Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 4, 1960
NUMBER 13, PAGE 8-9,13b

News And Views

(Charles A. Holt, Box 80, Florence, Alabama)

From Here And There

S. R. Tipton is moving from Hope, Arkansas, where he has labored with the Walnut St. church for over four years, to work with the Monte Vista church in Phoenix, Arizona .... O. J. Swinney will follow him at Hope .... "That Ye Stumble Not" is the imposing title of a new paper edited by James L. Gay and S. Owen, both of Memphis. The first issue looks good and it will be used as a medium "to attack all forms of departure from God's pattern. The plagues of modernism, Institutionalism, indifference, worldliness, and such like must demand our attention today if we are to be found faithful to the Lord." Thus these brethren launch this effort that will no doubt have its influence for the Cause of Truth. I do not know what their policy is relative to sending out the paper to all who may desire it, but I am sure it is intended mainly for those in the Memphis area. Anyway, I will give H. S. Owen's address (3211 Standard Dr) and you write for the paper if you like ... The Cause looks brighter in Memphis. There are three congregations there standing for the truth and they are putting up a good fight. Last Sunday (July 10) it was my pleasure to be with the Oakville church for a special Sunday afternoon service at 3 pm. On June 5, N. B. Hardeman delivered a speech at Jackson Avenue in Memphis concerning orphan homes. Both Hardeman and his speech were played up in a big way. There was a large attendance to hear him, and a good number of these were the "antis!" I made mention of this speech in this column previously ... The Oakville brethren deemed it wise to reply to Hardeman and also set forth the truth on the question for the benefit of all who were interested. The selected W. Curtis Porter to do the job and a better man for the task could not have been found. But as all no doubt know by now, Brother Porter passed away on Tuesday, July 12. Truly a great and gallant soldier has fallen, and he shall be sorely missed. As a substitute for Porter the Oakville brethren invited me to come. The attendance for the service was good; at least as good as expected for the occasion. About ten preachers were present and people from numerous congregations in the city. I reviewed Hardeman's speech, exposing his misrepresentations, his ridicule of the opposition and his perversions of Bible teaching. (I had access to a tape recording of the lesson.) Then I tried to set forth the truth concerning the question. Following the lesson there were two Question periods which lasted till 5:30 pm. With one possible exception the spirit of all was very fine. We have every reason to believe that much good accomplished. Several expressed the fact that they could now see what it was all about and had changed their position. Of course, when Hardeman spoke there was no Question period'. Who would dare to Question Hardeman and certainly he would not permit such. The advocates of institutionalism in Memphis will now retreat from any semblance of battle with those they contemptuously call "Antis" and will try to ignore them out of existence! But truth will not be ignored when in the hands of those who love and preach it; so there will be no real rest or peace for those of liberal inclinations. It would be a great thing for the Cause of Truth if there could be a good debate held in Memphis on these matters. The "antis" are ready and willing, but the "liberals" are mortally afraid of such — and with good reason. Maybe such will come yet — and it should be of sufficient duration and conducted in proper fashion to allow for a complete discussion of the problems in the light of what the Bible teaches ... The Democratic Convention last week certainly demonstrates what power there is in mass or bandwagon efforts. With support of money and the desperate workings of the Catholic church, John F. Kennedy was swept into the top position of the Democratic party by the propaganda, ballyhoo, and all the other things which go along with mob or mass psychology. For four years Kennedy had been running for the spot and it would be of great interest to know all the facts in the background of his operation. Everyone seemed to be afraid to "buck" the tide for fear of the consequences. So, for the second time in the history of this country, a loyal and devoted Catholic is to he placed before the people as a candidate for the highest office in the land. I fear that the results may be far different than in 1928 when Al Smith was soundly rejected by the people of this nation. The American people have been prepared for this event in many ways and the time is here for them (the Catholic powers) to play their hand. The Catholic church has loyal sons in many places of power. They have brought and will buy many a man, even as they have the little man who serves as governor of Alabama. John Paterson long ago sold out to Kennedy it would be interesting to know the price he was paid .... I was not surprised at Kennedy's nomination. In fact, I would have been surprised if it had not gone in his favor. However, I was disappointed in some things. First, the weakness of the delegates which was manifested in their "going along with the bandwagon crowd." It appears to have been a "cut and dried" affair and no one really tried to do anything about it. Governor Ellington, of Tennessee, made a slight attempt at such, but was completely ignored and he evidently ceased his efforts. Surely the choice of Kennedy does represent the choice of the majority of Democrats in this nation . . . Second, I was disappointed in Lyndon Johnson for agreeing to be Kennedy's running mate. It shows the man for what he really is. Wonder what price was paid to get Johnson to line-up with the machine? This blind and loyal devotion to a party; this "my party right or wrong." is completely out of harmony with real statesmanship and devotion to country ... The events between now and election will be interesting to watch. The outcome in November will be momentous and serious. It may well be the beginning of the end for this nation if the most vicious dictatorship in the world — the Catholic church — is invited to walk in and take over. Maybe this gullible, unthinking, greedy, ungodly nation of people deserves nothing better. The sad part is that those who have "sold out" and prepared the way for it will not suffer the consequences. The stupidity of this and former generations, along this line, shall bear its ultimate fruit and have its full effects in the lives of our children and our children's children. However, it may be for the best interest of the Lord's people, and maybe this nation in general, for the Catholic church to take over and help bring us all back to our senses. Maybe it will re-create the right kind of love for freedom, individual rights and responsibilities, and help drive us all to the Lord for guidance and strength.

