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September 18, 1958

News And Views

Charles A. Holt, Box 80, Florence, Alabama

News From Here And There

James W. Hester is now working with the small group of the Lord's people in Kalispell, Montana... Ferrell Jenkins is moving from Auburn, Kentucky to work with the Spring and Blaine church in St. Louis, Mo.

In the Beamsville, Ontario bulletin there was this note: "The Tinturn Young People are planning a district meeting for August 22nd. Their letter, describing this meeting, is on the bulletin board." City-wide meetings, district meetings and even state-wide meetings are becoming more and more frequent among us; either planned by or for the young people.... Donald P. Ames, who worked with the church in Janesville, Wisconsin during the summer months, is now a student at Florida Christian College. Bro. V. E. Howard, of Greenville, Texas, helped with a meeting there, and working behind Ames' back with his (Howard's) tract on Institutionalism, he managed to get Ames "relieved" a little earlier than was planned by either Ames or the church. Personally, I have really regretted seeing Bro. Howard turn out to be such a rabid supporter of Institutionalism. I am told that he is pretty bitter and ugly in his efforts. There is a very fond place for him in my heart because I have known and loved him for years. Used to hear him preach often and at the age of 13, it was V. E. Howard who baptized me into Christ. During a meeting I held in Greenville a few years ago one or two of his fine children obeyed the gospel. Truly the church is upon hard times. It is sad to see those who are supposed to be Christians "bite and devour" one another during these grievous times. Men who have been bosom friends and have stood together on the battle-line for truth are severed from one another. What a glorious day it would be for the church and for the salvation of souls (within the church) if all of us could really agree to act like children of God should while we argue and discuss our differences and settle them in the light of Divine truth. There is much distrust and suspicion on the part of all — nearly. Much of the discussion is about personalities and things that basically have nothing whatever to do with what the Bible teaches. Too many of us are too sensitive to criticism. If someone questions us or takes issue with something set forth, we immediately gather our forces for a defense of our position and in the midst of the fray lose all respect for him who may have crossed us. Yes, we count him as an enemy. I am made to wonder sometimes if we are really interested in the truth of God above all other considerations Does the truth and the church of the Lord mean more to me than personal pride, ambition, and everything else? It should. Now I am not one to oppose objecting to error or sin wherever it may be found. Neither am I opposed to crossing swords with any one on any issue before the church. I do my share of both (maybe more) and I get more than I give. I just wish that We were able to argue and discuss our differences without considering every man we cross or every man who crosses us as our enemy and as a result try to destroy him . . . . J. Ed Nowlin is now working with the church in Decatur, Georgia. He has been with the West End church in Atlanta for several years.... Charles M. Campbell will begin work with the Franklin Road church in Nashville, Tennessee sometime around the first of the year. He is now with the South End church in Louisville, Kentucky. Robert Jackson, who is presently working with the Franklin Road church, will move back o the Riverside Drive church in Nashville . . . . Jack McAmis has moved from Sciotoville, Ohio to Elizabethton, Tennessee, where he will work with a new, small congregation.... George T. Jones has moved from San Antonio, Texas, where he labored with the Highland church, back to Kilgore, Texas to work with the Henderson Blvd. church.... H. Osby Weaver, who has been with the Henderson Blvd. church in Kilgore, has moved to Dallas where he will help with the establishing of a new congregation. Those in the Dallas area should take note of this and encourage this work.... Garvin Toms has moved from Springfield, Ohio to work with the Ocoee church near Orlando, Florida . . . . A note in a recent TIME magazine tells that in Birmingham, England, church official Richard King, 72, was knifed outside the Friendly Baptist Church by a group of ousted deacons'. Dewey Shaw, has moved from DeLand, Florida to Louisville, Kentucky to work with the St. Matthews church.

Letter From Pat Boone

Yes, I got a letter from Brother Pat Boone! Should I be thrilled? It was only a printed letter and I know that I am only one of many thousands who received such. Brother Pat is being used again by the promoters among us. They are trying to capitalize upon his fame and enrich their prospects. Certainly Pat is not to be censored, for no doubt he desires to be helpful to the Cause of Christ in any way he can. He is just being exploited by first one group of promoters then the other. Pat was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Northeastern Institute for Christian Education, a new college that is trying to get started located in Villanova, a suburb of Philadelphia. He can help advertise the place simply by allowing his name to be used. They are now trying to raise $200.000 so that they can open in the fall of 1959. They have decided that a college in that area is about the only way to save souls and advance the Cause of Christ. In Pat's letter it says: "We are convinced that in this most thickly populated Northeast, the greatest single factor for broadening our influence, reaching new contacts and strengthening our young people for future activity in the Church is a Christian college." Now there you are! A college is imperative if the Cause is ever to grow or even survive in that area. The church of the Lord is but little more than a complete failure unless there is a college. More and more this attitude is growing and more and more of the resources of the members of the church are going into secular institutions of this kind. There are many good, honest members of the church who have given more to help some such human institution, or have planned to leave more to such when they die, than they have given to the church all of their life.

