Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 27, 1957


Ralph R. Givens, 2606 Davis Ave., Carlsbad, Calif., June 12, 1957: "Within the past two weeks four have been baptized and three restored, in the work with the church in Oceanside.

John L. Nosker, 5900 Fitzhugh Avenue, Richmond, Virginia, June 13, 1957: "On June 9, brother Frank Jamerson, Bell, Florida, a student at Florida Christian College, began work for the summer with the West End Church, 319 Maple Avenue, Richmond, Virginia. One was baptized at close of the morning service. Brother James Wilsford, Akron, Ohio, will locate here September 1. Congregation meets in a lodge hall but will buy a lot soon and make plans for a building. It is a difficult field. Please pray for us.

Everette H. Maddox, Box 127, Rt. 1, Prattville, Ala.: "Brethren; work here doing very well, baptized middle aged husband of wife baptized in winter. I can put to good use any tracts and papers furnished me. This is small congregation. I support myself and can not afford to buy much. I do not need for self,"

James E. Cooper, Campbellsville, Ky., May 29: "One was baptized in our March meeting with Alvin Holt preaching. One was baptized last Sunday at Hovious Ridge near here. Yater Tant will be in a meeting here June 16-26."

James O. Wilburn, 511 Harrison, Lebanon, Oregon, May 23: "We have just closed a meeting with A. Hugh Clark and Glen Lunday, each preaching five nights. One was baptized and two restored. Proctor Smithson, Richard Cantwell, and Bob Wilburn directed the singing. I will assist the church at Monroe, Oregon in a meeting June 16-23."

Irvin Himmel, 1208 W. 41st St., Richmond Va., May 30, 1957: "Howard D. Parker did the preaching in our spring meeting here at Forest Hill. Two obeyed the gospel. Yater Tant is to be with us in the fall. I have recently preached in meetings at Raleigh, N.C., and Roanoke, Va."

George J. Powell, 10733 50th St., Mira Loma, Calif., June 11, 1957: "We just concluded a six day gospel meeting, with Bro. Thomas Allen Robertson doing the preaching. Two were baptized, one a former catholic. Bro. Robertson is a very capable man, and the congregation here was greatly benefited by his teaching. The first Lord's Day following the meeting we had a record breaking attendance."

M. A. Mansur, 1000 Lynwood Drive, Rolla, Mo., June 15, 1957: "We have just closed a fine V.B.S. and Gospel meeting, in which Brother Johnny Ramsey, of Odessa, Texas did a fine job of preaching the Gospel. At this writing we have had two baptisms and one to be restored. Brother Ramsey is a courageous and forceful speaker. When traveling stop and worship with the church here in Rolla, building located at Seventh and State Streets."

I.C.C. Graduates Active In Japan Church Work

Joseph Cannon Ibaraki Christian College has only one purpose, and that is to serve Christ and His church. If this can't be done there would be no reason for its existence. Through the years, though, we have seen with our eyes the various contributions that it has made to the work of the church in Japan.

Wherever there are churches of Christ in Japan you will find I.C.C. graduates taking an active part in their work and services. The following are some of the outstanding examples.

Brother Shigeo Saito and his wife, both graduates of I.C.C. were the first missionaries sent from Japan in the history of the church of Christ. They pioneered the work in Okinawa and are now working with the church at Amabiki in Ibaraki.

Brother Hatakeyama worked with the Yoyogi-Hachiman church in Tokyo, and later helped in establishing the church at Rokkaku-bashi in Yokohama, where he is now preaching.

Brother Kajiwara and Shimizzu, preachers for the Otsuki and Uenohara congregations in Yamanashi province.

Brothers Nonaka and Terakado, trained in our special Bible program now preaching in the province of Shizuoka, and the city of Nagoya.

Brother Yoshiaki Shigekuni, sent by the Yoyogi-Hachiman church in Tokyo as their missionary to Okinawa, preaching in the city of Shirakawa.

Brother Mitsugu Doi, missionary to Okinawa, evangelist in the city of Hitach and editor of Light and Life.

Brother Mitsuo Nidaira and wife, both graduates of I.C.C., active in Christian Kindergarten work, and song leading, at present helping compose the first hymnal produced by churches of Christian Japan.

Many more could be mentioned who have been influenced by the work at I.C.C., but the above example will suffice to show something of the fruits of Ibaraki Christian College.

Our work is still growing and there are improvements to be made, but we thank God that He saw fit to produce fruit through this effort for His names honor and glory. Pray with us.

Obituary William Alonzo Massey quietly and without struggle, closed his eyes in death on Lord' day afternoon, May 5, 1957 at the age of 75 years. He was born on September 11, 1881 in Shuqualac, Mississippi. It was in 1885, four years later, that his family moved from Mississippi to Texas.

On December 31, 1912, he was united in marriage to Miss Mittie Doris Shamblee. Following their marriage they moved to Austin and there they lived until 1922. To this union were born four sons: J. W., George, Don and Billy (now deceased).

W. A. Massey was baptized into Christ at the age of 16 in Robinson County, Texas, having been a member of the church of Christ for 59 years. Brother Massey began preaching when he was about 45 years of age and has preached in numerous towns in Texas, preaching and serving the Lord faithfully wherever he could be used. His first preaching was at Taylor, Texas. While living there, he also served the church there as an elder from 1925-1927. The family returned to Austin and Brother Massey served the Northside church in Austin as an elder in 1928. Brother Massey and his family moved to San Antonio where he lived until his death. His first occupation was that of a salesman and he travelled in that capacity until he retired from work in 1951.

The death of this faithful saint followed a stroke which he had suffered about three weeks before. He is survived by his good and faithful wife: Mittie Doris Massey; by three sons: J. W., George, and Don; by two brothers: C. J. Massey of San Antonio and J. E. Massey of Dallas; by four sisters: Mrs. Alberta Caldwell of Itasca, Texas, Mrs. Sarah Irle of Beaumont, Texas, Mrs. Florence Lohmon of Tacoma, Washington, and Mrs. Willie May Hearne of Blum, Texas. He is also survived by eight grandchildren.

Funeral services were conducted by this writer in San Antonio, Texas, at Roy Akers funeral home, May 7, 1957, assisted by Brother Luther Norman of Hondo, Texas, a close friend of Brother Massey.

— Hoyt H. Houchen, San Antonio, Texas