Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 21, 1959
NUMBER 3, PAGE 12-13

News And Views

Charles A. Holt, Box 80, Florence, Alabama

News From Here And There

Raford Petty is now laboring with the church in Sevierville, Tennessee. Sevierville is still a "mission" field and Petty is in need of additional support.... This finds me in a meeting with the Rosedale church in Beaumont, Texas. We are having a good meeting. C. A. Cornelius is the preacher here. In this tri-city area (Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange) there are some good, solid men laboring for the Lord and the fruit of their labors is apparent. There are such men as Stanley Lovett, Guy McDonald, Bobby Franks, Bob Craig, Billy Cavender, Bill Crews, D. L. Freeman, Jimmy McDonald, Jack Thompson, Leon Odom, C. A. Cornelius, Danny Brown (and perhaps another one or two more whom I do not now call to mind) and they are really putting up a real fight for the truth. The Cause of truth will prosper where such men are.

Appreciated Letter

From Brother Luther Blackmon, of Laporte, Texas comes these encouraging words relative to this column:

"I enjoy your column in the Guardian, and especially this one this week.

"But you should know by now that you can't possibly say anything about one of 'our schools' without 'misrepresenting' and making 'false accusations'; that is unless you are trying to boost it. If you are boosting it and trying to say that you think it is running the church a mighty close second, if not even better, then you can be pretty careless how you say it! Otherwise take pictures and get affidavits."

Brother Blackmon is so right in this observation as all of us who have ever written anything in the way of criticism of 'our schools" have learned. They are at once incensed at any opposition and will immediately yell "misrepresentation" and "false accusation" at whatever may be said. Besides they will turn on you with all the venom possible and accuse you of all sorts of ulterior motives. Say what you will about the church; point out the short-comings in its work and worship; but lay off these schools and other projects of human invention — or else!

Sermon Outlines And Charts

Several years ago, Brother Paul Brock and I put out a mimeographed book under the above title. He provided the charts and I provided the outlines. It enjoyed an excellent sale through two such printings. It is now available again. This time it is in printed form (very neat) and yet the price will remain the same — $1.50 per copy. Many have proclaimed this as one of the best books of its kind ever published. This book can be helpful to all preachers, teachers and any others who may occasionally make talks. You may order your copy from the Gospel Guardian or from Paul Brock, Box 154, Dyersburg, Tennessee. Order it today.

Another Apostate

In the Tampa (Florida) Tribune, April 4, 1959, there appeared an ad announcing a "Unitarian Fellowship." At 11 AM Sunday, April 5, there would be a guest speaker for the adult program. The speaker? None other than "Dr. Thomas P. Hardeman" — more familiarly known to us as Pat Hardeman! His subject: "Rights, Human and Divine." There seems to be no doubt NOW as to Pat's complete shipwreck of the faith; and even his apologists should recognize this fact. If Pat attends services conducted by the Lord's people anywhere, no one in Tampa seems to know about it. He is known to attend services of other groups and he often introduces some sectarian preacher as "Reverend" — so it is commonly reported. It hasn't been but just a few months ago that I heard one of Pat's close friends (and one upon whom Pat has exercised more influence than even this man is aware) defending Pat. He said that Pat was not gone — that he was just mainly misunderstood!

When Pat first came to the attention of the brethren he was quite young. He was heralded as a brilliant thinker — even a near genius by many! Pat launched an ambitious career in the field of higher education and went on to take a Ph.D. degree. He was early acclaimed as our leading champion against modernism and other forms of unbelief and infidelity. Pat read and studied the works of the modernists and infidels. He sat at the feet of modernists and lived and breathed their ideas. Perhaps he was enamored with his own importance and ability, and more and more he began to lean upon HUMAN rather than DIVINE wisdom. Even while he was being set forth as such a foe of infidelity, unbelief and modernism, the processes were at work in his own attitude and reasoning that have finally spelled his ruin. He had unconsciously adopted their attitude and way of reasoning and the deadly disease has gained its hold upon another victim.

