Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 10, 1960

"A Goose Without Wings"

Pryde E. Hinton, Dora, Ala.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM ?" is the the title of an article by Brother James W. Adams in GOSPEL VISITOR. He shows that the Disciples' and the Baptists' conventions, societies, etc., have no "organic control" over the congregations participating. He shows conclusively that the power, control, and influence of these institutions over their congregations are the same as that of "our orphan homes" and "our" big programs that are "the challenge of the century". The influence and control are pschological. Baptists will correct you, if you ganization like the Methodist, Catholic, or other similar speak of "the Baptist Church," as if it were one big organization like the Methodist, Catholic, or other similar church organizations. They say that it is correct to say "Baptist churches."

Our brethren say that the thing that's wrong with the societies is not that they are separate institutions with president, secretary, treasurer, etc., but that "they exercise organic control over the participating congregations, hence destroy congregational autonomy". This is not true. The association and societies of the Baptists and Disciples do not exercise organic control; but they certainly control, nevertheless. Just as "our orphan homes," etc., control "our churches".

Here is an instance of such domination (the means used to dominate): "Anti-ism benevolent work is like a goose without wings . . . it gabbles as much as any other, but it never gets off the ground." — BOLES HOME NEWS, April 25, 1958. That kind of falsehood intimidates the faint-hearted. You know the kind; the preacher who takes a strong stand against instrumental music, divorce and remarriage, movies, etc., but he is still "studying the issues"! Such people, being "persuaded" by "the chief priests and elders," ask for Barabbas instead of Christ, and join in the loud clamor for the big, centralized movements that are "THE CHALLENGE OF THE CENTURY"!