Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 25, 1960


Back To The Big Cities

Leslie Diestelkamp, P.M.B. 1080, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria For twelve years (1947-1959) we lived and did gospel work in some of America's largest cities (Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Chicago). Then in late July (1959) we arrived in the "Bush" country in Nigeria's Eastern Region. For four months I preached the gospel there, in villages, compounds, markets and road junctions, and it was fruitful work in the cause of Christ. Five churches were started and about three hundred fifty people were immersed. The association with American brethren who work there, and with native Christians was delightful. While there I engaged in nothing but preaching and much of my work was out in the places where the gospel had not gone before. But on December 2, we arrived in the Lagos area. This is another effort to go, as we did in America many times, into new fields, "Lest I should build upon another man's foundation" (Rom. 15:20). Lagos 545 miles from the Uyo area where almost all of the gospel work has been done previously. We helped to start the church here upon our first Sunday in Nigeria. July 26, 1959, and now we have come here to live and work. Lagos, with its many suburbs, has a total population of nearly one-half million, and Ibadan is just 85 miles north, and it is said to be the largest native city in Africa. All of these cities are congested, dark, dirty places (except for a few exclusive sections where Europeans live). Lagos is the capital of Nigeria and the main Port Of Entry. Gospel work will be somewhat harder here, perhaps, because we will not have the encouragement of so many Christians as we had in the Eastern Region, but we believe the results of gospel work will be quite comparable. Evidently the only difference between this Region and the East is the amount of preaching done — much in the East and almost none here. In the last eight days seventeen men have been baptized here, all resulting from street preaching. Large crowds gather and listen attentively for two hours, asking many good Bible questions. We are praying that one or two more Americans will plan to come here soon and join in this great work of evangelizing the Western Region.

Tragedy Strikes Paul Tidwell Family

Tragedy Struck The Paul Tidwell Family, Claiming The Life Of Sister Tidwell And The Oldest Son, Paul, Jr., 12, About Nine O'clock On The Evening Of December 31. The Tidwells Were Returning To Their Home In Tampa, Florida, From Spending The Christmas Vacation With Their Parents In Limestone County, Alabama. According To The Reports Received Here, A Loaded Truck Was Left Parked On The Highway On The Wrong Side Of The Road With All Lights Out. Tidwell Struck The Truck Full Force. Sister Tidwell Was The Former Hazel Chandler. She Is Survived By Her Parents, Brother And Sister Newt Chandler, Two Sons, David And Timothy, One Daughter, Carol, Two Brothers, R. N. And Billy Jo Chandler And Two Sisters, Mrs. Evangeline Fletcher And Mrs. Hoke Nelms. Funeral Services Were Conducted At The Eastside Church In Athens, Alabama, Sunday Afternoon, January 3. Brother Tidwell Is At Present A Teacher In Florida Christian College. He Has Taught In Athens Bible School And Mars Hill Bible School And Has Preached In Cullman, Morgan, Limestone And Lauderdale Counties In North Alabama.

Elton S. Hughes, 102 Smith Street, Center, Texas. Since my last report to the papers I have held meetings in Archibald, La., Patmos, Ark., and Palestine community, Shelby county. We are into our fourth year with the church in the James Community. Two were baptized and two placed membership in December. We hope to get started on our new building this year. We have a weekly radio program over K D E T, Center. I am permitted to hold three meetings away from home this year. I have openings for two meetings. Any congregation desiring my services may contact me at address above, or call LY-8-3507, Center.

Debate To Be Held In Port Arthur, Texas

Bob Craig, 1601 DeQueen, Pt. Arthur: For some time we have been calling on the preachers in this area, who differ with us, to discuss our differences in some public way. But, seemingly, one of the side issues that go along with the present digression among us, is the almost universal hesitancy of the liberal element to defend what they say they believe. But finally a man has moved into the area who is not as faint-hearted as others and has accepted the challenge: brother Marvine Kelley, who is now preaching for the church in Groves, Texas, meeting at 6200 39th St.

So, beginning February 22, there will be a four-night discussion between brother Kelley and brother Leon Odom, who preaches for the Pear Ridge church in this city. The first two nights Kelley will affirm: "It is scriptural for one congregation to send funds to another congregation for the purpose of preaching the gospel over the radio, through the news paper or for the distribution of tracts or New Testaments." This session will take place in the building at 6200 39th St. Skipping Wednesday night, the next two nights, 25th and 26th, brother Odom will affirm: "The Scriptures teach that only the poor saints are to have their physical needs relieved with funds from the church treasury." These sessions will be conducted in the building at 1601 DeQueen Blvd, Pt. Arthur. The DeQueen building will be used because the Pear Ridge church will be in the midst of a building program and things there will not be convenient. If there are those who would like to come and spent the entire time here, I will be glad to hear from you and will try to make arrangements for accommodations with some of the brethren. If you should come at the last minute there will be plenty of hotel, motel, etc., space available in this area.

TOM MONTGOMERY, P. O.Box 321, So. Tacoma 9, Washington, Jan. 5, 1960: "The second issue of the NORTHWEST CHURCH NEWS has been published and mailed. The staff of the NORTHWEST CHURCH NEWS endeavor to gather the news and announcements of every congregation of the church in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Alaska, and Western Canada. There has been a need for Christians to know how other congregations in the Northwest are progressing, It is believed that through a news type paper that this can be accomplished and that Christians in the Northwest will be bound closer together in the work of the Lord. The Northwest Church News is being financed through subscriptions and some selective advertising. Over 5,000 sample copies have been sent of the first two issues to 250 congregations in the Northwest. These have been well received by Christians in this area and this is shown by the many subscriptions and letters of encouragement received. Anyone interested in the work in the Northwest may receive a sample copy without charge by writing to the above address"

Ira B. Sandusky, 2916 W. 85th Street, Inglewood, Calif.: "Work of the Culver Center congregation, going along in good condition. Claude Worley assisting me in the teaching and work of the church. We have lost some by moving because of work but still have membership of 52 and attendance running in the 60s and offering been averaging about $240 per week for several months. We are in midst of remodeling the building, and will have better class room and baptism facilities when it is done. I have been with this congregation from its beginning three years ago and we have seen some substantial as well as rewarding growth. I have resigned to become effective by May 1st, 1960, and would at that time like to go back into full time work for the Lord. I have been working at secular work for a living and preaching full time for this congregation. I would like to have work in Southern California because of my aged mother and step father living in San Diego. I can be reached at the above address or phone PLeasant 9-7327, Inglewood."