Pat is brilliant in many respects. He possesses an uncanny memory — which many mistake for the ability to reason. I was in Freed-Hardeman College with Pat for two years — though some older than he. It was there that I first became impressed with him. He appeared arrogant to many and seemingly was quite impressed with himself. I watched him with great interest and concern. I was impressed by his possibilities. I heard him give lengthy memorized speeches — even memorizing negative speeches in a debate. Even then I knew that this young man had the possibilities for greatness in the service of the Lord, but at the same time these possibilities could be the very means of his eternal destruction and could work untold harm to the Lord's Cause. The circumstances and influences have combined against him (as a result of his own choice) to the point that he has been destroyed. I wonder if his loyal defenders — those upon whom he has had such a terrible influence and who more or less go along with him in his attitude and reasoning — are able yet to see Pat's true plight? The sad thing is that some of them, in their desperation to be like him and follow hint, even in fields of higher learning, have absorbed more of the same attitude and reasoning than they themselves realize. Unless the contaminating influence of such is checked and completely removed, they shall follow in his steps — eventually!

This is but another classic example of the danger of higher education in theological and philosophical fields. Too many have fallen victims before the onslaught of such modernism and infidelity. To be sure there are other factors in Pat's case that have had their part in his course, but the story might have been altogether different if Pat had not delved so deeply into the fountain of human wisdom and learning.

I would again urge upon all the grave danger posed in attaining so-called higher education. Many have been destroyed by this means and many others have been badly crippled in their faith. It isn't worth the chance one has to take. Besides such is of but very little real worth in teaching or preaching God's word. We have not yet begun to see nor to reap the full fruits of the craze for higher learning which has fastened itself upon so many in the church. If I had my way I would keep every young man who intends to preach the gospel from going into the fields of so-called higher learning.

More Signs Of The Times

This column has continually tried to point up the evidences of modernism and digression among us. There is no doubt about it — the church is being hoodwinked and promoted into another apostasy. The proof of this charge is easily produced. Unless churches can be aroused to the real and immediate danger of such there is no way to predict the ultimate results. Below are some clippings from bulletins to further help in letting all see some of the things taking place over the country.

The following are all taken from the bulletin of the church in Arlington, California, where Neil Bellhop is the preacher:

"FELLOWSHIP — This Sunday night is monthly social night. We will meet at 8:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. All visitors are urged to be with us for this wonderful hour of fellowship. The ladies are reminded that refreshments are 'Potluck' dessert."

"OFFICER'S DINNER — Saturday, January 31st, at 7:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall is the evening for the Officers' Dinner Meeting. All officers and their wives are expected . . . ."

"CITY MEETING — One of the results of a city-wide elders and ministers meeting last week was the decision for a city-wide meeting in Municipal Auditorium. The meeting will be sponsored by the churches of Christ in Riverside and Sunnymead . . .."

These city-wide elders' meetings are becoming more and more popular. No doubt there will soon be State-wide elders' meetings! Then nation-wide elders' meeting — then all they need to do is to elect a pope! This was the way Catholicism was born!

Bible Chair

Another practice that seems to be growing is what is called a "Bible Chair." Judging by what is said about such things and by what they do, one gets the idea that they are nothing more nor less than some kind of social club for college students! And when all is said and done that is just about the best that can be said for them. Yet churches are building and maintaining such. Churches contribute money to these Bible Chairs and these Bible Chairs become the church agency for providing recreation, entertainment, fun, frolic and other social activities for the students at the particular school. The following is but a mild sample of some of the things being done along this line:

NORTHWEST TO HELP PROVIDE FOOD FOR THE BIBLE CHAIR: Beginning with a banquet this month, Northwest will cooperate with the other churches in town in providing food for social events at the Bible Chair. The food committee will be in charge of this work. It is wonderful to see the churches working with the Bible Chair in training our young people for greater service in the Master's Kingdom" — Bulletin, Northwest church, Lawton, Oklahoma.

Notice the following: (1) The churches are to provide food for the Bible Chair; The thing must be hungry. When Jesus spoke of being hungry and ye fed me, do you suppose he meant a Bible Chair? In doing this work the churches are either an agency for the Bible Chair or else the Bible Chair is an agency for the churches! (2) Social events take place at the Bible Chair. And this is no doubt the most important thing that such an organization does. The churches are to provide food for a banquet this month! Also, the article says plainly that "churches" are to provide the "food for social events at the Bible Chair." And this church even has what they call a "food committee'." (3) And worst of all these people are deceived into thinking that in such work they are working with the Bible Chair "in training our young people for greater service in the Master's kingdom!" There is no doubt that many have come to the place where they think that "providing food for social events" is really training young people for greater service in the Master's kingdom! This but points up the sad and pathetic state to which so many have come. And yet some think there is no cause for alarm and there are no signs of digression and apostasy!