Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
NUMBER 23, PAGE 3,13b

Confessional And Convents

J. Lee Hines, Garland, Texas

The Auricular Confessional is the door into the convent. The bachelor priest, but in reality many of them are "fathers," hid behind some Scripture, which they twist to suit their own lustful, selfish, beastly ends; such as Jas. 5:16 and John 20:23 (Baltimore Catechism No. 2, page 57). "We are bound to confess all our mortal (greater) sins, but it is well to confess our venial (smaller) sins" (Baltimore Catechism No. 2, page 57).

A priest goes to school quite young, and is separated from the opposite sex. When he finishes school, he is placed in a parish. We find this young man, in the confessional box where young girls come and are urged to confess every sin, even their thoughts. Can't you see where that places both the young priest and the woman? A woman who attends the confessional becomes "wax in a bachelor's hands." Young husbands, try standing close to the confessional while your wife makes the confession. Young bridegrooms, try standing near the confessional box while your bride makes her confession. See if you are permitted to hear what she tells the priest! Why will men allow that sort of thing go on with their wives and daughters? Mr. R. McMorrow says: "No wonder there is so much immorality on the part of the priests. Very little is ever exposed, but I could write a five hundred page book exposing the moral life of the so-called holy fathers. The system is corrupt." This man, Mr. McMorrow, ought to know, for he came out of the Roman Catholic Church at the age of 19. I ought to say here, my own mother was born and reared a Roman Catholic, coming from a line of Catholics reaching back into Ireland; but at the age of 50 she denounced the Catholic Church, was immersed into Christ and I with six brothers and three sisters shook the monster loose.

The confessional act as feeders for the convent. The priest takes advantage of young girls, who come to him confessing their sins, to entice them to become nuns (a bride of Christ) and soon the girl is separated from the parents to never see them again. If the convent walls were peered behind, America would awaken. Why are not Nunneries and other Roman Catholic Institutions inspected? When Germany required government investigation of Nunneries, they were moved out of that country. Why should a Religious Institution fear investigation? Every girl who enters the nunnery has her head shaved and supposedly becomes a bride of Christ. She does not know that the bachelor priests have admittance into these places. Read the stories of the many escaped nuns, of Mrs. William M'Clish and of Margaret Shepherd who wrote the book, "My Life in the Convent." Read of Maria Monk who was placed in a Nunnery. While there, another young nun refused the demands of a lustful priest. She was given a mock trial, found guilty, and put to death. Her arms and limbs were bound; she was gagged and thrown onto the floor. A heavy mattress was placed over her body, and the inmates, including Maria Monk, jumped on the mattress until the victim died. Maria was the next victim of a priestly outrage; her child was born only to be smothered in the Convent.

Immorality in The Roman Catholic Church: This Mother of Harlots has low standards of morality. I was reared in the midst of ROMAN CATHOLICS, in the central part of Kentucky, right under the shadow of Catholic schools. The clergy of the Roman Catholic Church is seething with rottenness. They are on the side of gambling, horse racing, liquor traffic and the like.

Few people know about: Why the priests do not marry, the Rosary society, the Sacred Heart society, etc. From these come the "blessed creatures." Ex-Priest B. I. Quinn of Kalamazoo, Michigan, says in his book, "Why Priests Don't Wed," "These blessed creatures wear different insignia, sometimes a ring on the third finger, or a pair of silken mittens, etc. Both priests and women are members of this society." Quinn further says, "At first, the female may be a little timid, and somewhat surprised to learn that the priest or bishop requires this unusual, apparently wrong, mysterious right service from her, and she may object, as Mary did, in her innocent fear, when she said on hearing the unusual announcement or demand, How can this be? for I know not a man; but the priest, representing God's angel in his office gently soothes her mind, and quiets the fears of his future espouse, by saying to her, 'He who will come unto thee is not man, but is the holy one of God, and this union is pleasing to him, and if a child be born unto thee as the fruit of this union, it will be holy and blessed; therefore I say unto thee, as the angel said unto Mary, Fear not!" Quinn says that only qualified women and priests who have proved themselves can be part of these societies. (Why Priests Don't Wed, pages 4,5).

The Roman Catholic will say: "That Is Not True." Then, why don't they do something about it? The courts are open. The Rail Splitter Press, the largest anti-Catholic press in the world, has had this book and hundreds of others like it in print for years.

Paul wrote: "Flee immorality. Every sin that a man commits is outside the body, but the immoral man sins against his own body" (1 Cor. 6:18) — Catholic Bible. Roman Catholics claim that a person cannot get a divorce for any cause; but the Bible says: "--Whoever puts away his wife, except for immorality" (Matt. 19:9) — Catholic Bible.

It may be too late for America to awaken out of her sleep!