"Significant Voices Of The Past"

Under this caption, Guy N. Woods "exposes" me in the editors' section of the Gospel Advocate, July 14, 1960. He did a good job of it too; at least, as far making out his case. With numerous quotations lifted (mostly misused) from various bulletins I edited while in Oak Ridge, Tennessee (1947-49), he has manufactured a good case against me in his effort to destroy my influence and nullify the force of the teaching I have done against current innovations; especially in the vicinity of Oak Ridge by means of the radio program in Lenoir City and a month's effort over the Oak Ridge station. Woods is smarting under my exposure of his advocacy of institutionalism and liberalism. Some there must have been listening and studying!

Woods misuses the quotations, puts them together in such a way as to seemingly establish his point; and, of course, I am credited with endorsing everything said in these quotations. I have never denied changing my practice on some of these matters and do not deny such now. Verily I admit and confess to such. However, in 1947 to 1949 these practices were only then more or less in the infant stage. The real danger involved and the ultimate end to which they would lead was not then apparent to all (if any) of us. I do deny, however, that I have changed fundamentally in any of my teaching! (But even if I had that is not anything of which I should be ashamed or hesitate to admit.) My practice was somewhat behind or out of harmony with my teaching along these lines are far as the full application is concerned. Thru the years I have tried to see that my teaching was in full accord with New Testament law and to bring my practice into line with such. This is the reason I have ceased some practices — they were out of harmony with the law of Christ!

I am not especially concerned with trying to explain these quotations nor in proving that Woods made the wrong use of most of them. There is nothing of importance to be gained by such. Whether or not churches have scriptural authorization to support from their treasuries "the orphan homes, the homes for the aged, an cooperative evangelistic efforts such as the Herald of Truth broadcasts and telecasts," is not settled by what I taught or practiced in 1947-49 or in 1960! This can only be determined by what the NT teaches.

There is only one charge in his entire article that I am really concerned about. I here quote the paragraph in full:

Brother Holt has changed his mind regarding these matters- This is his own responsibility. We readily concede to him the privilege. But it comes with something less than candor to charge, the Highland View congregation, and its faithful membership with apostasy for believing in, and contending for, what Charles Holt endorsed and encouraged before he forsook the truth to follow the Guardian line!

The Whole Statement Is As False As It Can Be. I Have Never Charged "The Elders Of The Highland View Congregation And Its Faithful Members With Apostasy . " This Is Another Of Woods' Delusions And Deceptions. The Highland View Church Does Not Now Believe In And Contend For "What Charles Holt Endorsed And Encouraged." They Have Gone Far, Far Beyond That. I Never Endorsed And Encouraged What They Are Practicing Today! Under The Leadership Of Men Like Woods, That Church Has Changed Her Teaching To Justify Her Practices, And Seemingly Is Going Along With The Full And Complete Acceptance Of Institutionalism And Liberalism. While I Have Not Charged The Church With Apostasy, I Do Not Hesitate To Charge That Such Teaching As They Are Now Espousing, And The Practices They Now Seek To Justify, Will Lead To Nothing Short Of It! With Woods Directing Their Course And Telling Them What To Believe And Practice Along These Lines, Their Destiny Toward Apostasy Is Sure And Certain. The Sad Part Is That He Has With His "Good Words And Fair Speeches" Deceived (And Closed) The Hearts Of The Simple — Unsuspecting — People There. (Rom. 16:17-18.) They Refuse To Listen To And Study With Anyone Who Dares To Oppose The Positions Advocated By Woods. Thus Another Congregation Apparently Has Been Taken Over By The Vicious God Of Modernism.

