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May 19, 1960

News And Notes

(Charles A. Holt, Box 80, Florence, Alabama)

News And Notes

Herman Sargent, who has been with the Walnut St. church in Greenville, Texas for several years, will end his labor as regular preacher there in June. He will continue to live in Greenville and will preach around that area. David Harkrider will move to work with Walnut Street, after nearly two years with the the church in Cooper, Texas Harold Savely, who has been in Nashville, Tennessee the last four years, has moved to Louisville, Kentucky to labor with the Valley Station church Robert Farish is leaving San Bernardino, California this summer and will move to Lufkin, Texas to labor with the 4th and Groesbeck church. Hoyt Houchen, who has been with 4th and Groesbeck, is moving to Abilene to assist the North Park church. Tommy McClure is moving from West End in Franklin, Tennessee. Plans call for him to move to his farm in Arkansas and he will preach nearby and help in meetings Martin Lemon will move to Franklin around the first of June to labor with West End. Lemon has been with the Jordan Park church in Huntsville, Alabama, the past two years Charles Maples, will move from Red Bay, Alabama, back to Huntsville to labor with the Jordan Park church. The Lord willing, I will assist the West End church in Franklin, Tennessee, in a gospel meeting, June 5-12. I spent three years with this church and am looking forward to being associated with them again. Hope to see as many of my friends in the Middle Tennessee area as possible. April 18-24, I assisted the University Area church in Memphis in a meeting. It was well-attended and the interest was excellent. I firmly believe that much good was done. Don Medlin is the preacher for this zealous and solid group. He is doing a fine work. The people in that area are taking notice of the firm stand for truth and the efforts to hold it forth, taken by this church. The Cause looks promising there. That field is really ripe for some effective work. There are two other sound churches in the city. Sparky Owen is the preacher for one and James Gay labors with the other one. These men are solid and they gave much encouragement to the meeting "Armor of Light" is the title of a new monthly paper, published by the Baker Village church in Columbus, Georgia. It is edited by James W. Shear, 2441 Gould Street. It is a neat paper and it stands for the truth. I presume it is free to any who may desire it. Baker Village is a new congregation in Columbus, and they are making a strong stand to "hold the line" against digression in that area W. Curtis Porter has recently spent about two weeks in the Baptist Hospital in Memphis. It was my pleasure to visit with him while I was there for the meeting. He suffered a severe reaction to some anti-biotic medicine and it nearly killed him. He was rushed to the hospital by ambulance from his home town of Monette, Arkansas.

They were able to bring out of this near-tragedy without too much after-effect. While there he was able to have some other needed work done. As all know, Bro. Porter has a rare blood malady and some additional ailments otherwise. He is still in need of blood transfusions all along. Blood donations can be made almost anywhere and transferred to his account at the Baptist Hospital in Memphis. This is an important matter to which all of us should give heed. Let us help him. Without doubt he can use any and all financial help anyone cares to send. His income is extremely limited due to his "oft infirmities," and his expenses are terrifically heavy. Help could not be given to a more deserving person. These words are without the knowledge of Bro. Porter and are wholly on my own, but I do know about these matters Do you need a good tract to pass to a friend or for general distribution? May I suggest one which I printed entitled, "For What, and Why, Should A Sinner Pray?" It is a neat, eleven page tract. It was printed to sell for $7 per hundred, but .I am offering them now for $5 per hundred. No orders taken for less than 50 at this price. Order some today. I am glad to report that the debate between G. K. Wallace and me has been turned to the printer. It is being published by the Gospel Advocate and it should be off the press by the last of June. I will have the hooks for sale. Watch for further announcement. After reading it in print, I feel safe in saying that it will be worth buying and reading Once more I recommend the monthly publication, "Apostolic Doctrine", published by Irvin Himmel. It is a dandy publication and excellent for general use. Subscription price is $1.75 per year. Address: P. O. Box 5803, St. Louis 35, Mo I note that Alabama Christian College continues to receive and accept (gladly) contributions from churches. The February bulletin from that school listed at least churches among the contributors. Such is the case almost every month. Of course, the school officials dare not be so unthoughtful as to point out that such is wrong lest they appear to be telling the elders and the churches how to spend their money! ! That dodge was born of policy and compromise. In view of the facts, is anyone foolish enough to think that those responsible for the operation of this school, the Board and the faculty, any longer really think church support of schools is contrary to the Scriptures — if indeed they ever really believed such" Guthrie Dean, Box 69, Bald Knob, Arkansas, edits a monthly paper called, "Unity Forum." It is free.

Lemmons At It Again

In the April 12 issue of the Firm Foundation, Editor Lemmons lashes out furiously at Gayle Oler, Guy Woods and all others who are advocating the new theory that "elders of the church, cannot serve as elders over a home for children." He really wrote like he meant it, too. However, he may have taken it all back or apologized for such an outburst by the time this appears. He usually does this way. He is the most uncertain certain man I have tried to read after. He even thought he "exploded" the contentions of these men along this line. In fact, he says "it is not necessary to write or speak at length to explode these contentions." Then he went on to call this newly-espoused theory by the designation of "false doctrine." He had better be careful or else Woods may tend to him again and force another compromise out of him. If ever there was a double minded man, unstable in all his ways (on these questions), it is Editor Lemmons.

