Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 17, 1960

A Short Course In Foreign Languages

Guthrie D. Dean, Ball Knob, Arkansas

A GOSPEL ADVOCATE writer once said that no preacher is well educated until he has studied some foreign language. Lest we get one whit behind the chiefest among us, I urge all preachers to sit down right now and take this short course in foreign languages. It won't take long to complete this series, but it is amazing what you can learn in a short time. Study each of the following phrases, and learn how to use them.

I. "Not knowing which position G.N.W. would take in the Birmingham debate, Roy Cogdill came adutrumque paratus." Latin for 'prepared for either position.'

II. "After the strong sermon the sister went home, took two aspirins, and went to bed aequam servare men-tern. Latin for 'to preserve a calm mind.'

III. "Brother Homer sets on the front pew, but the sermons are so dull, aliquando bonus adormitat Homer-us." Latin for 'even good Homer sometimes nods.'

IV. "When the lady asked for scriptures justifying the church kitchen, the elder replied, 'Apropos de bottes.' " French for 'apropos of boots', a phrase used to change the subject.

V. "Brother Harper raised his glass of tea with C. R. Nichol and said, 'Avotre sante?" French for `to your health'

VI. 'Of the Herald of Truth one preacher said, 'crescit eundo'" Latin for 'It grows as it goes.'

VII. "Brother Warren's syllogisms are noted for their disjeota membra." Latin for 'scattered parts and disjointed quotations.'

VIII. "The elder raised his cup of coffee and toasted the College President as follows: 'Gesundheit.'" German salutation when drinking.

IX. "Many arguments made by the promoters are herpes legomenon." Greek for 'said or used but once.'"

X. "The preacher was called away to a Lectureship and the locum tenens took his place." Latin for 'substitute or associate'

XI. "The elders wife was a petite-mattresse." French for 'female dandy.'

XII "The clumsy preacher spilled chicken gravy on his wife's robe-de-chambre while the church was having fellowship." French for 'chamber gown.'

"As the sisters made their way through the crowded fellowship hall with steaming platters of roast ribs, a gentleman at the rear announced: 'Place aux dames.'" French for 'make way for the ladies'

XIII. "As the elderly lady finished reading G.K.W.'s article in the Advocate, she replied, 'quantum mutatus ab jib!'" Latin for 'how changed from what he once was!'

XIV. "When the preacher disagreed with the elders, tout de suite he found himself selling insurance for a living." French for 'immediately.'

XV. "The church is on the march; we are moving forward apasdegeant." French for 'with a giant's stride.'

XVI. "When I heard him say that he still believed in proving his practice by the Bible; I almost laughed a haute voix." French for 'out loud.'

XVII. "When they heard he was an anti, uno animo they cancelled his meeting." Latin for 'with one accord.'

XVIII. "The preacher, who spent Saturday night watching the late show, stood in the pulpit with vox, et praeterea nihil." French for, 'a voice and nothing more; sound without sense'

XIX. "Brother Lemmons explained, 'Some are on one side and some are on the other, but I am in the via media.'" Latin for 'middle of the road.'

XXI "The elder warned the preacher not to call names in the pulpit. The preacher meekly replied: 'verbum sat sapienti (est)' Latin for 'a word to the wise is sufficient.'

XXII. "When the young preacher explained to Totty that he had come to the conclusion the antis couldn't be answered; Totty exclaimed, 'Tit quo que?'" Latin for 'thou also?'

XXIII. "After his trial sermon the preacher told the elders that he would not preach against sin in the church. The elders replied, 'This is certainly a trou vaille' " French for 'lucky find.'

XXIV. "A member of the congregation asked, 'What happened to our old slogan about speaking where the Bible speaks?' The promoter replied, 'nous avons change tout seta:" French for 'we have changed all that.'

XXV. "When the old gentleman objected to the church buying an organ for funerals and weddings, the preacher shot back: 'Boni soit qui mal y pense.' " French for 'shamed be he who thinks evil of it.'

XXVI. "When Nichols and Williford asked to put the Herald of Truth under the Highland elders, they responded, 'aussitot dit, aussitot fait.' French for `no sooner said than done.'

XXVII. "The elder's daughter, who was fille d'honneur, wore a strapless evening gown." French for 'maid of honor.'

XXIX. "'Why are we so worldly and sectarian in this church,' asked the new member? The deacon replied, 'Omnia mutanur, nos et mutamur in illis.' Latin for "all things are changing, and we are changing with them.'

XXX "If it's in the Advocate take it cum grano sails." Latin for 'with a grain of salt.'

"Claws dismissa." Broken Spanish for 'class dismissed'