New Congregations

Several months ago a couple of families felt impelled to begin a congregation in El Dorado, Arkansas. Gene Frost, of Camden, Arkansas is assisting them in their service on Sunday evenings. They are publishing a small monthly paper, Bible Truth, which is edited by Frost, in an effort to get before the others in El Dorado the truth concerning the work of the church. This new work has been slow, hard and not too encouraging in most ways. Surely it will succeed and others will join forces when they learn of the effort and realize what is involved. This small group meets at 810 N. Newton in a Union building, which is well located and adequate. They are soon to purchase a lot and hope to erect a building soon. These Christians need and deserve all the encouragement we can give them.

A new congregation was started a few months ago in Shreveport, Louisiana. There are several members in this group now. John Hartsell preaches for them. I do not have any more definite information than the above, but would like very much to carry an account of this badly needed faithful congregation in that city.

On June 26, about seventy Christians in Truman, Arkansas met in a new location and started a new church. They got off to a fine start and the prospects look very bright. An intolerable situation in the church there, largely aided and encouraged by Guy N. Woods who can be mainly credited with splitting this church, made this more imperative. This faithful group meets in the American Legion Building on Locuse Street. Jesse Kelley and Eugene Britnell have helped them greatly in their stand for truth and righteousness, and in the formation of this new work.

I am interested in carrying reports of other new works, but it would be better for the report to be written for publication by someone connected with or acquainted with the work. This kind of information is needed and should serve to encourage others. Please send such reports to me.

Don't Let It Be True Of You! Don't Count On Me At Vacation Time, When Fish Tug Hard On The Line,

We've saved and scraped and planned and pined, To leave our home and the church behind.

We're off to the lakes and heights galore Our vacation song is "Give us more",

And we flit like butter-flies in May And preen our wings for the far away.

Some day back home we'll come again With freckles rich and golden tan,

Our Lord's day contribution, small —

For, sad to say, We've spent it all.

— Via Bessemer Reminder

Just Use Me...

"I am the Bible.

I am a wonderful Library.

I am always — and above all — the Truth.

To the weary pilgrim, I am a good, strong Staff.

To the one who sits in black gloom, I am a glorious Light.

To those who stoop beneath heavy burdens, I am sweet Rest.

To him who has lost his way, I am a safe Guide.

To those who have been hurt by sin, I am healing Balm.

To the discouraged, I whisper a glad message of Hope.

To those who are distressed by the storms of life, I am an Anchor, sure and steadfast.

To those who suffer in lonely solitude, I am as a cool, soft Hand resting on a fevered brow.

Oh, child of man, to best DEFEND me, JUST USE ME!"

It would be impossible for me to express the gratitude of my heart for the kindness, loving consideration, constant thoughtfulness and generous help extended by faithful brethren throughout the United States and Canada during the illness and in the passing of my wife. The church in Nacogdoches could not have been more thoughtful or better and the same thing is true of many other congregations and brethren individually. Such consideration and generosity could not possibly be deserved but neither could it be any more genuinely appreciated. It meant much to Loraine while she lived and it has made the burden much less severe to me since her death. With all of my heart I give thanks to God and express my gratitude to you, my brethren and friends, for your love and goodness toward us. I pray daily that I may be as worthy as possible of such confidence and encouragement.

As soon as possible I will acknowledge personally all the expressions of sympathy and all the help received. If you should fail to receive such an acknowledgement, then please accept this statement as an expression of gratitude to you personally and be assured that your name has either been misplaced or your address was not at hand. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and please remember me in your prayers constantly.

Roy E. Cogdill