Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 2, 1958

False Advertising

Cecil Willis, Kansas City, Missouri

Lately every issue of the FIRM FOUNDATION and GOSPEL ADVOCATE has carried notices from preachers wanting work. Sometimes it is from one wanting to move from one congregation to another. Perhaps it is from a preacher wanting to hold more (this usually means 'some') gospel meetings. It seems that some of these brethren feel that brethren do not fully realize and appreciate their capabilities. Or, there are notices from churches wanting a preacher. Not long ago I saw where a church advertised for a preacher, and stated that he must not have any "Anti-tendencies" (whatever that would be). Others state that the preacher they want must not be a "hobbyist," or a "hobby-rider," or a "factionist."

Since a good many preachers have learned that some churches want men who are not hobbyists (they mean by this, men with no conviction on some points), preachers wanting a job have decided that they would more likely get a "taker" if they state that they are not hobbyists. He might even add that he thinks the Herald of Truth to be a fine work, or that he believes in taking care of orphans, or that the church where he works contributes to this or that. These are "first qualifications" for a preacher these days. In one of the above mentioned papers, in this week's issue (July 31, 1958), we find one brother putting out his shingle, with his "ad" worded like this: "This leaves me with no place to go. I would like to hear from churches needing a preacher free from all hobbies."

Several years back I remember hearing G. K. Wallace give some good advice. He was talking about cigarette ads. He said you had better watch out when someone advertises that "There is not a cough in a carload." He said they are trying to hide something, else they would never have mentioned "a cough." I am made to think of his remarks when I read some of the brethren's "ads." I am made a little suspicious of a brother who has continually to tell everybody how sound he is. I have never met a modernistic brother who was proud of being one. They all deny being modernistic. A denial is their best camouflage. Premillennialists often deny that they are pre-millennial. They prefer some other appellation.

Really these brethren in their "ads" do not mean they are free from all hobbies. They simply mean that their hobby is like that of the paper to which they send their ad for free advertising space. So I would suggest that you beware of those brethren, who in their desperation to get a job, will sing any song necessary. If a brother has much conviction, brethren will know about it. And he will not have to tell them about it in an "ad" either.