Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 2, 1950

A Needy Field

Cled E. Wallace

What churches of Christ were in the beginning is rather easily determined by reading the New Testament, "TIME" magazine gives us its impression of what they are now and where they may be found, if anybody is interested enough to look for one. Speaking of the brethren in Italy, who have been having such a rocky time, "TIME" has this to say:

"They were members of the churches of Christ (loosely affiliated fundamentalist churches with an estimated U. S. membership of 700,000), most of them from Texas."

Some people are careless readers and might get the impression that most of the churches of Christ are in Texas. I want to correct that. Texas is a great state and we have the most and biggest of everything, but we should admit the truth. There are a few scattered congregations in Tennessee and Arkansas. If this is not made clear some aspiring Texas church is liable to "sponsor" a school to teach the natives in and around Nashville and Searcy some primary things they need to know. I'd almost be for it, but for one thing. If you don't want your dome peeled with a rock, don't set up in Nashville. Better wait until civilization has done more perfect work there.