Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 15, 1958


Eaten Macon, 902 Halifax Square, Brunswick, Georgia: "W. C. Reeder held us a fine meeting March 23-30. The results are still visible. A lady was restored recently. Two persons were baptized and one restored in a well attended meeting at Bethany, near McMinnville, Tenn. April 6-16. James Harris is doing a good job there as minister. My next meeting will be at Leoni, in Cannon County, Tenn., where I held my first meeting in 1944."

New Congregation in Billings, Montana On January 5, 1958 the Central Church of Christ began meeting at the Billings Business College. Since then both attendance and contributions have increased steadily. There have been eight restorations. Present plans call for the erection of a meeting place in the very near future. When passing through this city, worship with us. Address is: 1325 3rd Avenue North. Mailing address is Box 1461 Billings, Montana.

Richard E. Donley, Box 223, White Plains, New York: "The fields here are white unto harvest, and the laborers are indeed few. There are reported to be two million people living within twenty miles of here, and in that area there are just two small churches of Christ. One is a small colored church. The other is the one with which I am working. It meets in the Y. M. C. A. for worship.

I am being supported by the Castleberry, Texas church. Our purpose is to preach the gospel, and teach God's word every way we can. We meet in a rented hall, and expect to continue to do so until we can pay for a meeting house. We have no intention of asking the "brotherhood" to pay for a fine meeting house with which to attract the worldly minded. There are many Christians living in this area who are unfaithful to the Lord. There are new ones moving in from the South all the time. If we can locate the new ones before they get too cold, we can keep many of them interested."

Jasper Hilliard, 802 N. Decatur St., Malden, Missouri: "After three very pleasant years of work with the church at Malden, Missouri I have resigned to accept the work at Portageville, Missouri. The church will be in need of a preacher June first. I recommend the church here very highly. The brethren have a mind to work and are very cooperative. Those interested may contact, C. W. Watson, Route 2, Malden, Missouri or Ruel Burleson, Route 1, Bernie, Missouri. After June first my address will be 710 King Street, Portageville, Missouri."

Billy T. Jones, Box 506, Apache, Oklahoma: "Bro. Derrel W. Shaw just completed a meeting here. The preaching was the finest. The truth was proclaimed with force and simplicity and error and false teaching were exposed. Because of my convictions that the local church is the only authorized organization to do the work of the church, 1 am forced to move to another place. Anyone interested in the work here can contact the Elders, Box 256, Apache, Oklahoma."

Gospel Preacher Needs Support

Jady W. Copeland, 4101 Curzon, Fort Worth 7, Texas: "I know a fine gospel preacher in one of the mid-western states that is looking for support. He is truly deserving, having started the church after the war in his home-town without any help at all, and at present the church numbers about 36 souls who have bought their own building and are doing well. This preacher has been working at secular work and preaching on Sunday and Wednesday nights for this group since its beginning in about 1946. He is sound in faith, a native of that country and of that town, and the church and townspeople highly respect him and his family. It has come to the point, that he must give up his preaching or his secular work, and knowing his ability and life, I personally feel like that it would be a set-back to the cause for him to quit preaching. His health was almost broken a few months back due to overwork, but has regained that now. He realizes that he cannot do both however, and I am making an appeal to any congregation who would like to do a good work in the corn-belt to contact me and I will put you in touch with him. He is about 40 years of age and will, in my estimation, be able to do a good work there if he can quit his secular work."

M. F. Manchester, 1108 Humble, Alvin, Texas: "To any congregation that may be in need of a preacher this is to say that we desire to make a change the first of June or soon thereafter. Am married and have four children. Have been preaching twenty five years. If interested and you desire references you may write the elders here."