Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 27, 1959

Light Beyond Shadows, By Fredrick West, $3.75. Published By The McMillian Co.

The autobiography by a preacher who became prominent among his people, in official meetings of the Denomination, as well as a local preacher. Married, had a family. Became insane, was committed to an asylum; committed to a large ward where there were a number of other inmates. The past was gone for him. No memory of wife or children, nor his work as a minister. He was agreeable, and a talker.

After expert treatment, and good care, he was dismissed, and returned to his home. He was soon in normal health, save there were sections of his life which he could not recall. The problem was to make the most of life. He applied himself, and again was preaching as usual. He wrote the book with the determination to help others. You will find many good things in this book, and learn some things none other than one who passed through what he did can tell. It's well written.

THE PATTERN OF AUTHORITY, By Bernard Ramm, PhD., D. D. $1.50. William B. Ferdman, Publisher. Boards.

This is one of the "Pathway Books" by this Publisher"

This Publisher gives the reading public a number of books in this series, by different religious bodies, the present volume is from the pen of Dr. Ramm, the Director of Graduate work in religion in Baylor University, Waco, Texas. Too many people read their Bibles looking for something they can construe to mean what they wish, at least to interpret to suit their views ? Mr. Ramm inquires: "How can we avoid the tragedy of taking the voice of man for the voice of God?" (P. 16.) Again:

Again: "Reason has been made a religious authority by some writers on the subject, but reason is a mode of apprehension. If reason apprehends the truth, it is the truth apprehended, which is authoritative, not reason, (P. 44.)

Too many overlook that they are "hearing the voice of the prophets when you read what they said?" (See Acts. 13:26.)

JESUS- FRIEND and HELPER, By Elizabeth Armstrong, $1.50. Abingdon Press, Board Binding, Illustrated by Iris Beaty.

Designed for primary children, with seven stories representing Jesus and children with a lesson in each narrative. 48 pages, with "Jacket". All pages highly illustrating the characters. A nice present to give the children on birthday, or for any special occasion.