An Open Invitation To Digression

Under the heading — SOCIAL FUNCTIONS IN THE CHURCH BUILDING, the following is taken from the bulletin of the Central church in Jackson, Mississippi:

"We take this means to encourage the use of our facilities by our members for such occasions as weddings, showers, fellowship meetings and other social functions.

"We have carefully and prayerfully considered the use of instrumental music in the building for weddings and are convinced that such use does not violate the scriptures. Therefore we feel that we should not prohibit the use of instrumental music in the building for weddings to any one who desire it since most of our members prefer its use." — The Elders.

Following the above, Ross W.Dye, who was then the Minister for the church spends his opinion about why he thinks that such is a good thing and how happy he is that the elders have thus decided. Dye says: "It is with a great deal of pleasure that I note that the elders are adopting the policy of permitting those who so desire to bring instruments into the building for weddings. I believe this to be both scriptural and expedient." Now we are told that such a practice is scriptural! Now if it is scriptural and expedient to bring in the instruments for weddings, why would it not be scriptural and even more expedient to just bring in the instruments and leave them in the building? Why go to all the trouble of dragging them in and out. It would be far easier and better to just "drag" one in and leave it there for the use of those who desire it. Perhaps they will want to use the instrument in connection with some of the other affairs that the elders (?) have invited the members to have in the church building. Why not have a piano or an organ recital? Why not a good Negro minstrel or hillbilly program by the members, with all the instruments necessary, in some of the social functions? Who can say where they should stop now that the door has been thrown open and all such invited. Just give them time and there will be no way to stop anything that the members want to do.

Youth Convention

Yes, it seems like we have such underway among us. In YOUR FRIENDLY VISITOR, published by the church meeting at 3131 N. Penn. Ave., Oklahoma City, June 1, 1958, where Allen E. Vann is the "Minister", we have this:

"ATTENTION YOUNG PEOPLE! The area-wide youth meeting at the church of Christ of the Village will be held June 6th. The young people of 12th & Drexel invite the young people to an all day Youth Convention, which will be state wide, to be held June 14th, unless otherwise notified. The theme will be 'We Saw Thee Not.' There will be speakers, songs, and food and the fellowship of young Christians. Make your plans to attend both of these."

There it is just as plain as day — the announcement of a "state wide Youth Convention." Now which church will be the first to have a "nation-wide Youth Convention"?

Children Given A Real Home

I read recently an announcement by David Arnold, our evangelist in Camden, S. C., in a religious paper that five children were available for adoption. That was the last I had heard of the matter until Brother Arnold's bulletin arrived last week. The following article entitled "TIBBS CHILDREN GO TO NEW HOME!" is self explanatory.

"We are happy to announce that the Tibbs children have been taken by a fine Christian couple from Texas. This couple has been granted legal custody of the children, and after a period of about six months, they will be able to complete arrangements for adoption.

"The adopting parents are both graduates of college, active in the church of Christ, and able to properly care for the five children. They were certainly thrilled upon seeing the children and have made many plans for their future and present welfare. We know that you will rejoice to learn of these facts.

"You will be interested to know that, after announcements were made in religious journals, we have received more than 30 requests for information about the children. We have received contacts from couples in 19 states who were interested in adopting a total of about 90 children. The requests are still coming in. The children were on the way to their new home 20 days after the first public announcement of their availability for adoption. We rejoice in these facts." — Bulletin, Downtown Church, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.

An Artificial Lure

The church of the Lord has but one thing with which to attract people, and those that will not be attracted by that the Lord does not want. God's only drawing power is His Word. We were called by the Gospel (2 Thess. 2:14). But some brethren are not satisfied with what God has given to attract people. They provide artificial lures in the form of outstanding personalities, and recreation programs. We are constantly amazed at what new things the brethren will use.

The Broadway Bulletin (church of Christ, Lubbock, Texas) of June 1, 1958, announces that "a trip to Carlsbad Caverns will be the first prize in a Vacation Bible School contest for new pupils." The four students who bring the largest number to VBS will be awarded this trip. Rules for the contest are also in the bulletin. There are many brethren who recognize this and similar things as a departure from the divine pattern, but who are incensed if a gospel preacher criticizes the largest church of Christ. Such things must be fought to the ground, and you and must do the fighting. — Cecil Willis, Kansas City, Mo.