Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 17, 1958

Kristi Kirke And "Dagen"

Connie W. Adams, Bergen, Norway

(Editor's note: Brother Connie W. Adams is making excellent progress in the work in Norway. The Norwegian designation for the church is "Kristi Kirke". We believe the following article will be of much interest. An airmail-letter to Norway is fifteen cents per one-half ounce; ordinary mail is eight cents per ounce. We think letters to Brother Adams would be a welcome encouragement. Just address him: Connie W. Adams. Postboks 2, Bergen, Norway.)

There is a paper here called "Dagen" which is a daily religious paper claiming to be "the Christian paper." Most all of its articles are of a religious nature, and most of the staff writers are priests in the State church. A little over a month ago, one of their writers under the pen name of "Christian Critibus" made an attack on us. We had run the ad on Sincerity Seeking the Way to Heaven in "Dagen", and he used that as the basis for his attack. He began by saying, "It sounds so smooth" and then quoted the ad we ran. After that, he asked how many saw the hook behind the bait, and had bit. He then surmised that the term "Kristi Kirke" was indefinite and could mean the Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, or the Christian Scientists. He accused us of not believing in three persons in the Godhead. He said we were here to sow discord among the churches, and asked for us to come out of hiding and say just who we really are. We called this man on the phone and had a long talk with him, and corrected his misrepresentations. He informed us that they were interested in a discussion through the paper on the matter for the benefit of the readers. We replied that he would have his wish granted. We then wrote an answer, had it translated and delivered it personally to the editor. It was printed the next day in the same column where the attack was placed. Here is the reply which was printed in full.

"Your article about Bergen Kristi Kirke in Dagen, 26 April, just came to my notice Your charges against us are false and reveal both an ignorance of the facts and a desire to prejudice your readers against us. We are not Mormons. Neither are we Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Scientists, Adventists, Lutherans, Catholic, Baptists, Methodists, Unitarians, or any other Catholic or Protestant body. We are only Christians, nothing more or less. We have espoused the creed of no body of men, and have chosen to accept no other religious authority than the word of God. The name we wear honors no person but Christ. If that is offensive to you, sir, we cannot prevent it. We worship God and do the Church's work according to the pattern for the church in the New Testament. We deplore he religious division that exists among good people, and entreat all men to return to the ground of the scriptures in all religious matters, and practice the unity for which Jesus prayed, for which Paul plead; and for which the scriptures provide the plan.

Criticus thinks it suspicious that we distinguish ourselves from all other religious bodies. We reply that the New Testament church was not denominational. We wish to be united with all who have obeyed the commands of the gospel and who serve God according to the scriptures, but as much as we desire peace, we cannot and will not accept the perverted gospels of men to have it. If it is suspicious for a group to separate itself from others, then on the same reasoning Criticus must hold under suspicion every religious group in Bergen. The Lutherans are distinct from the Catholics, the Baptists from the Methodists, etc. Are they under your suspicion? Or is it just Kristi Kirke?

We do believe there are three persons in the Godhead. You should learn the facts before you quote someone's position. Such mishandling of facts is not only poor journalism, but far below the dignity of a man who is a priest.

There was no trick behind the announcement of the tract Sincerity Seeking the Way to Heaven. We sent it to all who asked for it (many did) without any obligation. Criticus should leave the impugning of motives to God, who alone has that right. We are "set for the defense of the gospel" (Phil. 1:16) and if Criticus wishes to carry on a written attack against anything we teach or practice, let him choose his line of battle, unfurl his charges, and we will meet him with no other weapon than the Sword of the Spirit, the word of God. Yours for truth, Connie W. Adams.

This article finally drew another broadside from Criticus which appeared in Dagen, 30 May. In this one he ignored most of my points from the previous article, and said our statement that we are "just Christians, nothing more or less' is pathetic. He closed by asking what right we have to come here and establish a "new sect" and cause division among the churches. We have not answered this one yet, but will have an answer on the editor's desk by the middle of the week. These attacks will help us more than they will hurt. Most Norwegians have a keen sense of fair play, and we have talked to several who resent the manner in which this paper has attacked us. They find it difficult to believe that a priest would be so unfair and would handle the facts so carelessly. The cause of truth has always thrived on controversy, and we rejoice that we have the opportunity to "contend for the faith in such a public manner. Pray that we may exercise wisdom in meeting these situations.