Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 20, 1958
NUMBER 29, PAGE 11-13

News From Here And There

Minnesota Milestones is the name of an interesting monthly publication edited by Billy Boyd and J. C. Choate. It gives a report on the work of the churches in the great state of Minnesota. Henry E. Pipkin is now working with the church in Rochester . . . . Morris Barnett has now moved to San Antonio, Texas where he is laboring with the Highland Blvd. church.... Cecil B. Douthitt is scheduled to move from Brownsville, Texas to Fort Smith, Arkansas, where he will work with the Park Hill church. He will move by June 1, 1959. William E. Wallace, who has been with Park Hill for about a year, will move to McAlester, Oklahoma to help the church there. Park Hill is to help support Wallace in this endeavor ... Ernest Finley has begun work with the Southside church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was with the Floral Heights church in Wichita Falls for about three years . . . C. M. Allen is now with the church in Bruceton, Tennessee . . . . C. C. Arquitt has moved from the Foote St. church in Corinth, Mississippi, to work with the Central church in Jackson, Tennessee I notice that one very fine gospel preacher is being advertised as "a specialist in the field of Family Relations." This is the way he was written up in the advertising of a gospel meeting. It looks like a man has to be a "specialist" in something now days to be worthy of any note. If he doesn't have a degree of importance; if he is not the president of something; affiliated with some orphan home or the Herald of Truth; if he is not a "Professor of Bible" or connected with a "Bible Chair"; if he is not a returned "missionary"; a noted lecturer of some sort; a "world traveler" or something of the kind, he just has not arrived yet! These poor, unfortunate fellows that have nothing to claim except that they are gospel preachers are just way behind the times. A man needs to be a specialist of some kind or other in this day of "on the march" churches. Well, I guess that I will have to call up all my previous experience and knowledge of dairy and beef cattle, and let it be known that at one time I was even a recognized champion along such lines. Wonder just how I should title myself and just how should I word my specialty? The Contender For The Faith is the name of an eight page, monthly paper published by the church in Cactus, Texas. Thomas F. Shropshire is the editor. It is a mimeographed paper, but is very neat and contains some good articles. It is free. Address the editor, Box 829 . . . . E. W. Stovall is now working with the 41st St. church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He edits a weekly publication for that church called The Searcher. Address: 2302 W. 41st St. It is a nice paper and Stovall is really good at dealing with the doctrines of the sects . . . "Hospital Minister"? Yes, the Southwest church in Los Angeles has one by the name of Hugh S. Moore. Every now and then this church puts in the bulletin about the number of bedside calls made by this "Hospital Minister", as well as the number of gifts distributed. At the bottom of their letterhead we read this: "Sponsoring the mission work in the Philippines and the ministry at the Los Angeles General Hospital." As one preacher put it: "Sickening, isn't it?" . . . . Did you know that The Herald Of Truth has an evangelist? In the bulletin of the Sylvan Lake church in Keego Harbor, Michigan, there is this note: "The Dearborn Valley congregation expresses to its sister congregations in and around Detroit its grateful appreciation for the generous support received during its recent 'Open House and Gospel Meeting', featuring Brother E. R. Harper, evangelist for the 'Herald of Truth.' "It was signed by the two elders . . . Batsell Baxter recently conducted a series of "Lectures" (the modern word for what is supposed to be a gospel meeting) for the Riverside church in Dayton. Ohio. On Tuesday night "Dr." Baxter gave a "special lecture" addressed to the "Ministers!' Their bulletin stated that "Tuesday night had been set aside as 'Minister's Night' when all the denominational preachers of the greater Dayton area were personally invited to attend." All the "Ministers" were sent a "Minister's Night Reservation" which they were to send in. We are told about the sermon our brother "Dr." delivered in these words: "The sermon was magnificently done — all of it the truth of God — but presented in a manner that none could fail to be moved — yet without a single negative thought." Well, I suppose that one has to be a "doctor" of some sort to deliver such elegant sermons; without even a negative thought! This is the way that the brethren want it and this is what our highly-trained professional clergymen are giving them. It pleases the brethren and, of course, the sects will not be offended in the least by such preaching. Nor will they ever really learn the truth from such either! "Dr." Baxter is being really played up big in the advertising done concerning the "lecture series" he makes. He is featured as a Doctor, of course, but also as "Head of the Bible Department, David Lipscomb College, internationally known lecturer (I guess I will have to run over to Japan or someplace and "lecture" on my specialty — cattle — so I can be called an "international something or other"), writer, educator, world traveler, author", and one announcement that I saw even said that he was a "gospel preacher!" ....Sewell Hall is to work with the church in Camden, S. C. His support will be furnished by the Downtown church in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee . . . . Again I express my sincere appreciation to all of you who have sent in bulletins and other literature showing how churches are going in for recreation, entertainment, church camps, socials and other such things. Thanks very much. There is so much of this thing going on that it makes one sick at heart to see how rapidly churches are moving into apostasy and digression. Please continue to send such literature. All along I will be giving the readers of this column the benefit of such . . . . Tom O'Neal has moved to Butler, Alabama, where he will work with the small group of Christians.... Once more I ask if any of the readers of this column can help supply me with any of the papers needed to complete my files. Here are the ones which I am especially interested in finding: Firm Foundation, 1957, No. 15; Gospel Advocate, 1953, No. 12 & 52; 1954, No. 26; 1932, No. 25, 39, 41, 42, 47; and 1933, No. 20-25, 27, 29, 30-34, 36, 38, and 47. I should be glad to pay for any of these that anyone can supply. Please advise at once.

Skating Party

A skating party is held every month by the church in Walnut Creek on the first Sunday of the month. The church in Vallejo has one on the second Sunday of each month. The buildings are reserved by Christians, and the atmosphere is wholesome for good recreation." — bulletin, Seventeenth St. church, San Francisco, California.

