Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 31, 1960
NUMBER 46, PAGE 4-5b

Of Several Things


This editorial is being prepared while the writer is enroute to Canada, and after we have been a bit "out of touch" with brotherhood happenings for the last four or five weeks. Perhaps this is old news to most of you, but we have just heard our first reports of the developments in Frankfurt, Germany, involving the demolition of the huge building of the Frankfurt Church of Christ — the costly structure erected by American money, and so proudly hailed by the brethren promoting the project as but the first of hundreds of such structures which were eventually to grace the German landscape.

Perhaps the hand of God is in it after all, and the taking over of the property by the Frankfurt University was providential. For even Brother Gatewood himself, who made so many begging tours over the nation soliciting money for the structure, is reported long since to have come to the conclusion that this was a mistaken approach to the evangelization of Germany. Dormitories and gymnasiums and kitchens and recreational facilities are perfectly in order for a school; but they are not only without authority, but have proved a miserable flop, in the preaching the gospel, and as a part of the work of the church.

We hope brethren in general (and Brother Gate-wood and the Lubbock elders in particular) will have learned a lesson from this fiasco, and henceforth will be a bit more charitably inclined and less bitterly hostile and critical toward their brethren who looked askance at their three-ringed circus in Frankfurt. We understand plans are under way for the building of a modest "meetinghouse" in Frankfurt, and the grandiose dream of yesteryear will take its place in the museum of memories that brethren would like to forget.

Subscription Drive

Many thousands of new names have been added to our mailing list within the last twelve months; but there are still thousands upon multiplied thousands of others who ought to be receiving the Gospel Guardian. Only $5.00 a month will send the paper to THIRTY of your friends! Why not sit down right now and make up your list? The paper will continue to come to these friends for as long a time as you wish to pay for it. Several people are sending to as many as 150 families — for only $25.00 per month. Great progress is being made all across the nation in bringing truth and enlightenment to sincere Christian who have been given a false and twisted picture of what is happening among the churches. YOU can help! Send in your list today.

New Bible School Literature

We are highly gratified by the reception being accorded the new series of Bible School literature, "Some Things You Should Know " This is a fresh, vital, and interest-provoking approach to the problem of making the Bible practical in the lives of those who study it. These lessons emphasize the Bible itself, rather than comments and treatises about the Bible. Scores of congregations are sending in for a sample kit of the literature, and pleased commendations constantly tell of the satisfaction with which both students and teachers greet the new booklets. This will increase interest in the Bible School, and bring the students to an ever-growing appreciation of the place of the Bible in the lives of those who would serve God.

Ghostwriter For Pat

He didn't really do it! We mean, Pat did not really write that book "Twixt Twelve and Twenty"; and neither does he write the columns of advice that appear under his name in various magazines. These productions are the work of others (professionals in their fields) and are sold under Pat's name to give them wider circulation. This is not unusual for men in public life, and no particular blame is to be attached to Pat for this device, as he surely must approve the material before it is published; so it really is his, even though not written by him. It is quite possible, busy as he undoubtedly is, that an occasional article will be printed under his name which he has NOT read, or at least not read carefully. That, perhaps, is the explanation behind the thing that happened a few months ago: an article in one of the national journals appeared under Pat's name in which the author advised a mother to dancing school, and the same week some church bulletins carried copies of a letter written by Pat to a Christian mother in which he expressed regret that his dancing in some of his shows had had a bad influence, and pledged himself not to be guilty of such again! Life does get complicated sometimes, doesn't it?

External Evidences

For many months before he made ship-wreck of the faith Brother Pat Hardeman had been working on a "syllabus" of Christian Evidences, designed to bring together in one handy reference work a complete catalogue of the external evidences of Christianity. When Hardeman became the tragic victim of the very errors his work was designed to refute, Arlie J. Hoover took over the uncompleted task of preparing the syllabus. Brother Hoover was a student of Hardeman's (described by Hardeman as a "co-owner"), and has done a truly significant and consequential job in finishing the work.

We have examined the work, which comprises some 140 pages of mimeographed material. It is well put together; the mimeographed sheets are of professional quality, and the content of the book is simply invaluable. No serious student of evidences should be without it. Especially fascinating are the rather considerable number of carefully prepared charts which at a glance give a wealth of material which would take the student months, if not years, to dig out from the original sources. The two major divisions of the work are concerned with "The Integrity of the Bible" and "The Credibility of the Bible". Both the Old Testament and the New Testament are studied. Evidences from every field of study are set forth — secular history, and archaeology being the two greatest. The Dead Sea scrolls of recent discovery receive their full share of space.

We found the work both comprehensive in scope and compelling in interest. Only a few score of the mimeographed copies are left, and if you are interested in securing one, order it without delay. Price of the book is $3.50, and you may order from the Gospel Guardian.

Lovelock, Nevada

We have a letter from Brother J. E. Britt of Lovelock, Nevada, pleading for help in building up a faithful congregation in that city. There are only three or four families meeting there now; and they are truly deserving. Can some congregation send your preacher there to hold a meeting? or better still, can some congregation become interested in supporting a man fully in this promising field? If you are interested, write to: J. E. Britt, Lovelock, Nevada