Think It Over!

Under the above caption, Foy L. Smith wrote a pathetic appeal in the Firm Foundation, March 15, 1960. In fact, Foy does some begging in the article. Foy sees the "handwriting on the wall" and he has "heard through several highly reliable sources (wonder if one of them was the Gospel Guardian? ?) recently that there are schools on the brink of making all-out appeals for church support." This has Foy extremely worried. He is just not quite ready for this. He is afraid it will expose his hand. He doesn't really think such would be scriptural, but he does want to have to come out plainly and say so — if indeed he would! So he begs his brethren in this fashion, "Brethren, please don't do it."

Now isn't that a touching appeal? Well, it is, but not in the way it may seem at first. Foy's begging "touches" all right, and where it counts the most with these schools — in the pocketbook! He doesn't appeal to them on scriptural grounds nor even urge them to consider their action on the basis that it is contrary to Bible teaching. No, Foy doesn't waste either his time nor space with that sort of old worn-out appeal. He assures these schools that if they make this "all out appeal for church support," that "you won't be pleased with the results." To what "results" does he refer? Oh, not to any battle with him and his kind on whether it is scriptural or not — they have learned they have nothing really to fear from Foy, Reuel Lemmons, or anyone else of that "camp" along this line. These fellows may have some "mental reservations" about this practice; in fact, they may even entertain the idea that such would be sinful, but they will not really oppose such! They will go along. What a pity to see gospel preachers turned into such weaklings and compromisers!

Foy tells these schools that "You will gain very little and will lose much." He is advising these schools that financially they will be better off not to launch such an appeal. Now this kind of reasoning (?) will gain the attention and respect of the schools quicker than any other kind, and Foy knows this. They are interested in the money. If they are convinced that they can get more money by not asking for church-support, then they will follow that policy. In fact, this has been about the only deterrent for the past several years. However, the time has arrived when the schools are so powerful and the brethren so far afield into institutionalism, that this factor has less force. These "all-out appeals for church support" are coming, have no fear of that! Smith had as well save his time and effort. The church treasuries are looked upon as a source of revenue now by so many human institutions and human arrangements, that the schools have grown tired of being held back from getting in on this "gravy-train." Frankly, I think they are correct in their reasoning. They have just as much right to make "all-out appeals for church support" as does Boles Home, the Broadway Home, Childhaven, Tipton Home, The Herald of Truth and all the others!

I defy Foy Smith to successfully deny this charge! He won't dare try. He is so afraid of this that he "quivers in his boots" and can only beg the schools to hold back from such for financial reasons! It is all but impossible to get Smith to honorably, and fairly discuss these questions. He has sold out his convictions, settled down as a modern, big-city and big-church "Pastor" and will go along; If I am wrong in my appraisal of him, we will see some evidence of it in his action and teaching.

I hope I am wrong!

"The Nature Of The Church"

The "Spring Lecture Series" is being conducted this week at David Lipscomb College in Nashville. Theme for the lectures this year is "The Nature of The Church".

Brother Willard Collins said this theme needed discussing, for "many of the problems now facing the great brotherhood stem from misunderstanding of what the church really is".

Here are some "Special Events" which will take place:

1. Luncheon for Ladies in the interest of the Gospel Press.

2. Dinner for College Presidents.



5. Fellowship Dinner.

6. Gospel Press Breakfast.

7. Lipscomb's Annual Ladies Luncheon.

8. Reception for Mr. & Mrs. B. C. Goodpasture.


10. Patron's Coffee for Ladies.

(Emphasis on 3, 4, and 9 NOT mine ACG)

I must confess that even I don't understand what the church is, if the above is a part of its "nature". They should just admit that the program will center around the "Nature of INSTITUTIONALISM".

When I was in Lipscomb in 1934-35 they had these "lecture programs" in which they invited preachers who came and PREACHED THE GOSPEL. But, within the last few years these "lecture programs" have degenerated into SECTARIAN, POLITICAL, PRESSURE CONVENTIONS. Now, they have Ladies Luncheons, Ladies Coffee, Ladies Classes, Orphan Home programs, Luncheons for Publishing Houses, Programs by Glee Clubs, and a thousand other things.

Now, don't get me wrong. It is ALL RIGHT for David Lipscomb College to have EVERY ONE of the things I have enumerated if, I say, If (are you still listening?), IF they would let the churches ALONE! But, they won't let the churches alone. The very purpose of this lectureship is to TIGHTEN THE NOOSE a little tighter around the churches ALREADY under her domination.

Yes, the nature of the church. AIN'T WHAT SHE USED TO BE.

— A. C. Crider, in The Reporter, Louisville, Ky.