(Editor's Note: This skating business must really have something. In countless bulletins from over the country there are announcements concerning such events. Such social activities consume a large portion of many church publications.)

"Youth Forum"

The church in Davenport will be the host to the young people of Iowa the 25th and 26th of October . . .." Cedar Rapids Christian, Central church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Here is another State-wide youth meeting. They are becoming more and more frequent.

A Letter From A Reader

"Dear Brother Holt:

"One hesitates to be critical of other congregations, yet I feel that any faithful Christian who loves the truth and who really believes Rom. 1:16, cannot help but be deeply disturbed by what is going on in the brotherhood. We honestly just DON'T BELIEVE THAT THE GOSPEL WILL DO THE JOB!................

"I am a regular reader of the GG; a young preacher, and I must confess that one year ago I felt you were much too critical in your writings — especially Reading The Bulletins. However, it started me thinking and looking around. I didn't believe that such things were going on in the church of the Lord, I found out. I found out that, as heart-breaking and pitiful as it is you can hardly tell some congregations from a denomination! It breaks my heart to see this going on and I feel that we are duty bound to WARN people. 'sleepy members', weak Christians, those engaged in such, ALL who really love the truth and are willing to 'open their eyes' and see WHAT is happening and WHERE it is leading. The situation is far too serious to 'beat around the bush', or 'drop little hints' — we have done that. Let us give the brotherhood the truth in terms they can understand in a spirit of love; out of deep concern for the church and the souls of men and women. I know that is your purpose in all of your writing and preaching; and I know too that when you tell people the truth many times they become offended at you . . . keep up the good work. There are many, many Christians who have not bowed the knee to institutionalism and whose mouth has not kissed the Lemonade gospel!

". . . . Your writings in plain English! shook me up' and I saw the truth. Maybe others will also. I pray that they do."

The above letter is much appreciated and it is good to know that some good is being done by means of this column. The writer of the letter is Brother Kenneth A. Sterling, of El Centro, California.

Youth Revival

An advertisement from the Southwest church in Los Angeles tells about a Youth Revival 1958. Here is the way the invitation reads: "SOUTHWEST CHURCH OF CHRIST cordially invites everyone, especially the Youth of Los Angeles, to attend a 'Youth Revival.' Preaching will be by Jesse Armas, student at Pepperdine College, and songs will be directed by Warren Jones, Associate Minister, and director of youth activities at Southwest."

Wonder what a "Youth Revival" is? Maybe one of these days I will get to attend one and find out. I note that they are taking place all over the country. In the above Warren Jones is said to be "director of youth activities at Southwest" in addition to being "Associate Minister." Wonder what a "director of youth activities" does? Is it any wonder that Brother Sterling (in the above letter) says that one can not tell some churches from the sects? Yet all of this sectarian and unscriptural foolishness goes under the name of "being on the march." Is it possible to wake up the brethren to what is going on?

Neither Right Nor Wrong

In an editorial called The Limits of Expediency, Firm Foundation, Sept. 9, 1958, Brother Reuel Lemmons gives us some more of his confusion. He tells us "There are some things that are right." Then he informs us that "There are other things that are wrong." Following this he assures us that "Then there is a great in-between field." I presume this means that the things in this "in-between field" are neither right nor wrong! Now that is the height of folly. It is about like the Catholic place called purgatory — it just doesn't exist except as a figment of the imagination! Brother Lemmons, there just isn't any such "field!" You have had a dream or a delusion — probably both.

Brother Lemmons tells us that this "in-between field" is "the field of expediency." Now, wonder where he discovered this erroneous idea ? It all sounds about like some dictum of the pope! Perhaps there is more misunderstanding about expediency than any other one thing. Some brethren can get nearly anything and everything in "the field of expediency." If they WANT to do it or some promoter starts it then all they need to do to silence all opposition and answer every question concerning whether it is scriptural or not is to shout that it is in "the field of expediency." A teaching or practice is either right or wrong. There is no middle ground called "the field of expediency" or anything else. If the word of the Lord authorizes it then it is right or scriptural. If the word of the Lord does not authorize it then it is wrong or unscriptural. Anything and everything is in one or the other — it is either right or wrong. If a thing can properly be said to be an expedient then it is right and authorized. (1 Cor. 6:12.) "The field of expediency" is included in the "things that are right" or else it is not an expedient at all. There is no "great in-between field."

In his editorial Brother Lemmons takes a "swat" at someone whom he failed to identify (as is his custom except where the GG is concerned!) who made "a statement recently at a luncheon in another state that the sooner brethren 'get over this foolishness' (that the church should not make contributions out of its treasury to a college) 'the better off we will be.' "Then he added this: "Such makes us shudder." While it is a shuddering matter to him it is not serious enough to name the one who advocates such. One would think that Lemmons is opposed to such. I hope so and that he will stand up and be counted in opposing such. Surely this is not his first encounter with this spirit. For his information let me tell him that it is very wide-spread and it is the sentiment of the Gospel Advocate. If such is bad enough to make him "shudder" then it should be bad enough to oppose openly. However, until Lemmons learns the truth about expediency he can never successfully meet those who advocate support of the colleges from the treasuries of the churches. In the paragraph above the one just quoted from his pen he writes: "There are doubtless occasions where the church, for good and sufficient local reasons, might make a contribution to most any private enterprise." Now let that register well. According to him it is all just a matter of judgment anyway and if there are "good and sufficient local reasons" then the churches from their treasuries can contribute to a college or "most any private enterprise." Why should what the brother in another state said, make him shudder? The difference between Lemmons and this other brother is only a matter of judgment! They both amount to the same thing — ignorance of the disrespect for the authority of God's word. Such is what makes me shudder.