Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 30, 1950

Florida Christian College Plans And Adds

James R. Cope

Facts are stubborn things. To those who want to be open and above-board and who are concerned more about reality than make-believe, a clear statement of simple facts will do more to establish and retain the confidence of right thinking people than anything else. The following statements deal with Florida Christian College and a decision which we believe will interest some, amaze others, provoke a smile by some, and be commended as good judgment by most.

Florida Christian College is going forward by replanning, retrenching, and at the same time adding. Whatever this school does it is going to endeavor to do well. Out of this consideration has grown the decision that Florida Christian College shall continue offering four years of study in Bible and at the same time establish a Department of Religious Education. Degrees will be offered in both of these fields. Though they are closely related, it is believed that there is enough technical difference in the courses offered in the Bible Department and the general field of Religious Education that the establishment of the latter field of study is justified. More shall be said of these two phases of our work as time passes.

In connection with this move Florida Christian College will offer only the first two years of standard academic work on the college level. It is the unanimous decision of the Board of Directors and the Administration of the College that this move be made. We are convinced that this step will commend itself to brethren everywhere who know the problems of a young school. The High School will continue on the present basis, offering work in ten, eleven, and twelve.

It is our conviction that the quality of academic work done in Florida Christian College is equal to that of any other school in the land, and from the records made by our students transferring to the University of Florida and other high ranking colleges, this statement cannot be questioned. We intend to keep this record, not for the record's sake but because of what this record reveals about the high quality of work done in Florida Christian College as reflected in these other institutions of higher learning.

As always there are some people more interested in being "certified" than "qualified". Formal education is one of the big fields where this is true. At Florida Christian College we are interested more in qualifying our students for real usefulness in whatever position they occupy or profession they follow than we are in a mere formal certification regardless of the desire for or usefulness of such document. When students who can neither write, cipher, nor spell are allowed to leave an institution of higher learning with a diploma or degree such certification is a public testimonial to the poor quality of work that school demands and reveals the type work that institution endorses.

While Florida Christian College does not and cannot offer the courses on a junior college level to fully equip students for all professional services, the College does intend for its curricula to be second to none and thoroughly equip its students for advanced work in any specialized field its preparatory work covers. This means thorough preparation of faculty members in the subject matter they teach and natural or acquired ability to impart it to their pupils. These factors—essentials of successful teaching—Florida Christian College now possesses and is constantly on the alert for more of the same as its faculty and student body are enlarged.

The quality of teaching being done in Bible at Florida Christian College is commending itself to students now enrolled and to a growing number of interested brethren and visitors to the campus. Whether young men planning to preach the gospel, desiring the office of an elder later on, or wishing to equip themselves for the responsibilities and places of general usefulness in the church; or young ladies desiring to equip themselves to be better wives, mothers, and homemakers—all alike give united testimony of the splendid offerings in Bible. Instructors in Bible not only are equipped with knowledge and ability to teach; in addition they have a deep reverence for the Bible as God's inspired word to man and in turn impart this respect to their students.

After all, the primary reason for the existence of any truly Christian school is the emphasis it gives to Bible teaching and religious training. Remove this and the school could offer no more than that found in any strictly academic institution. Recognizing a tendency toward more and more secularization, Florida Christian College is committed to a principle, not just a policy, of placing growing emphasis upon the simple word of the Almighty with abiding faith in its power to develop sterling character and a well rounded personality regardless of the occupation or profession followed.

With confidence in the power of truth and appreciation to a growing host of friends, Florida Christian College moves on. Boys and girls may attend this school with assurance that their faith in holy things will be deepened while their mental endowments are directed into channels of usefulness occupationally and professionally.

Persons interested in the school may address Florida Christian College, Temple Terrace Station, Tampa 4 Florida.