Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 17, 1960

I Agree!

Ken Clark, Tampa, Florida

I have just finished reading brother C. D. Plum's article in the February 12, 1960, volume II, issue of the Gospel Guardian entitled, "Isn't There A Better Way?" I believe Brother Plum has come out with something I have wanted to express for sometime.

When I read or hear the words, Liberals and Conservatives, I get a picture of a river with a troop of men on each bank firing at one another. Mature, intelligent, men shooting at each other as if they were possessed with the want to destroy.

Men of the Lord have always brought to my mind goodness, gentleness, and kindness. A tear comes to my eye, though, when I pick up a brotherhood paper and one troop is once again firing upon the other. I asks myself, "What are they trying to accomplish? What is their purpose?"

When the children of God fight among themselves, I wonder what God thinks. What, Brother do you think when your children have petty fights, arguments, and disagreements? They seem rather useless don't they?

I cannot recall anywhere in the Scriptures where Christ ridiculed or made havoc of those who disagreed with him. Christ preached, his apostles preached, but do you see Paul making unwarranted or undeserved remarks about those who disagreed with him? Christ did not accuse or provoke! Need we be reminded that those who are Christians are to be Christ-like? We must remember that we are to be as much like Christ as possible. Too many of us, it seems, have forgotten what the word Christian means.

Brethren, I plea, although it may not affect anyone, that we abstain from slanderous suggestions and fight Satan, the cause of this strife. If we all work together to fight Satan and his angels, we can defeat this son of Beelzebub.

My hope is that Satan can be defeated, but if brethren fight brethren, who will fight Satan. It could develop into a vicious circle.

I agree with Brother Plum. I do not think the "slam-bang," "skin'em alive" method is the answer — On Either Side. Why not stand together against Satan? This way we will win. But, Brethren, we are a house divided against itself! Divided we cannot stand.

It is good that a man stands up for what he thinks is right, but when it leads him to the extent that if affects his disposition toward his fellow Christians, he no longer has a stand, it has him.

Brethren, how long will it take us to fall? With envy and strife among us, a disastrous end is inevitable.