Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 18, 1960

All Books Intended For Review In This Column Should Be Sent To C. R. Nichol. Clifton, Texas

These Books May Be Ordered From The Gospel Guardian Company, P.O. Box 960, Lufkin, Texas.

TALKS TO YOUNG PEOPLE, By C. B. Eavey, Published by Baker Book Rouse. $1.75.

This is another book of the books being published in the "MINISTER'S HANDBOOK SERIES. . . A splendid series of books, designed to assist ministers, but also filled with splendid matter for all people. Though designed for "YOUNG PEOPLE" you are to remember: You are not too old to learn" unless you are self-deceived, and think you know everything NOW!

The book is divided into fifty chapters, each chapter divided into several subjects. The first chapter is: CHOOSING: Divided into a discussion of: "Choosing a Lifemate", "Choosing a Philosophy of Life," and a "Life Work." Each of the fifty subjects are divided into several subjects, with some discussion of each. It's a book which you should read, and place a copy of the book in the room of your boy, also one in the room of your daughter. I would rejoice if I knew a copy of the book was placed in the room of your sons, and one in the room of your boys.

You may think, or know, that your daughters and sons are no "readers". I think parents often make mistakes by not placing in the rooms of their children books. One time I was a boy, and number of books my parents placed in my room a book without mentioning it. I never failed to see the books, even the Bible! Send an order for this book. It is a splendid book to buy and give to some boy or girl you know.

THE NEW TESTAMENT. THE CHRISTIAN. THE STATE. By Archie Penner, Published by Herald Press, Scottsdale, Penn. $2.50.

All wide awake persons are interested in their relationship to society, the State, and the church. Just now, July 1960, we are especially interested, by reason of the fact that unrest is at a high point touching the outlook, the unrest among the nations, as well as the increase of crimes.

The author of this book brings us a splendid book touching the course Christians should sustain in civic affairs.

Living as we do in the Christian age of the world, he discusses The New Testament and the Christian. Many people have never seemed to recognize the fact that we are in the CHRISTIAN AGE, and the NEW TESTAMENT is the book from which we must learn our duties... Some years ago David Lipscomb published a book on the same subject, with the same views, largely, that Mr. Penner holds.

You will find Mr. Penner not only discusses the subject from the New Testament, as he sees it; but he gives us a Bibliography to other books that we may secure additional books on the same subject. I commend his book to those interested in the subject, and every citizen should be... I wish for his book a wide circulation. Every citizen should have a copy in his home.

THE CITIES OF ST. PAUL. By Wm. M. Ramsey. 452 Pages, Paper Binding. $2.76. Published by Baker Book House.

This book was first published in London, England in 1907, and has been widely circulated, and this edition of the book has been enlarged by the author, and has many illustrations and pictures. The author of the book is one of the outstanding men in his church, as well as a teacher of ability.

Though I have been over much of the Holy Land I thoroughly enjoy this book by Dr. Ramsey. I enjoy telling the people of the places I saw, and in writing a book on my stay in Palestine. (The book I wrote is out of print.) This book by Dr. Ramsay has many illustrations and pictures, with well description of the country, and people. If you plan to visit the Holy Land, secure a copy of the book and read it before you go; if you have no plans to make the trip, then have a copy of the book, and in reading the New Testament know where Paul was when he preached at Athens. Was I foolish when in Athens, guide pointed out where the people were seated, and exactly where (they say) Paul stood when he preached to them. (I stood in the very tracks he said Paul stood. There were three others in the group, and they, each one, took turns and stood in the same tracks.)