Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 19, 1959
NUMBER 28, PAGE 10b-11


Doyle Banta, P. O. Box 446, Athens, Alabama: "Robert M. Pressnell, preacher and contractor, of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee completed our new 450 capacity church building in September. Eugene Britnell just concluded a wonderful meeting in which 13 were baptized and 2 restored. Nine others have obeyed the gospel here at Eastside this year."

"The Parkview church in Odessa, Texas sent their preacher John Gipson with Bro. J. E. Perkins, one of the Elders, to hold a series of Gospel Meetings here in Dexter Sept. 20-27. These were the best attended meetings in our three years here. There were adult non-Christians present at each meeting. Two were restored and one was identified and restored."

Charles Boshart, 1018 South Third, Rogers, Arkansas: "From September 16-23, I conducted a meeting with the Whitney Avenue congregation in Memphis, Tennessee. This is a new congregation which has been meeting for a little over two months. During the meeting one was restored. Two lessons were taught on the matters relating to the sufficiency of the local congregation in doing the , work of the church and the conditions under which churches may send funds or make donations to other churches. The Whitney Ave. congregation stands for the truth on these things. Their preacher is James L. Gay. 'The cause of Christ has known few men who are as willing to work and deny self as James Gay. He is an asset to this congregation and a strong defender of the truth. The church here is cooperating in the work in Memphis by sending $100 per month to brother Gay's support. Surely there are other churches who are interested in the cause of truth in Memphis who are willing to make up, the $100 per month that brother Gay needs and send it directly to him. His address is 3497 Watkins, Memphis 7, Tennessee. When in Memphis, why not encourage these brethren by worshipping with them. There are other churches in the Memphis area standing for truth on current issues. They are: 1) the Oakville church for which brother Sparky Owen is preaching; 2) the University church for which brother Don Medlin is preaching; 3) the High Point Terrace church whose preacher is brother Charles Stovall. The truth is standing on the threshold of great successes in Memphis."

BilI Fling, 10312 McClure Avenue, Garden Grove, Calif.: "The last Sunday of August, I concluded four years work with the Tenth and Termino church in Long Beach, California. We enjoyed our association with these brethren very much. One of the interesting features of the first year was a public discussion with Brother Benjamin Franklin. He affirmed the scripturality of church-sponsored recreation, church support of human institutions, and centralized oversight by sponsoring churches. He did not want formal propositions, but the issues were clear to the audience. It was a pleasure to me to take the negative and show what the Bible does teach, positively, in these matters. Brother Franklin's conduct was the best of any man of whom I have heard who has taken that position. When the right attitude is manifested, we feel that such discussions do immeasurable good. A number who previously disagreed with us have expressed the same view. The church at Tenth and Termino is a good church and has done much in supporting the Truth in other places. It assisted the work in Red Bluff, California, and the new congregation on Studebaker Road in Long Beach while I was with them. Both churches are self-supporting now. Brother Jady W. Copeland is now working with the Tenth and Termino church.

The first of September, I started work towards the establishing of a new congregation in a new section of Anaheim, California. We are now purchasing property and meeting at 3328 W. Orange Avenue, Anaheim. This location is situated between two famous tourist attractions of this area: Knott's Berry Farm's Ghost Town and Disneyland. The first Sunday in our new property there were 51 present in the morning and 54 in the evening. This church is not a faction, nor did it come from a "split". It is the effort of numerous lovers of Truth to establish the cause of Christ in this fertile area. Three churches are having fellowship with me in this work, providing my support. They are: Tenth and Termino, Long Beach; Pruett and Lobit, Baytown, Texas; and Birth and MacFaddin, Santa Ana, California. If you know of erring saints or friends in this area, please notify us and we will contact them. Remember us in your prayers. (Would all interested parties please note the two new addresses given above.)

