Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 16, 1959
NUMBER 10, PAGE 4-5b

Keep Them Coming!


Early this year we began a campaign to add 30,000 new names to our subscription rolls this year, and 100,000 by the end of 1963. We added over 5,000 new names the first six weeks of that campaign, and were truly elated at the prospects. We took this as a sign of the tremendous strength of the conservative brethren among us; and rejoiced to think that they were present in such number and force as to presage a defeat of major proportions for those sincere, but misguided brethren who are trying to take the church down the "social gospel" road.

But we have not maintained the high rate of new subscriptions set in those first weeks. While those "lists of 30" and "lists of 150" continue to come in, they are not coming at the rate we'd like to see. We have talked to scores of brethren since the campaign started who told us they intended to send a list — but a check of the files shows that a great number have not yet done so. The Gospel Guardian can be an effective medium for teaching only if it circulates! We have had a bushel basket full of letters since the campaign started from brethren who express enthusiasm and appreciation for the paper — brethren who had known it only "by reputation" beforehand, the reputation given it by its enemies. These new readers are enthusiastic in their praise of a journal that stands for the truth, and that is willing to oppose the trend toward digression. Let us add many other thousands of new readers! Get busy now; make out your list of 30 names and addresses and send them to us. Only $5.00 per month will pay for 30; or $75.00 per month will pay for 500. Keep those subscriptions coming!!!

— F. Y. T.

Brother Stovall's Article

Elsewhere in this issue we re-publish an article from the pen of Brother Charles E. Stovall. This article appeared in the Firm Foundation of May 12, 1959, and although it passed without editorial comment or notice, we judge it to be the most significant article that journal has carried in many, many months.

For if enough brethren in the land can be found who share the feelings and conviction of Brother Stovall, there will be no division in the Lord's church. Stovall truly says, 'Peace is not accidental; it results from honest endeavor upon the part of both parties in disagreement." We had all but despaired of finding such an attitude among the brethren who endorse and support the institutional orphan homes and the cooperative evangelistic arrangements such as Herald of Truth and the Gospel Press.

Scores of sincere and faithful brethren for nearly a decade have been pleading that these things NOT be made a test of fellowship, and that congregations not FORCE their support upon brethren who could not conscientiously contribute to such support. In spite of all such pleadings and entreaties, however, the brethren who were promoting these "expedients" (as they themselves call them) have moved right ahead, invading congregation after congregation with their promotional pressures, and forcing those who were opposed on grounds of faith and conscience to oppose congregational support of such ventures to get out from the buildings which they themselves has often built and paid for.

And Now Comes This Article From Stovall!

It is like a cool, refreshing breeze on a hot and sultry summer day. For it shows that brotherly love and sanity have not entirely fled the land. Does Stovall speak only for himself and a few others? or is it possible that there is a great multitude of sound, sober, silent Christians all over the nation who want the church to be and remain united in Christian love and fellowship, and who are willing to oppose making the institutional orphan homes and Herald of Truth tests of fellowship ?

Why did Brother Lemmons publish this article from Stovall? And why did he let it pass with no editorial comment? Now that he has abandoned the position he so fervently endorsed two years ago (the position set forth by Roy Lanier, indicting the church supported institutional orphan homes as being absolutely contrary to the Scriptures) is he going all the way with the promoters, and compel brethren to support these projects, or else leave the churches they have built? Or, does the publication of such an article indicate that even Brother Lemmons is willing to concede that the making of these projects tests of fellowship, and driving out the conscientious brethren who oppose them, is a far cry from the spirit of Christian tolerance and brotherly love?

The Firm Foundation has carried no article in recent years more deserving of editorial comment and editorial backing than this article by Stovall. Let us all fervently hope that this is but the first in a flood of articles aimed in the same direction — toward promoting peace rather than party, pleading for brotherly love rather than contributions to support some human institution, putting the unity of God's people above the interests of some particular group.

— F. Y. T.

Truth Magazine

Wonderful progress for the truth has been made in the central northern states of our nation in recent years, particularly Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and the Dakotas. It is in this area that "Truth Magazine" has been so influential, and has done so much to advance the cause of simple Christianity. The men who publish this attractive monthly have dealt honestly and fairly with the issues that have been before the church, and have sought always to be charitable and sympathetic in their writings. We believe the readers of the Gospel Guardian would enjoy Truth Magazine. Read the advertisement on the back page this week, and encourage these brethren (and help yourself) by becoming a regular reader of this journal! The cost is nominal; the benefits to be derived great.