Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 8, 1959

"The Doctrinal Examiner"

L. W. Mayo

For some time I have been thinking along the line of trying to get the brethren interested in another publication. The paper that I have in mind would be similar to "The Voice of Freedom", which is edited by Brother L. R. Wilson, and is directed toward a study of and exposition of Catholic doctrine and practices. However, this paper would be aimed at "Mormonism", and probably other more modern religious bodies. These other religious bodies could be "Jehovah's Witnesses", and "Seventh Day Adventism", and maybe others. In the main, however, I have thought of a paper that would be directed toward "Mormonism".

I am sure that every church worker in the western states realizes that the "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints", commonly called "Mormons", is quite strong, and also that that belief is growing. There was a time when it was thought that education and intelligence would set the belief of the "Mormons" aside, but we know that such has not been the case. They have many well educated people, and control several schools of higher learning. They are a strong people financially, and are even strong in the political affairs of the localities where they live, even to controlling the state governments at least indirectly. Not only is this true, but they train their people to believe that their doctrine cannot be gainsaid, nor can anyone meet their positions.

Beyond this they instill a zeal into the hearts of their young people that cause them to want to work for the cause they have espoused very ardently. Of late years scarcely none of them have been gotten into a debate with us, and even when one did meet us he would say that he was not endorsed by the L. D. S. Church. It is their contention that their church does not have to depend upon meeting their opposers, in debate, to grow. So, we can see that it will take something rather strong, and continuous to shake them loose from their self conceited moorings, and come out and put their doctrine and practice to the test.

It is for the reasons set forth above, and many more, that I would like to get a paper started; probably with the title "The Doctrinal Examiner"; that would not do anything but examine the doctrine and practice of the "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints"; and show that every tenet of their doctrine, that is doctrine that is peculiar to them, is error, and also to do some constructive teaching along that line. I am not interested in publishing a paper that would just expose Joseph Smith Jr. as a scoundrel, nor any other leader of that group as a rascal, but to take up the basic principles of their teachings and expose them. The pages of this paper would not be closed against the "Mormons" themselves. That is, they would be given opportunity to state their position on any matter, and to attempt to answer any argument made against them.

In such a case we would press for the articles to be printed in some publication of theirs, but they would have opportunity to make their own defense. I would like to see our best learned men spend much time preparing the best material they have for publication against them, and the rest of us to begin to make a real study of "Mormonism". We do not believe that anyone would deny that there is a great deal of ignorance in the brotherhood relative to "Mormonism". Such a paper, as this, would serve in the capacity of furthering the knowledge of our own brethren and sisters, regarding the L. D. S.

It is an evident fact that there are a number of men in the brotherhood who are well informed on "Mormonism". To just mention a few I would name such men as Roy H. Lanier, Lloyd Moyer, James Bales, Homer Hailey, Jack Free, G. K. Wallace, Foy E. Wallace Jr., C. R. Nichol, Joe White along with a great host of others. Good articles from any brother would be acceptable. It is our conviction that we can have the best material possible for such a paper. Of course, added to the articles the brethren would write we have thousands of articles that have been printed in the past that could be reproduced. Such a paper should be mailed to as many members of the L. D. S. as possible, and every member of the church should read such a paper.

The reason for this article, at the first, is to find out a few things.

(1) Just how many brethren and sisters are there who would really be interested in a paper of this kind. Would you read it and maybe send one to a "Mormon" friend or someone else?

(2) Would you be interested in helping to finance such a paper as this if it were properly staffed? (At this time I am thinking in terms of a 16 page paper to be published once a month, and would have a yearly subscription rate of $2.50 or maybe $3.00,)

(3) Also I would like to hear from every brother who would be willing to do some writing for the paper.

Thus I am sending forth this first article along the line of the idea of such a paper; that I might let the brethren everywhere know what I have in mind. I would like to hear from every brother or sister in the brotherhood who would be interested in a venture of this kind. In this way I can know a little about how successful a paper like this would be. Also, I would like to have any suggestions that anyone may have that you think would help make such a paper most effective. Please write me at 14655 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, California.