Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 11, 1960

Is The Herald Of Truth "Another Organization"

Jesse G. Jenkins, Ft. Worth, Texas

Any organization larger than or other than the local church is unscriptural where the work of the church is concerned. This is a truth that is taught in the Bible and has been taught by gospel preachers all of my life. And in theory it is still upheld by all gospel preachers that I know. So if the Herald of Truth is "another organization," all will either have to admit that it is wrong or repudiate their former teaching.

Our brethren who are opposed to the systematically arranged Bible classes have long charged that the Bible classes constitute "another organization." In debating them, preachers have time and again challenged them to show where the Bible classes had their own collection, their own treasury, and their own work for which the money collected was used. Preachers who have defended the Bible classes have freely admitted that if the Bible classes had these things they would be "another organization," thus wrong.

If these things would make "another organization" out of the Bible classes, and they would, surely these things make "another organization" out of the Herald of Truth. It is an undeniable fact that the Herald of Truth does have its own collection, its own treasury, and its own work for which the money collected is used. So brethren, the Herald of Truth is "another organization," even by the criterion that you have all used through the years to identify "another organization."