Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 12, 1959


Roger M. Hendricks, Dayton, Ohio

That the modern religious world is divided is a proposition which, actually, needs no proof. It is evident! There are hundreds of different denominations scattered throughout the world. Each of the so-called "Christian" denominations claims to be preaching Christ. The Bible, God's Holy Word, is held up as their standard of authority. Yet completely different doctrines are taught. Division runs rampant!

Since the denominations (I am dealing only with the so-called "Christian" denominations) all claim the Bible as their guide, at least in part, the contention is made by enemies of the Bible that it has caused the confusion and division which is in existence. Nothing could be further from the truth! Division is not caused by the teaching of the Bible. In reality the Bible condemns division. (I Cor. 1:10; Rom. 15:5,6.) Division, which results in denominationalism, is caused by (1) exalting men above Christ — man's word above God's, (2) holding to human traditions — such will invariably cause Moslem children to be Moslems, Buddhist children to be Buddhists, Mormon children to be Mormons, etc., (3) compromising with error — an ever-present danger in the church, (4) following personal desires — for example using mechanical instruments of music in public worship, and many other reasons. But division is not caused by adhering strictly to the dictates of God's Word.

The curses of denominationalism are numerous. It produces (1) infidelity, (2) wasted time, energy, money, and talent, (3) many times, broken homes, and (4) the final eternal punishment of the souls involved. No doubt there are many more curses of this deplorable religious division.

So-called "divided Christendom" presents a dark and dismal picture. However, there is a cure for denominationalism. It is not the federation of all denominations, controlled by a head. It is not to be found in "Union" meetings. It is not false tolerance. Division can be cured only if we will take the New Testament as our authority, forsake the ideas and theories of man when they conflict with the Divine Will, and ever abide in the teachings of the Savior.

An ever-present danger that faithful Christians must guard against is division within the church. When such takes place, those who are in error become simply another denomination. Such has been evidenced in the past and can take place in the future. But, brethren, it can never come to pass as long as we abide in the doctrine of Christ. May we ever be found thus doing!