Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 26, 1958

Who Is Winning The Battle?

Forrest Darrell Moyer, Tucumcari, New Mexico

In The Spiritual Sword Brother Warren asks the question: "Who is Losing the Battle?" He answers by saying that those who are opposed to sponsoring churches and the orphan homes in the church budget have "backed into the sea," and obviously are losing the battle. Since the arrangement of the "music hall" meeting and the "Montana Radio Program" have been renounced by some that means that we are losing the battle.

But, as I ponder on that question, I answer and say, "God is winning the battle!" When men bring their practice into harmony with New Testament authority, God is winning the battle. Many of us in time past have engaged in practices that were unauthorized. When we realized their error, we gave them up and God won the battle. I have a large number of friends and brethren who once were in the throes of denominationalism. They learned the truth, gave up their unscriptural practices, and God won the battle!

So now, whenever we come to realize that practices are not authorized and give them up to follow that which is authorized, God has won the battle.

I am not particularly interested in proving "my side" the strongest in numbers, power, etc. But I am vitally interested in following the New Testament so that God may win the battle for my soul.