Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 23, 1950

Some Comments On The Above

Cled E. Wallace

(In reference to: An Answer To: "That Rock Fight In Italy" - Vol. 1, No. 41, Pg. 1, 16b)

Only a few additional comments on Brother Chisholm's article seem necessary at the present time. Some of his complaints have been covered in articles I have already submitted for publication.

I do not "insist on accepting this Vatican source" as to "the facts" in the case. I wouldn't believe the Pope on oath, either officially, or unofficially. He can lie like the very devil. "The statements issued by our brethren in Italy, and by the officers of the Crescent Hill Church of Christ" should be dependable. I will also go along with our State Department on anything "that is contrary to the claims of the Italian government."

I have no criticism to make of Paul or Jesus for anything they said or did, and do not condemn anybody for following their example. I do not recall ever saying anything to the contrary.

I do not believe, nor have I said: "that our brethren retaliated in the throwing of stones."

"Our" denomination, was my idea. I did not even get it from the newspapers. My idea of the church is that it includes all the family of God. It appears to me that some of the brethren are talking about "we", "us", and "our" in a narrower sense than that. What is a denomination?

I borrowed "Innocents Abroad" from Mark Twain. He was poking some innocent fun at some very intelligent people who were away from home in a strange land. I would consider myself an innocent abroad, were I in a foreign land, whose language and customs were for the most part strange to me.

I have not "cast reflections upon the intelligence, the motives and conduct of our brethren in Italy." On the other hand, I think I can give them a good grade in these commendable qualities. At the worst I have "insinuated" that somebody used some poor judgment. I'm not satisfied yet on that point.

"The spirit of satire and ridicule" exists mainly in the imagination of some overly excited brethren, as I see it.

If the brother is so concerned about "a Christian spirit", he should not refer to my writing as coming "with poor grace from one who is called a Christian." Is that "satire and ridicule" or a little outcropping of "our fallen nature?"

That expression "half-cocked", which has stirred up so much resentment, is a figurative expression which indicates imperfect judgment. I didn't think it was so bad.

"Suggestions and criticisms" are invited but are welcome only if they are offered in "a Christian spirit." I do not know whether this will qualify or not, but I have often thought that "our missionary efforts" would get better results, if they had more brains and less sea water mixed up in them.

I have some "suggestions and criticisms" I propose to make from time to time, invited or uninvited, but I will have to use my own language and style in making them, even if I have to use some nice foot-notes on occasion to explain what I mean.

I have not made "an unwarranted attack on any one." If I should make all the apologies demanded of me from Methodist Bishops down to Holy Rollers, I would have to have some forms printed.