Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 15, 1958


Guy McDonald, Beaumont, Texas

God made the earth and gave man dominion over all things thereon and established the "bounds of his habitation." (Gen. 1:28; Acts 17:26.) If man will use the things as provided, he will be blessed, but when he leaves the earth he must look to things unnatural, or take things from the earth to support him. God did not make "of one blood all nations to dwell" in space, but on the face of the earth. If man would be happy and enjoy life he must be content with the things provided for him.

Man has been interested in outer space for centuries and has finally succeeded in putting a satellite into orbit. I am no scientist and understand but little of so much interest being shown in space, but one thing strikes me as a motive, and that is, those controlling space will control the world. Nations believe this enough to spend billions on their experiments. People pay taxes and make many other sacrifices to satisfy those who hunger for POWER over their fellowman.

Likewise the church is the Spiritual habitation of man and God has established the "bounds of his habitation" by giving him all things necessary. (2 Tim. 3:16,17.) The church is a Spiritual kingdom, governed by a Spiritual law, for Spiritual man. God adds one to His church and he is "bound" by His law that governs him. If a man will "abide" in the doctrine of Christ" he will be blessed, if not, he will be condemned. (2 John 9,11.)

For many centuries man has been interested in sending "sputniks" to circle the church. He is no more satisfied with Spiritual things than with the temporal. He longs for something created by his own ingenuity in the spiritual realm.

After experimenting for several hundred years with universal activities of the church, the first "Sputnik" was hurled into orbit, namely the Catholic Church. It circled the church until it attracted the attention of so many that the true church was hidden from view. The Bible was allowed in the hands of but a chosen few. These men quarrelled, argued, fought and died to maintain POWER over their fellows. God's word "alive and powerful" was gradually given back to the people by a few men of conviction and courage enough to try and destroy the great "Sputnik." Others saw this "Sputnik" could not be destroyed, nor reformed, and successfully restored mans' "Spiritual habitation," the church.

The church responded to the order to march and carry the banner of Christ to victory. She burst forth in all her glorious splendor and satellites were forgotten for a season. But, alas, man again became dissatisfied with God's ways and means and decided to help Him out of a tight spot by sending up another "sputnik," the "Missionary Society." As this satellite gathered speed, naturally, the church decreased in ability and man was again on his way to apostasy. The Missionary Society and all other such "sputniks" are parasites living off the church. This "sputnik" (Missionary Society) continued to circle the church until almost all the church's resources were exhausted. Those supposed to be guiding the Lord's people in the true way quarreled, fought and disgraced the Body of Christ in order to hold POWER over the brethren. Millions were deceived, and still are, into believing that God is pleased with work done through human organizations that should be done by the church. Man cannot rebel against God for long without destroying himself. There were just a few who realized this and began trying to destroy the "sputnik" that had so nearly ruined the church again. Men of great courage launched out with all their power to save as much of the church as possible and succeeded in saving a remnant. With their love for God and man they put up one of the most heroic struggles the world has ever seen. Many of us living today saw the church buildings come from the back-alley and across the track to the center of town, from a few country preachers, to men of education and prominence in the land; from a small and despised people, to large and respected band; from a few of moderate means, to a rich and thriving army for the Lord. In their congregational capacity they preached the gospel to the world. They labored together in love, unity and peace, fulfilling the law of Christ.

There was much zeal shown among brethren and there should be, but some had more zeal than knowledge and determined to help God again by sending up some more "sputniks:" "Benevolent Societies," "Sponsoring Programs," "Recreational Programs" etc. These satellites soon caught the eye of many good men and women and they lost sight of the church. They could see only the "Big Programs" with their high pressure leaders. They strained their eyes and ears to catch the "beeping sound" that would tell them "we" had caught up with "our" denominational friends. "We" at last had "Big Programs" that would cause the world to set up and take notice. "We" were doing things in a BIG way. Some brethren have more love for the world than for God and have thrust aside His authority in religion. In every case of apostasy this has been true. Preachers, elders and others have searched in vain for authority to send these "sputniks" into space. They have mis-applied, mis-quoted and misrepresented Scriptures and still don't have what they need to justify human organizations doing the work of the church. There is no such authority in the word of God. I have always had love and respect for most of my brethren, but recently have suffered some disappointments in some of them because of their trickery and insincerity in dealing with the "issues" in the church today. I pray they will soon see their mistakes and repent of them. I long for the time when brethren can once again sit down together and discuss Scriptures without malice and hatred in their hearts toward one another.

There are so many "sputniks" whizzing around the church with such speed it is hard for many to see the church at all. Too much emphasis is placed on the physical and not enough on the spiritual. Christians are leaving their "Spiritual Habitation," the church, and are depending on a social gospel for salvation. The church should move in her own orbit and man should be satisfied to remain therein.

There is a safe way to do the Lord's work and all can agree here. The gospel has been, and can still be preached without the "Sponsoring Sputniks." The indigent can be cared for without the "Benevolent Sputniks" and people can be instructed without any of the "Recreational Sputniks." There should be no more "sputniks" launched and those now spinning in space should be allowed to disintegrate as quickly as possible.