Vol.XIII No.VII Pg.2
September 1976

Disturbed Men

Robert F. Turner

Disturbed men are no new phenomena among brethren. A study of religious journalism will reveal there have always been Voices of Concern by men who are upset by what they see, and want to do something about it. Their clamor makes us aware that all is not perfect, we are pressing toward the mark, active minds are at work.

A small percentage of these disturbed men will think they have found new material, or are Don Quixote's, Saviors of the church. Some will become iconoclasts, swinging destructive axes in all directions. Many are sincere but immature, having a childlike utopian spirit, wholly incapable of dealing with reality. Yet, mature saints will try to be objective, test each point by Cods word, and try to profit by this free-thought process.

What disturbs me at this writing is my reflection upon what has happened to the disturbed men of the past. Where are they now? Is their present position indicative of the disposition or frame of mind that triggered their earlier activities? Plainly, did they become what they, knowingly or not, set out to become?

Some former Voices have lost all faith — are complete atheists. Were they struggling with themselves at the time they challenged brethren on other matters? Did they blame others for turmoil within themselves?

Many have taken secular jobs and are building earthly treasures. Were they unwilling to do the Lords work, and trust Him for daily bread? Was the longing for Country Club status the real itch that had to be comforted? Calling others hypocrites can be a cover for a real hypocrite.

Certainly, not all disturbed men have ulterior motives. Some simply quit the canned sermons of earlier years, and were amazed at the truth they found when they really began to study the Bible. But these do not blame the brethren; they go to work preaching and teaching the truth.

Some find, after several years of trying to preach, that this is just not their dish. Their desire is very admirable; and now that they recognize they cant preach, they go right on being faithful saints, encouraging those who can.

Still, I am disturbed by the wreckage of once faithful Christians, now scattered upon humanitys shore. A college professor, or successful business man may not seem like a wreck to you, but if he is one less worker for the Lord, I am disturbed.