Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 16, 1950

Errors -- Ancient And Modern

F. Y. T.

In this issue we present articles from two of the outstanding preachers our generation has produced, C. R. Nichol and Foy E. Wallace, Jr. One article, Brother Nichol's, deals with errors that the church has faced for many years; the other, Brother Wallace's, calls sharp attention to some of the more recent tendencies that are threatening the body of Christ.

We recommend both of these articles to your careful attention. For error and apostasy are constant dangers. Few heresies are ever outgrown; they recur and reappear in new guises, but having the same destructive falsehoods within them. For that reason it is not only proper, it is imperative, that each new generation be drilled in the basic fundamentals of the gospel of Christ. No man among us is better qualified to do that than is C. R. Nichol. He has met the errors of Baptist doctrine for half a century; he knows what they are, and how they are to be met.

Brother Wallace, on the other hand, focuses our attention on some very ominous tendencies which seem to be developing within the churches today. Writing objectively and with deadly earnestness, he points out the danger of seemingly trivial and innocent departures. When the purity of the gospel is at stake, and the destiny of men's souls is in the balance, every elder, every gospel preacher, and every member of the church should weigh carefully and thoughtfully the things that are said.

Read these articles carefully; more of each kind are to follow.