Warren Lewis, Abilene Christian College: "What did you do this summer? Mary Farley of Merkel, Texas; Maxine Kemplin, Robert Barrett, and Warren Lewis of Amarillo, Texas; went to Mexico for ten days to work for the churches in and around San Buenaventura, Coahuila. During these days of intensive teaching, these two housewives and two students strengthened the existing church of three, baptised nineteen more, restored one, converted a Methodist church and acquired their building, and learned what the Providence of God is. This work was begun through a Valente Morin who was also the beginning of the Latin-American church in Amarillo, but retired from his job to return to his home-town to teach his people of the love of God. To this end, we went to help Brother Morin. We found the people ready to listen, without prejudice, and tired of the oppression of the money-conscious Church of Rome and the petty bickerings of the Denominations. These people were over-joyed at New Testament Christianity. We gave Bibles to some who had never even seen a Bible, we worked, and with His help we established a church in San Buenaventura and a church in Santa Gertrudis. The road is paved all the way to San Buena. If you are ever on a vacation down Mexico way; look them up, stop for worship, and strengthen these two new churches in Mexico."

Eaten Macon, 902 Halifax Square, Brunswick, Georgia: "13 persons were baptized and 1 restored in a well attended meeting at Leoni, Cannon County, Tennessee, July 5-15. Local forces directed the singing. A family of three placed membership here recently. Tourists are always welcome to attend our services at 1526 Johnson Street."

Jady W. Copeland, 1021 Tennino, Long Beach 4, California: "After being with the Calmont Avenue church of Ft. Worth, Texas for two and one-half years, I began work with the East Side church in Long Beach the first Sunday in September. Bro. Bill Fling has worked with the brethren here for four years and had done a fine job. The elders are sound in the faith, zealous in doing good, and spreading the gospel to others. The church here was instrumental in beginning the Studebaker Road church in the area about a year and a half ago. Bro. Bill Irving is the good preacher there and they now are as large as the East Side church. Bro. Fling left here and moved about 15 miles east to Anaheim to begin a new work there, and a few of the families from this congregation are working with him. They have a good start, and have purchased property in a fine location. Though the Calmont church in Ft. Worth is smaller in number, they are now "set for the defense of the gospel" and are true to the Book in their convictions. Bro. Jesse Jenkins moved from West Side in Irving, Texas to work with them. Though the struggle there was a bitter one, the brethren stood the test and now have a fine opportunity to have a strong and growing church in the Southwest side of Ft. Worth. When in the Long Beach area, worship with us.

Marion Davis, Fayette, Alabama: "One of the greatest things to happen in Fayette County in the past ten years was the meeting conducted by W. Curtis Porter of Monette, Arkansas. The Mt. Olive congregation is to be commended for bringing brother Porter to Fayette County. The institutional and the premillennial groups of the County, boycotted the meeting, but his preaching on the radio while here got to many of them, and a great deal of discussion relative to his teaching has been going on. We hoped a debate would grow out of the meeting but cannot find one of the institutional group willing to meet brother Porter. Wonder if Dr. Goodpasture has one?"

Bill Echols, 169 Main St., East Orange, New Jersey: "We began our work with the church in East Orange on June 8. Since that time we have had 6 to be restored and 2 to place membership. If you know of any Christians in Northeast New Jersey, please send us their names and addresses that we might contact them."

Donald P. Ames, Florida Christian College, Tampa 10, Florida: "During Bro. Ed Grantham's absence to finish up his master's work at A.C.C., it was my privilege to preach for the Fruitville Church of Christ (Sarasota, Fla.) July 19-Aug. 16. This is an active and growing congregation, and Bro. Grantham has done much good there. The work at the Antioch Church of Christ (Thonotosassa, Fla.) continues well. Bro. Roy Neal is the regular evangelist there, with aid from Bro. Curtis Hathaway. Also Bro. Hathaway and I edit an 8-page weekly bulletin, "The Teacher," in an effort to teach non-Christians in that community. We've received many fine comments thereon, and hope it is producing good results for the kingdom of Christ."

Harmon Caldwell, 206 Cedar Avenue, Moundsville, W. Va.: "After three years with the Huffman church in Birmingham, we began May 31 with the church in Moundsville, West Virginia. Huffman is a good church, has a fine new building, is among the newer congregations in the Birmingham area, and is in the fastest developing subdivision of the city. Great prospects lie before it. It has undergone considerable difficulty with the digressive element in the city, but as a new congregation has matured considerably, and is becoming more and more able to combat the liberalism that is sweeping the country, and which obviously has made some headway even in Birmingham. The brethren at Huffman are learning to work more closely together, and it was gratifying to leave the church for the most part unified. Bro. Frank L. Smith, formerly of Lancaster, Texas, sound and unwavering in the Truth, began work with Huffman August 1.

