Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 4, 1958

God Is Eternal, Immortal But The Pope Is Dead

J. Lee Hines, Garland, Texas

The Pope is God according to Roman Catholics: "The Pope is Christ in office, as before the voice of Christ — in clinging to thee, we cling to Christ" — (Vatican Council, January 9, 1870.) "We hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty" — Pope Leo XIII, June 20, 1894. "We therefore, assert, define, and pronounce that every human being is subject to the Pontiff of Rome." From Pope Boniface VII, we learn that every person has to be subject to the Pope to have salvation. Again we read, "Finally, thou art another God on earth," Christopher Marcellus (Roman Catholic) (History of the Councils, Vol. 14 column 109)." Again: "The Pope wears a triple tiered crown, a golden diadem decked with 146 sparkling jewels. The triple tier showing his kingship of earth, heaven and hell. From 'Farraris Ecclesiastical Dictionary' which is approved by 'The Catholic Encyclopedia,' we read, "The Pope is of so great dignity and so exalted that he is not a mere man, but as it were God, and the Vicar of God — Hence the Pope is crowned with a triple crown as king of heaven and of earth and of lower regions — So that if it were possible that the angels might err in the faith, or might think contrary to the faith, they could be judged and excommunicated by the Pope."

Therefore according to the Roman Catholics, the POPE IS GOD, and since Pope Pius XII is dead, then God is dead; and until a successor was chosen there was no king of heaven, earth and "the lower regions." The Cardinals of the Roman Church have met and elected another "God", therefore the existence of God depends upon the Cardinals, — yet people believe this blasphemous doctrine.

An old parchment, telling how a conclave was arranged in 1241, was discovered by a German historian, K. Hampe, before World War I. This manuscript was written by a group of Cardinals explaining why they did not want to attend another conclave. Reference is made to the conclave of Rome which, after about 50 days, resulted in the election of Celestine W. Several historians describe it as the first conclave in papal history. Only 10 Cardinals were available for the election after the death of Gregory IX, known for his rigorous persecution of heretics. "They dragged us into the conclave, grabbing us by our hands and feet and beating us as if we were thieves. Our aged brother was thrown down, dragged along with his feet ahead so that his back was injured by the stones of the street. Finally, he had to be carried to the conclave on a carpet." These Cardinals were locked into the old palace of the Roman emperor, Septimus, on a sweltering day in August 1241. Directing the conclave arrangements was Sen. Matteo Orsini, a close associate of Pope Gregory and a man of intrigue. Orsini, coveted the castle of Cardinal Tiovanni Colonna; so immediately after the doors of the conclave palace were closed, Orsini's soldiers seized the castle.

Today Cardinals hastened to Rome by plane, train and boat, as they say to elect the 262th pontiff of the Roman Church. Yes THE GOD of the Roman Catholic Church died and the Cardinals of this INFALLIBLE CHURCH have met and elected another, and as usual, another Italian. Brethren, it is as difficult to get behind the propaganda of the Roman Catholic iron curtain, as it is to get behind the propaganda of Soviet Russia's iron curtain. Catholics are priest-ridden, and under fear of excommunication refuse to investigate. Those who practice infant sprinkling and the catechetical system are entrenched in parental infallibility and they are as hard to reach with the gospel as those of the Jewish Faith. Christ, our King, in His own good time will slay this Mother of HARLOTS as is indicated in Revelation chapter 19.