"Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of truth." — (Psalm 60:4)
"Lift ye up a banner upon the high mountain, exalt the voice unto them." — (Isaiah 13:2)
Devoted To The Defense Of The Church Against All Errors And Innovations
Vol.V No.I Pg.7
August 1942

The Latest Menace To The Church In South Kentucky

E. G. Creacy

Brethren in south-central Kentucky should be informed about the latest menace to churches of Christ in this section. Abraham Lincoln said let the people know the truth and the Nation will be safe. If brethren know the truth, the church will be safe they should know the enemies that are within the church as well as those who are without the church-hence the purpose of revealing these plain facts. The worst enemy the church of Christ has is hobbyism among some members. They are tearing out her vitals and offering them up in sacrifice to the god of their ignorant and selfish ambitions, and as a result the name of the church will become a hissing and a byword throughout the country. The combined forces of denominationalism cannot "destroy" the church, but discord sown among the brethren by hobbyists will go a long way in "destroying" the church.

Some man-made laws are being fastened upon a few congregations by Glenn Page, discord is being sown among the brethren, and the church is divided. Of course Brother Page denies that he has caused division, but who ever heard of any "church-divider" admitting it? We hope that the churches may be freed from this "yoke of bondage," and that a better day will come. Be it remembered: This is not a personal matter with me, although Page is trying to make it personal, and is doing all he can to prejudice brethren against me. But I am not at all interested in a personal defense—It has no appeal to me—however, I will defend the church against this false teaching.

By invitation I preached at Cyclone (Monroe County) on the third Sunday afternoon in January, 1941. Page and Chas. Thomas came into the house as I began to speak. Although the congregation was disturbed on account of false teaching by Page, I made no mention of it. After the sermon was delivered, Brother Amon Jobe, who proudly boasts that he is an elder, asked the audience to be seated and stated that Page and Thomas were in the house and that we would hear from them. Although it was late and time for the people to be dismissed, I sat patiently and heard them through. Thomas ranted like a maniac for an hour on what he called the "Sunday School." To keep down further disturbance I said nothing and hurried away for home, as it was nearly night!

By another invitation, I preached at Cyclone on Sunday afternoon, May 3, 1942. It was announced these "man-made laws" which are being fastened upon the church would be exposed, and a large crowd was present. I expected Page to be on hand and that he would have his followers "organized" to launch a "wrangling contest," and I had definitely made up my mind that I would not be a party to such an unscriptural affair. Sure enough, Page was present and had everything secretly arranged to conduct an ugly fracas. When I finished my sermon I called on a brother to dismiss, but this Elder (?) interfered and said, "Brother Page will take the floor." I kindly said, "Brother Jobe, Brother Page has had seventeen months to sign on the dotted line, and I am not going to be a party to such a fracas as you plan to have this afternoon. I will dismiss the audience and then you all can stay all night as far as I am concerned. If Page will sign up' for a discussion on these issues to be conducted upon a high plain, and governed by Rules of honorable debate, I am ready." I then dismissed the audience and left for Cave City, where I preached that night. I was justified in doing what I did, and shall never regret the course I followed.

Many absurd and ugly things were said after I left Cyclone that afternoon. The charge was made that I "could not face the truth" and as a coward, I "had to run," etc. I am determined that the brethren in this section will know who the "coward" is! Many months ago the following propositions were submitted to Glenn Page:

1. It is within the realm of Divine Authority for a Christian woman to teach a class of children, under the direction of the Elders, when Christians meet to teach and learn God's word.

E. G. Creacy, Affirms. ....................................... Denies. 2. It is unscriptural to use lesson helps (uninspired literature) in the Bible class (or classes) when Christians meet to teach and learn God's word.

...................................., Affirms. E. G. Creacy, Denies.

Glenn Page would not "sign on the dotted line," and he will not sign! Why? Because he has sense enough to know he cannot prove what he is teaching innocent brethren, and he is unwilling to be exposed for sowing discord among brethren.

Some of his "friends" are trying to protect him by saying that it is wrong for "brethren to debate," but Page cannot hide behind this camouflage, because he has offered to moderate for his "floating-preacher" buddy-Chas. Thomas—and thus hold his coat while he does his fighting! If Brother Page is sincere, he will "sign on the dotted line," and then we will see who will "face the truth." Be it understood that the debate must be at Cyclone or at some place where Page has influenced the brethren to believe Bible classes, women teachers, and literature are sinful.

The best thing for Brother Page to do is to repent and as far as possible "make right the wrong" he has done the cause of Christ, and devote the remnant of his life to a better cause. If he persists in his present course, he will never do the cause of truth any more good, but much harm. Romans 16:17 should be respected and obeyed by the brethren. The church of the Lord where Brother Page has influence is suffering and will continue to suffer till he fades out of the picture, and this he will soon do, as the brethren learn the truth and obey it.

Anent The Christian And The Government

"The articles on the government question are according to my own views on the subject."-W. Curtis Porter, Monette, Ark.

"I want to commend you for the position you have taken on the Christian and the government. I believe it is right. I believe the brethren should be taught the truth on this matter. Just keep it up, realizing that I and a great host of others are behind you 100% in what you wrote in the March Banner."-John G. Reese, Childress, Texas.

"I wish to add my approval and commendation to the many that have commended the articles recently appearing in the Banner on the subject of the Christian's attitude toward civil government, especially in this time of martial conflict. I am unable to see how one loses his obligation to support his government and protect his liberty when he becomes a Christian."-James T. Amis, Springfield, Mo.

"Please accept my thanks for the recent articles on the war problem. They express the truth on the question. It seems to me that our brethren should junk the hands off attitude and try to help the government of which they are a part in times like these. More power to you."John W. Wilson, Lazbuddie, Texas.

"Your article on the Christian and Civil Government was really good, and your admission that you are still learning is a lesson some others should know. A man may be highly educated but he is not smart until he learns to admit that he has been mistaken."-G. G. Henry, Abilene, Texas.