The church in Moundsville, a small city nestled in the heart of the beautiful Ohio Valley, as a well established congregation, with a substantial eldership overseeing some 400 members. The church worships in a lovely new building erected only four years ago. The work here and in neighboring towns has figured rather closely with the Restoration Movement. It was in Bethany. only thirty-five miles away, that Alexander Campbell lived most of his life. Though the digressive movement in the '80's and '90's took its toll among the churches of the Valley, some emerged valiantly contending for the faith, and several of the congregations in this area continue to fight the forces of liberalism. It is our conception that the elders here are loyally dedicated to the Truth, and will stand unwaveringly against any attack perpetrated by those who would disregard divine authority. We anticipate with pleasure our continued work here. Incidentally, in recent weeks there have been eleven baptisms and four restorations.

Buford Davidson, Levelland, Texas: "After several years of trying to get the elders of the Austin St. congregation and the leading members to discuss openly the issues confronting the church and trying to persuade them to have an open pulpit to ALL Bible subjects, a few of us here have had to leave them to their idols and begin anew. They not only refused to hear anything on the subject but insisted on not allowing any preacher here to do local work or meetings that was not in accordance with their ideas. Furthermore, many of the members resorted to majority rule to have their way. In fact, that is the way it has been operated for some time. Finally, they forced the elders and deacons to resign to rid themselves of all opposition then they appointed some men for elders and deacons, most of which were unscripturally qualified, then disregarding the protests of several of us they installed them as officers of the congregation. Realizing that we could not submit our spiritual welfare to such a group of men and that they were insistent in pushing the idols of institutionalism to its bitter end, a few of us decided that we could not continue in any degree with them and be pleasing to the Almighty God. Thus we left them and worshipped in other congregations while we have prepared a place to meet and worship God according to his Word without the adjuncts of human origin. We were fortunate in securing an old church building and moving it to Levelland and have secured three lots in a very good location. On August 9 we met for our first service. We had 45 present for the beginning services; 45 for our evening worship; Then on Thursday evening we had 38 present for our midweek service. We are overjoyed at this beginning even though the number is small. We feel that we have made a good beginning regardless of the opposition that is being placed upon us. We covet your prayers and the prayers of the faithful brotherhood for the work here. We hope that faithful brethren moving to Levelland or visiting here will attend our services at every opportunity. Brother A. Hugh Clark is to hold us an outdoor meeting about the middle of September. We are looking forward to that and hoping that many will come out and hear the truth. There are many members of the Church here who have grown disheartened by the things that have happened in the past that possibly can be restored."

Vestal Chaffin, 716 Main Street, Charleston 2, W. Va. "Fourteen baptisms and one restoration were the visible results of my meeting with the Oak Grove congregation, in Clay county, Tenn., in July. Fred E. Dennis was with the church here at Park Avenue and Main Street, in a meeting August 16 through 30th. Six were baptized and three were restored. Good attendance and a fine interest characterized the meeting throughout. The Lord's days that brother Dennis were here, I preached for the Oakwood Road congregation of this city. One was restored there. A young man was baptized at our midweek service last night. This makes a total of nineteen baptisms here, thus far this year. I have some time for meetings in 1960."

R. L. Burns, 6110 White Settlement Rd. Ft. Worth, Texas. "After nearly 3 years with the Central church in Grand Prairie we are moving to Fort Worth to work with the new Westside congregation. The church meets at 6110 White Settlement Road, Fort Worth, Texas and our home address will be 5809 Hollaway Street. During the Summer months we conducted mid-week services on Thursday night in Grand Prairie and invited preachers from the Dallas-Fort Worth area to speak to us. Some 15 or 16 sound preachers participated. Any person moving into Dallas can find a loyal church meeting in fairly easy driving distance."

Guthrie Dean, Box 69, Bald Knob, Arkansas. "I conducted meetings in Arkansas, Indiana, and Michigan this year; a good number were baptized and several restored. Since the middle of August there have been nine members added to the church here in Bald Knob. The church is sound in the faith and growing."