Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 11, 1958
NUMBER 32, PAGE 4-5b

Election Returns

Lloyd Moyer, El Cerrito, California

The recent election returns reveal more than who is to hold office the next few years. They reveal the workings of a foreign political power within our borders, which, if allowed its subversive activities threatens genuine danger to our American way of life. This foreign religion political dictatorship has so propagandized this country that many are unaware of the danger of electing members of this foreign domination organization to high governmental offices in our land.

The election returns reveal that Sen. John F. Kennedy, of Massachusetts, a Catholic, was re-elected by a three to one majority. In strongly Lutheran Minnesota, Catholic Eugene J. McCarthy (D) won over Sen. William J. Thye, a Lutheran. Methodist Sen. William F. Knowland was painfully defeated by Catholic Edmund G. (Pat) Brown for the Governorship of California. While in Michigan, Philip A. Hart, Catholic, defeated Sen. Charles Potter, Methodist. In Maine, Edmund S. Muskie, a Catholic, won over Congregationalist Sen. Frederick G. Payne. Michael V. Disalle, Catholic, defeated incumbent Gov. C. William O'Neill, a Baptist.

The above is enough to show that the American people have become insensible to the danger of Catholic power to American freedom. In many states the Catholics have managed to get a law passed exempting their schools from taxation. In other places facilities furnished by tax money is used to assist the Catholic schools. Members of the Catholic Church are citizens of the Pope's kingdom and must therefore be subject to his authority and rule! Yet the Roman Catholic Hierarchy opposes our Public School System, and a loyal Catholic must obtain permission from his priest for their children to attend a public school. How would a loyal Catholic in high public office act in respect to our Public School System? If he acted favorably he would cease to be a loyal Catholic.

What about freedom of thought, of speech, of writing and of worship? Here is what one of their Popes had to say about them. "From what has been said, it follows that it is quite unlawful to demand, to defend, or to grant unconditional freedom of thought, of speech, of writing or of worship, as if these were so many rights given by nature to man." (Leo XIII in Great Encyclical Letters, 161). Again, "Hence from all that we have hitherto said, it is clear, beloved son, that we cannot approve the opinions which some comprise under the head of Americanism." (Leo XIII in Great Encyclical Letters, 452).

Since every faithful Catholic must be in subjection to the Pope and the Pope is the ruler of a foreign political power it follows that any man in high public office in America who is a Catholic is in subjection to a foreign power. And, I might add, that that foreign power holds to doctrines which are opposed to our American way of life. Yea, if that foreign power has its way, then Americanism as we know it will be destroyed from the face of the earth. The above quotations show this to be true. Look, if you will, at the countries dominated by the Catholics. Do they enjoy the freedoms that we enjoy in this country? Only the uninformed would so affirm.

Every gospel preacher who has worked in a strongly Catholic community knows something of what we can expect in this country once the Catholics have the power. It is next to impossible to get an article in the newspaper which in any way criticizes the Catholics. Radio and television are closed to those who would expose false doctrine, Try building a church building in a Catholic community! The Catholic boycott is so feared that only a word of warning from the Priest is enough, in many places, to stop all construction.

So long as a government allows Catholicism free reign the Catholic Church will tolerate that government. But let the government oppose the Catholic Church in anything and immediately pressure tactics are used to bring about a condition favorable to the Catholic Church. Wherever the State opposes Catholicism the Church assumes the role of protecting Her members from an evil power (the State).

Until recent years it was difficult for a Catholic to be elected to any high public office in this land. Our Founding Fathers knew the oppressions of a State dominated by the Church. Most people today are far removed from such oppression. In fact most have never been told of the Catholic Church's actions in history. The newspapers, radio, television and theaters have gone "all out" to place Catholicism before the American public in a favorable light. Because of all this the people of our land see no danger in electing a Catholic to public office.

I predict that we shall see a Catholic on the ticket for President or Vice-President on the Democratic side in 1960. Given a few more in the law making body and the Catholics can do just about anything they desire in this country. Don't forget that those Catholics in high office are subject to the rule of a foreign power which opposes Americanism as we know it.

Yes, the election returns are most revealing to those who will take time to look at the situation.