Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 22, 1959
NUMBER 24, PAGE 7b,14b

Connie W. Adams, % Doron Colley, Route 3, Fulton, Kentucky: "After two years work in Bergen, Norway, we shall sail for the States September 1st, aboard the 1/1/8 Oslofjord. When we came, nothing had been done toward establishing the church in this city. The work has been slow and difficult, but we are happy to report that six Norwegians have responded to the Lord. The first of these converts, Dag Bjornstad, is now working full-time as evangelist, being supported by the Dudley Ave. church in Texarkana, Ark. The writer and Mason Harris have taught him most of the courses of study he would have had the first two years in a Christian school. He continues these studies with Mason Harris and Bill Pierce. Mason Harris has proven a faithful, diligent worker. It has been a pleasure to work with him. We have confidence in his ability and judgment. In less than a year he has learned to preach in Norwegian. His next year's work should be fruitful. Bill Pierce arrived in June and is adjusting to life here. He is a faithful worker.

Brethren have responded wonderfully to our needs and we are appreciative. Though our support has come from twelve different places, there has been no difficulty. One church dropped out after one year, but another immediately took up that amount. The needs of the work have been met. To each congregation and individual which has had a part in this work thus far, we express heartfelt gratitude. Brethren, the work must go on. It is worthy. Anyone desiring to help further may contact Mason Harris or Bill Pierce, Postboks 2, Bergen, Norway. A monthly report will be supplied.

Our plans for the future are indefinite. The writer will be in meeting work for several months. The following meetings are scheduled for the rest of 59: October 4-13, Southeast, Akron, Ohio; Oct. 18-27, Glenwood, Atlanta, Georgia; November 1-11, Gordon, Georgia; November 1524, Covington, Georgia; November 29-December 6, West Ave., San Antonio, Texas. A few others are scheduled for 60. As time permits, the writer would be happy to talk to brethren about the needs and opportunities in Norway. Anyone desiring to contact us may reach us at the address at the top of this report."

Raford Petty, Box 172, Sevierville, Tennessee: "The work continues to go well in Sevierville. Since moving here in April, 4 have been baptized and two restored to the fold. Our meeting closed August 2, with Reavis Petty of Columbia doing the preaching. We feel that the church here was strengthened by his good lessons. The membership here consist of less than 20 and we will need some additional financial support to carry on the work properly. (For further information write me Box 172, Sevierville, Tennessee.) When visiting the Great Smoky Mountains stop and worship with us."

Jerry C. Ray: "After three years with the church at Bellville, Texas I am moving to work with the West Side church in Irving. The brethren there are sound in the Faith and stand against present day innovations and liberalism. Our address after Sept. 4 will be 1614 Arcady Lane, Irving, Texas. When in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area worship with us at West Side."

Moyer-Crawford Debate

"November 2, 3, 4, and 5th will be the dates of the Moyer-Crawford Debate to be held in the Cherry Chase Church of Christ building, located at 1050 Remington Drive in Sunnyvale, California. Brother Forrest D. Moyer will be representing the Sunnyvale church and Mr. R. Lawrence Crawford of Hayward will be representing the Missionary Baptist Church. They will discuss general church questions. Mr. Crawford has debated with a number of our brethren during the past few years and is well qualified to represent his cause. Brother Moyer has engaged in four debates previously — one of these with Mr. Crawford in Napa, California. We invite all interested brethren to attend this debate. Our auditorium has a seating capacity of 600. For those attending from out of the area, rooms will be provided by brethren here. Also we are planning a day service of round table discussions on various problems during the debate. More on this later. We feel that this can be a period of study, association, and profit to all. If you desire us to reserve you a place to stay, please let us know in advance. Write to us, Box 822, Sunnyvale, California."

O. B. Proctor, 2958 Grape St., Abilene, Texas: "A. Hugh Clark did the preaching in a very good meeting for us in which two were baptized and five identified. Brother Clark's sermons were plain and pointed and were designed to strengthen the church. He pointed out the difference between truth and error in a plain manner. In spite of much opposition we continue to gain strength."

E. Lacy Porter, Weiner, Arkansas: "One was baptized here a few weeks ago. Our attendance has been increasing for the past few weeks. Closed a meeting last Thursday night with the Faye church near Gainesville, Missouri. One was baptized."

C. D. Plum, 21 7S. 1st Avenue, Paden City, West Virginia: "One baptized, one confessed neglect, and one by membership. I'll be in Port Arthur, Texas October 4-11. Cecil Dotson preaches in Paden City November 2-11."

Dudley R. Spears, Cookeville, Tennessee: "The church on Jere Whitson Rd. in Cookeville, Tennessee is in need of a sound gospel preacher. Anyone interested in moving here can contact either A. Q. McDonald - Rt. 3, Box 62, Cookeville, Tenn. or John Maxwell - 535 E. 20th, Cookeville, Tenn. The church numbers about 200 in attendance on Sundays and has a new three-bedroom preacher's house on the same property as the meeting house."