollar edifice so that these millions would see it, go to their homes across the seas and across our country, tell their friends and neighbors about the church of Christ and be converted thereby. So Pat became the song director, and Burton used him to help promote this million dollar farce. Pat went over the country leading singing for large churches, singing at area-wide young people's meetings, etc., getting the "Million for Manhattan." He was exploited by Tom Wallace' and some other liberals in Dallas a couple of years ago when they had a big meeting with Pat as the star attraction and 20,000 youngsters of the churches of Christ were to show up. And all of this ballyhoo was supposed to be in the name of the Christ who bled and died on Calvary for our sins! God forbid!

Having reached fame and fortune, brother Pat became an authority on young people's problems. You see, Pat would not dance, kiss the ladies, approve of scanty dress, etc. when he first got into the entertainment world. So he wrote a book called "Twixt Twelve and Twenty" advising the young folks with their problems, how to live in the world and yet not be a part of it like he has done, and how to select a marriage companion. Some liberals got so hepped up over Pat's advise that they used his book as a text in Bible classes. The Procter St. church in Pt. Arthur, Texas did this. And even as late as December of 1960, we notice a liberal in Dallas, Flavil Yeakley, Sr., urged all the young folks of the congregation where he preaches to buy Pat's book for Xmas. Brethren bought so many of Pat's book that he recently came out with another one along the same lines called "Between You, Me, And the Gate Post." I am told it is a good seller also. But all the time Pat has been slipping When Pat would dance, kiss the ladies, and appear half-naked, the worldly friends he was making took off after him. Little by little he has succumbed as these things show: (1). In the Voice of Broadway column of Oct 14, 1959, Dorthy Kilgallen wrote: "Pat Boone's conservative fans will simply expire when they see him wearing the briefest of loin clothes in the film, 'Journey To the Center Of the Earth.' Audiences at private previews gasped when he came on in the scanty costume." (2). In Movie Life magazine of Nov. 1959, there is a picture of Pat and his leading lady in "April Love," the movie in which Pat did his first movie kissing. In the pictures in Movie Life, Pat is in the swimming pool and Shirley Jones, his leading lady, is standing up on the edge of the pool. Both are in bathing suite, and Pat has the beauty by the leg, gazing fondly upon her. (3). In the Hollywood in Person column of Dec. 24, 1960, by Sheilah Graham, it is said: "Pat Boone surprised everyone with the gusto of his love making scenes with Barbara Eden in "All Hands On Deck." As you may know, kissing and all that jazz used to be taboo for Pat in pictures. 'There is no reason why I shouldn't mature in my film roles,' says Pat, a trife huffily." And the Dallas Morning News of Jan. 10, 1961, tells us that brother Pat was the judge for the beauty contest at the University of Texas, in picking the ten most beautiful among the co-eds there. So Pat has become an authority on beauty and love-making in recent years.

All of this leads me to say that Pat has slipped. He is not example for anyone "Twixt Twelve and Twenty" or any other age. Between, you and me and the gate post, I say that we ought to forget Pat Boone as an example to our young people and old, and go back to Jesus Christ our Savior as our perfect example in all things. He will not change and the world does not affect him. We can follow Him and be safe at last.