Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity

Curse Ye Meroz

Dudley Ross Spears, Cookeville, Tennessee

Deborah, the Judge of Israel, sang this curse upon the town of Meroz "because they came not to the help of Jehovah . . ." (Judges 5:23.) It seems unfair to us today to curse or damn a company of people for inactiveness and non-aggression, for we are lovers of peace and quiet. Yet, the neutrality of this town brought anathema upon them. Why? What reason could they have found for not rallying to the call of battle?

No one can say what the real reason for their failure to aid Israel might have been, but there are a number of possibilities: (1) They possibly doubted the success of Israel and were waiting to see which way the battle would go before they joined into the fray. (2) They might have been, to some degree, friendly with the enemy and feared losing their friendship. (3) Another reason could have been that they did not like the tactics and methods of attack Israel had used in the past. Whatever their reason, it did not keep back the Heavenly curse from them.

Many Christians are following their example today. The church of our Lord has a critical battle on her hands today. The Institutional craze has reared it's head once more and faithful Gospel preachers are rallying to the call to battle. Arguments are being advanced for the promotion of Institutionalism that ten or twenty years ago would have never seen the light of print in any Gospel paper. Scriptures are being twisted as Sectarians have done in an attempt to justify human societies and sponsored centralization. But many who know the truth are withholding their aid, waiting to see "which way the battle will go." Many who are persuaded of the unscripturalness of much of the promotional and Institutional movement within the church are never mentioning the "Issues" for fear of losing favor or friendship with those in the camp of the enemy. Others refrain from having either their teaching or influence used in this fray because they do not agree with the policies of others who are waging the fight. Why? Sometimes it is because of one or all of these flimsy reasons — or should I say "excuses".

I cannot conceive of a Christian who would for any worldly desire imaginable, refrain from speaking what might be a saviour to those who are enmeshed in the web of society-ism and Institutionalism. Those who do refrain from having their teaching and influence used in this controversy are not doing so because they love lost souls or to glorify God. That is certain. "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin." (James 4:17.)

The site upon which Meroz once rested has been removed from recognition by the passing of time, but their example stands today and forevermore as a stark warning to all who try to occupy the neutral ground and allow others to bear the heat of the battle.