Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 11, 1958
NUMBER 19, PAGE 12-13a

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

Dallas elder

He is an elder in one of Dallas' biggest churches. When some of his flock made some comment which he considered unfriendly toward the recent big "Pat Boone Youth Rally," he hotly defended the show with the declaration that this was simply an effort to obey Peter's command to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. "Where did Peter ever give such a command?" he was asked. With a withering look of pity at an ignoramus who could ask so foolish a question he shot back the response: "In Acts, chapter two, verse thirty-eight!"

South African churches

"Knowing your peculiar interest in strange names given to churches, I list the names of some South African religious sects as they appeared in the Dallas Times Herald, August 12, 1957: 'African Casteroil Dead Church', 'Catholic Church of South Africa King George Win the War', and another 'African Correctly Apostolic Jerusalem Church in South Africa."'

— Cecil Willis, Kansas City, Mo.

That clock of life "The clock of life is wound but once, And no man has the power To tell just when the hands will stop At late or early hour. Now is the only time you own, Give, love, toil with a will; Place no faith in tomorrow,

For the clock may then be still." — Selected


Itinerary for this preacher for the next few weeks is as follows: El Cerrito. California, September 8-17; North Sacramento, September 21-28; Lomita, California, September 29-October 8: Fresno, California, (Lewis and Bond Streets) October 12-19; Las Vegas, Nevada. October 20-29; Decatur, Georgia, November 9-16; Waycross, Georgia, November 17-26; Del Rio, Texas. December 7-14. That will end the meeting schedule for this year — a total of twenty-two meetings. The 'total would have been higher except that the first three months of the year were largely taken up with the writing of "J. D. Tant — Texas Preacher."

Point of origin

"Pilot Point, Texas, will be the center of interest among members of the Church of the Nazarene on October 13. On that day a monument will be unveiled there marking the exact place where the denomination was founded in 1908. The ceremony will climax the celebration of its 'Golden Anniversary Year'." (News item from a church paper). We admire their honesty. This is a young church, vigorous and forthright in attitude, and they make no claims or pretentions at all as to being started by Christ or the apostles.

New congregation in Little Rock

We have received letters from brethren seeking information as to where they might find a faithful church in Little Rock, Arkansas. The "kitchen craze" in some congregations there has led some sincere and conscientious Christians in the city to undertake the establishment of a congregation which will emphasize the gospel rather than roast goose, and Christ and him crucified rather than ice cream and cookies. Address of the new congregation is 201 Keightley Drive, just one-half block off Cantrell Road (Highway 10). A letter addressed to Box 3226, Little Rock, will give you hours of services, and other information.

The devil wouldn't do it

The only time he ever visited the ACC lectureship J. D. Tant left the campus with these words: "I am about to do something today the devil himself has never done — and wouldn't do." Being asked what great thing he planned to do. Tant replied. "I'm leaving Abilene." Tant's son (this writer) has now followed the example his father set and has also done something the devil wouldn't do — left Abilene. Will all correspondents henceforth address your letters to us at 1549 N. W. 37th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

"Gospel" meetings outdated?

Some of the brethren are developing a painful allergy to the old-fashioned, New Testament word "gospel." They think this word is offensive to the people they are trying to reach, hence want to delete it from their advertisements. The Fogarty brothers, now trying to convert Texas a la Billy Graham, are apparently much opposed to use of the word "gospel" or the designation "Church of Christ" in any of their advertising material; they have lots of "responses" — but responses to what? In the same category was the big cooperative meeting attempted a few weeks ago by the churches in Carlsbad, New Mexico. They spent over $1600.00 on the "Unity In Christ Campaign" — with not a single visible result during the meeting. Come

to think of it, maybe we are too critical of the brethren for deleting the word "gospel" from their meetings — perhaps they don't even intend them to be gospel meetings at all!

Warning to Brother Cox

"It now appears that Brother Frank L. Cox had better 'shape up or ship out.' Editing the "Minister's B. C. Goodpasture, he slipped one Monthly," under the oversight of over on his boss and managed to put the following in the December, 1955, issue:

'The Church is —

God's Training Society

God's Missionary Society

God's Benevolent Society

God's Temperance League

God's Association for Peace

God's Insurance Company

— F. L. C.'

Brother Cox had better make tracks fast to the "confessional box," else he will end up near that group of 'hobby riders' with Lemmons, Lanier, and others who dare to differ with 'Old Reliable'."

— Donald P. Ames, Janesville, Wis. Teen-age tunes

From a magazine the other day we clipped this: "The music of the younger generation is real cool, their hot-rods are the most — and their respect for their parents is really all gone." Which reminds us of a recent Ann Landers blast at some "Real Gone Cats" (as they signed themselves) who asked her opinion of rock and roll music. Said Ann: "Rock and roll is not music. It does NOT send me. In fact, if it were the only mode of transportation, I wouldn't go. You cats are not real gone. You are only semi-departed. For your information the real hip teens go for folk music these days. Rock and roll is strictly from Squareville. And no cracks about the music I enjoyed when I was a teen-ager. So what's wrong with the Minuet in G?".

Preacher available

From the "California Christian" we see a clipping from one of the institutional brethren who wants somebody to hire him for a meeting or for local work. He advertises: "I have been in the ministry for eighteen years, have a college degree, and have won national honors in Toastmaster and Lions clubs public speaking contests." Well, we think that ought to do the job. He says he is "booking gospel meetings, singing schools, vacation Bible schools, Bible survey courses, and teacher training workshops." And we doubt not he is equally as good at youth camps, softball coaching, ping pong parties, and all the other essentials of a true gospel (?) preacher. Oh, yes, one thing more: he will quickly tell you he is one hundred percent for orphan homes and the Herald of Truth, and he fights the "antis" every time he gets a chance. That'll do it, for sure! He will be swamped now with phone calls, telegrams, and special delivery letters from churches begging for his services.