Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 4, 1960


Elders, Church of Christ, 350 So. Scraper, Vinita, Okla.: "One was baptized and another restored last Sunday, which makes a total of thirteen responses to the gospel since last June. Our faithful gospel minister, Bro. M. A. Mansur is sound in the faith, and preaches the truth, the word of God effectively, in love and kindness. When traveling, we cordially invite you to stop and Worship God with His disciples here in Vinita."

THE CHURCH OF CHRIST IN CONCORD, CALIF. Voyd N. Ballard, 4133 Joan Avenue, Concord, California: "Faithful brethren in the Bay Area will be glad to learn that a congregation of the Lord's church has been established in Concord, California. The congregation here had it's beginning on the first Lord's Day in November when about 40 people met together to conduct worship according to the New Testament pattern. Several faithful brethren who live in Concord had been driving some 15 miles to Antioch, California for the past year, because there was not a congregation in- the Concord area that respected the New Testament pattern for the work and worship of the church. When I moved to Concord last July I learned that these brethren had been talking about the possibilities of establishing the work in this city, and no doubt would have done so before now, had it not been for the fact that the church in Antioch had been in the midst of a building program and the members living in Concord did not wish to leave Antioch in a financial strain. After the Antioch brethren completed their new church building they reached the point to where they felt they could carry their work financially, and those of us living in Concord began to look around for a suitable place to meet in this city.

We have rented the WOMEN'S CLUB BUILDING, 2619 Port Chicago Highway, in Concord, and as stated above the first services were conducted at this address on Lord's Day, November 1, 1959. Our Bible Classes begin at 10 o'clock each Sunday morning. Worship and preaching at 11 o'clock and Sunday evening services at 6 o'clock. Wed. evening services are conducted at 7 o'clock. Every member of this congregation is converted to the truth, and we expect to keep it that way. All of us will be devoting all of our time, efforts, and money that we possibly can to the building up of the Lord's church in this city. The truth will be taught on every subject and issue, and all "isms" (including the pet isms of the liberals) will be condemned. I have bought my home here in Concord and I am thankful for the privilege of having a part in the beginning of a sound congregation here, and also for the opportunity to do the preaching for this congregation.

Concord is a city of 32,000 people. If you know of people living in the area that might be reached with the truth please send us their names and addresses. We are indeed fortunate to have some five or six men in this congregation that not only know and love the truth, but who have the ability to teach it both privately and from the pulpit. We are also blessed in that most of these men are good song leaders. All of these members who were meeting with the church in Antioch left that congregation in full fellowship, and the Concord work was started with the good wishes and blessings of the Antioch congregation. Full fellowship exists between the two congregations, as well as all other faithful churches in this area. And I might add that faithful congregations and preachers now outnumber the institutional crowd in the Bay area, even though Reuel Lemmons would have you think otherwise. If you know of anyone in this area that we might interest in the truth be sure to write me, and when you pass this way stop and worship with us."

Le Roy Posey, 1047 Carolina St., Vallejo, California: "I would like to inform the brotherhood of a small congregation of the Lord's people who are meeting in Grass Valley, California. This is a beautiful little city with about 8,000 population. Nevada City is about two miles East with about the same population. Grass Valley is about 60 miles northeast of Sacramento in the Sierras. The summers are very pleasant and in the winter, it snows just enough to be fun. There are many areas of recreation close by, such as Donner Pass, trout streams, Lake Tahoe and besides this the deer are very plentiful. Many retired people live here. Any preacher coming here should feel very fortunate. This group started meeting together in the Women's club building a year ago last October. I helped get the congregation started, along with the help of Bro. Gordon Wilson and the faithful brethren of Sacramento. These faithful Christians were forced to find a place where they could worship God according to truth, because of the liberal church in that city. This congregation started with about twelve, but after the weeding was done and another two or three moved away, there are only five left. This consists of two men and three women, who are determined to establish a sound congregation in that city. Without help from other congregations, it will be hard for them to accomplish much. The congregations at Sacramento and Vallejo have helped by sending someone to preach whenever possible; but these two congregations are small and are very limited in the help they can give. What these brethren need at Grass Valley is a sound preacher to move there and work with them full time. At present they can only pay $40.00 a month toward a preacher's support. Any congregation willing to help or any preacher willing to go, please contact me at the above address and I will pass the information along. Among the preachers who have preached there for short periods are Gordon Wilson, Voyd Ballard, Lee Baker, L. E. Posey, R. G. Lovelady and John Wilson, and others from Sacramento."