Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 18, 1958


Richard E. Donley, Box 223, White Plains, N. Y.: "There were thirty people present for worship at the Y.M.C.A. yesterday. We feel that definite progress is being made toward establishing a strong church in an area that has too long been neglected."

C. D. Plum, 4185 E. Main Street, Columbus, Ohio: "Three baptisms Lord's day. All middle aged. The husband and wife were formerly Lutherans. The other was formerly a Baptist. Two were school-teachers, teaching in the Whitehall schools."

C. C. Doggett, 405 N. Muskogee Avenue, Claremore, Oklahoma: "I preached at Southside in Tulsa the first Lord's day in this month. I am available for located work and meetings. If I can be of service to you, please address me at 405 N. Muskogee Avenue, Claremore, Oklahoma."

Robert Rogers, 1206 South Third Street, Boonville, Indiana, R. R. No. 4. "I am in desperate need of financial support to enable me to remain in Boonville. The church here is small but sound and faithful. Most every congregation around here has gone institution crazy and therefore no help can be had from them. Won't some good congregation heed this call for help and contact me at the above address so that I can remain here and continue the work? I will be happy to make a trip to talk the matter over and answer any question that anyone might want to ask in determining the worthiness of this call for help. I always enjoy the Guardian; I appreciate its firm stand for God's truth!

Doyle Banta, P. O. Box 446, Athens, Alabama: "After more than 4 years with the Somerville Road church in Decatur, Alabama, I am beginning with the Eastside church in Athens, Alabama this week. Bennie Lee Fudge has preached at Eastside the past 10 years. Granville W. Tyler is following me in the work in Decatur."

Paul C. Keller, Box 365, Paragould, Arkansas: "I preached in a meeting with the church in Steele, Missouri Aug. 3-10. There was excellent attendance throughout the meeting. Two were baptized and seven were restored. Brooks C. Webb is doing a fine work in Steele and is highly esteemed by the church there."

James L. Denison, Box 516, Boling, Texas: "Bro. James L. Neal, an elder of the church at Springdale, Arkansas recently held our meeting, during which he also taught a singing class. Attention was good. There were three responses — one confession of wrong, and two restorations."

Paul C. Keller, Box 365, Paragould, Arkansas: "Homer Hailey of Tampa, Florida preached in a meeting at Second and Walnut in July. Brother Hailey did a masterful job of preaching and the meeting was characterized by excellent attendance. Two were baptized and three were restored. Thus far I have had good meetings at Bald Knob, Arkansas, Beaufort, South Carolina and Law's Hill, Mississippi. Our work at Second and Walnut goes forward encouragingly."

Church of Christ, 2041 Pac Cst Hiway, Lomita, California: "During July 14-1$ the following preachers assisted us in a teacher training school: BOB LYMAN, West Long Beach, "Purpose of Bible Teaching;" OTIS MOYER, Rose & Ibbetson, Bellflower, "Characteristics of a Good Bible Teacher"; OTTIS CASTLEBERRY, El Nido and Ass't Professor of Speech, Long Beach State College, "Discipline in Bible Classes"; L. E. DUGGER, Huntington Beach and Elementary School Teacher, "Individual Differences in Children;" R. G. LOVELADY, Central Norwalk, "Class Methods and Procedures." DON MANSUR of Lomita taught a class each night in children's songs. Recently HOMER HAILEY of Tampa, Fla. and R. D. SIMMONS, SR. of Corpus Christi, Texas spoke at our Thursday afternoon Bible class. We are very grateful for the assistance of these good men to this small church."

Floyd A. Decker, 701 Magnolia Drive, Tupelo, Mississippi: "Closed Vacation Bible School here last Friday night with a wonderful teaching service. William Woodson of the East Tupelo congregation and Lavern Franks of the Skyline congregation were teachers in our school. Other teachers from these congregations assisted us in a fine way and Gloster street will always be grateful for the fine fellowship enjoyed.

The average attendance was 370. We reached a high of 390. The classes were held at night 7:30 to 8:45 o'clock and we feel that great good has been done.

We continue with our full work program. Telecasts on Channel 9 on Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock and Tuesday evening at 6 o'clock. These are thirty minute programs. Brother Paul Murphy of Fulton and Brother J. A. Thornton of Booneville and William Woodson of East Tupelo assist with the telecasts. At present our radio programs are broadcast Monday through Friday at 11:30 a. m., The church of our Lord is growing in Northeast Mississippi."

Report on a Preaching Trip to Nova Scotia, Canada Murray Marshall

July 13-20 I conducted a gospel meeting at the Mill Village Church in Central Nova Scotia, and my wife and I taught in a Vacation Bible School there. Nova Scotia is at the extreme east end of Canada, one of the Maritime Provinces, a very scenic and historic province. Halifax, a world-famous port, is the capital. The church in Mill Village is small in numbers but strong in faith; the church at Halifax is even smaller; the two congregations together number about 20 members. Mill Village has its own nice building — a little country church about four miles out of the village of Shubenacadie — classrooms were prepared in the basement in time for the meeting and V. B. S. Brother David Lidbury, a young man in his early 20's, has been preaching for both churches during the past year, but plans to leave soon to further his college work; he and the brethren there are very anxious to get a good preacher to labor there.

Although the church in Mill Village numbers only about a dozen, we had an average daily attendance at the meeting of 23 and a high of 33; in vacation Bible school the average was 37, with the high of 42, nearly all of these from non-Christian families. The brethren were well pleased with the efforts and urged us to return soon. Mission meetings such as this are a great help to the churches in the northeast and other mission fields in the United States and Canada. Let preachers in the stronger fields hold at least ONE mission meeting a year in the north. Think what it will mean if every preacher will do that much; it will help the preacher and the church at home, too.

The brethren at Mill Village gave us a generous recompense for our services, and we turned around and gave the entire amount to the church in Halifax to help start their building fund, which now numbers $110 Canadian funds. They have been meeting in a rented hall, but need a building so very much. Let me urge liberal contributions to the church in Halifax. c/o Brother C. W. Maury, 325 Windsor, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Halifax is a city of some 90,000 or more people, about one-sixth of the entire provincial population, and a famous naval base for the Canadian navy, with many visitors passing through. At one of the two Sunday afternoon services I preached at Halifax while in the area, there were 4 non-members visiting for the first time. A great opportunity lies ahead for the church in Nova Scotia, the picture-book province of apple orchards, splashing waves on the rocks of the Atlantic coast, highest tides in the world, along with scenic hills and valleys and deep woods — a Vacation Paradise.

Our drive there and back was hurried, going up the east coast after going through Atlanta where I preached one night, and returning through the great lakes area. But it was a pleasant trip. And most important, we believe a lot of good was accomplished.