Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 16, 1961
NUMBER 40, PAGE 10-11b

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

Dance At Pepperdine

"When Pepperdine College held its annual homecoming festivities recently, pretty Downey girl, Miss Pat Hatchell was one of the homecoming princesses, and was honored at the homecoming dance, where she met singer Pat Boone." (From the social columns of Southeast News, Downey, California, December 4, 1960.) Yes, sir, Pepperdine College has really improved its spiritual atmosphere under Norvel Young and J. P. Sanders. No doubt the homecoming dance was an inspiring and truly spiritual affair, what with brother Boone as a guest.

A New Venture In Cigarettes!

The Agriculture Department has released figures indicating that cigarette smoking reached a new high in 1960. Consumers of tobacco spent about $7,525,000,000.00 for products of the weed. Approximately 489 billion cigarettes were smoked. We read where some wag has suggested a surefire method for some enterprising American to become a billionaire — produce a cigarette that combines tranquilizer drugs with burning tobacco. The smoker will still get lung cancer all right — but he just won't care I

Canadian Example

"Now that the Gospel Press has developed into a full fledged missionary society by scrapping their original avowed intentions of appealing to individuals only for financial support, it is good to hear that some of our Canadian brethren associated with this organization are ....severing their connection with this unscriptural organization; and others have the same step seriously under consideration. We pray that their faith will not allow them to stand halting between two opinions." (Quotation f r o m "The Northern Light," weekly bulletin of the Owen Sound, Ontario, Church of Christ. John Whitfield preaches for this fine Canadian congregation.)


And this little note about Gospel Press recalls to memory a chuckle-some tid-bit (among many others) sent us as a Christmas card by the Boyd Stewart family of Lufkin: "Once you get a mouthful of boiling hot coffee, whatever you do next is going to be wrong." We have the feeling that "Gospel Press" promotion is going to prove the hottest hot coffee some of our brethren ever tried to gulp.

Gospel Preaching?

Several church bulletins have commented on that "Youth Evangelism Service" put on by the Coleman Ave. Church of Christ in Memphis, Tennessee, "in cooperation with 59 other churches in the area." The sermon we really wanted to hear was the Friday night lesson entitled, "Giving A Pig A Permanent Wave." And how' thrilling it would be to see some of our Herald of Truth preachers "dramatize" this, with a squirming, squealing, "oinking" porker getting the full beauty treatment! How can you withhold your contributions when you consider how many, many sinners this great program would save.

"Western Representative For Herald Of Truth"

"The Elders at Highland Church of Christ in Abilene have appointed Brother Robert Rich of Temple City (California) to act as their representative in the Western States. Brother Rich has just returned from a meeting with the Elders at Abilene, and reports that he was more than surprised at the size and efficiency of the 'operation' there in regard to Herald of Truth....Two of the Elders at Abilene are full time workers with the Herald of Truth and the other Elders are available for decisions and-assistance." (News item from Southern California Christian, December 31, 1960.) No comment. None needed.

The Preacher's Wife

How many times a preacher owes his ministerial life to the tact and intelligence of a quick-witted wife. For instance: when Parson Johnson saw Mrs. Sumter, whom he roundly detested, parking her car in his driveway, he sought refuge upstairs in the study and remained hidden for a full hour. Finally he risked calling down to his wife, "Has that horrible bore gone yet?" "Oh, yes, dear," his wife answered sweetly. "She went ages ago. Mrs. Sumter is here now."

Dancing Daughters

From a Hobbs, New Mexico, newspaper we learn that a local high school social club gave its "Sub-deb Presentation Dance," and gave special honor to "the sorority's little adopted sister from the Lubbock Children's Horne." Also enjoying the dance was the daughter of one of the elders of the-Taylor Street Church of Christ. This is becoming so commonplace now as to make mention of it pointless — except for the continuing hot air about the "marvelous Christian influence" in "our orphanages." Says who?

"We're Going To Lose Our Shirts"

"The story is being told over here of a traveling salesman who was in Little Rock a while back, mouthing around about all the 'antis' he was finding over the nation. He said "I travel in every state is the Union and I find more and more of these antis on every trip. If we don't ship some strong preachers into the South, and especially Alabama, Arkansas, and Florida, we're going to finally lose our shirts to these antis'!" — In a letter from Guthrie Dean, Bald Knob, Arkansas

The Easy Way

The attitude some brethren are taking in the present controversies, always searching for the easiest and most comfortable way, regardless of truth, reminds us very much of the drunk who fumbled around with his house key one dark night, trying to find the keyhole, and unfortunately dropped the key....and then staggered out to the street corner under the street light to inaugurate an intense search for the missing object. In his befogged and befuddled thinking he dimly realized that the key was back near the door-step. But it was so much easier to conduct a search under the light!

"Shake The Hand That Shook The Hand...."

There is a well known story of a town drunk in a small western city whose greatest claim to fame and distinction was that he had once shaken hands with the world champion pugilist, John L. Sullivan. The drunk would dawdle around the saloon all day cadging drinks from the customers, and offering to let them "shake the hand that shook the hand of John L. Sullivan." We were reminded of that story the other day when we saw this write-up of a well known gospel preacher who was going to a new work: "He has spoken to and met many important people, among these are the late Senator Joseph McCarthy, Gov. Renebaun of Wisconsin and Senator Wiley of Wisconsin. Pat Boone led singing at one of his meetings and recently this preacher talked with Carlos Romula, Philippine Ambassador to the U. S." Wow! With qualifications like that, we'd say this is about as high-class a preacher as money could buy!


Brother Guy Woods has recently called upon all churches to buy their literature and church supplies only from those publishing companies that stand for "the cause we love." He meant, of course, the orphan homes and other secular institutions — but as a result of his article some brethren (we don't know how many) have decided to buy their supplies from the Gospel Guardian rather than from the Gospel Advocate! Our thanks to brother Woods for this kindly boost for our business.

Sick, Sick, Sickie!

The way some of our "Gospel Presser" brethren refuse to face the reality of their missionary society setup brings to mind the story Hal Phillips used to tell about a woman who walked into the psychiatrist's office with a kangaroo on a leash. Doctor said, "Can I help you?" She replied, "It's not me, Doctor; it's my husband who needs help — he thinks he is a kangaroo."