Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 6, 1957
NUMBER 6, PAGE 3,11b

Reading The Bulletins

Charles A. Holt - P. O. Box 493 - Florence, Alabama

News From Here And There

Lloyd Barker is leaving Hillsboro, Ohio, this summer to move to Florida. He plans to enter school at Florida Christian College.... Bill Pierce is to move to Hillsboro from Wilmington, Ohio . . . Lewis Hussell of the West Broad church in Columbus, Ohio, will move to Wilmington to labor with the church there .... Ernest Beam, of Long Beach, California, died of a heart attack on February 26. He was 56 years old. For several years he had been trying to "solve" the instrumental music problem. One way he was working on it was by having two services each Sunday morning at the Lakewood Church of Christ where he preached — one with instrumental music and the other service without it. Leroy Garrett was running a series of articles by Beam in his paper, Bible Talk, when the news came of his death. Beam was asking many questions about "fellowship," which Garrett confessed he could not answer. James D. Bales is supposed to answer them in forthcoming issues of Garrett's paper. A reader of Garrett's paper from the beginning is amazed by the radical changes which have occurred in his thinking and positions. He is reaching some ultra-liberal views and if such continues, there is no telling where it will lead him. He is now a PhD — and sometimes really gives one a "foresight" and "reasoning power" that is not to be had by other men! Garrett, Carl Ketcherside and Buff Scott (who are all of the same hue) have discovered that there are Christians — children of God — "scattered throughout the religious world." "I mean by that: There are those who help compose the body of Christ that are affiliated with the Baptist group, Methodist group, Presbyterian group, etc . . ." (Quoted from Buff Scott.) The church of Christ is listed simply by these men as another one of the many groups containing some of God's children! Truly there are some extremes and radical changes taking place within the ranks of the Lord's people. Human wisdom and philosophy are taking the day. Men are framing "logical devises," "principles," and "syllogisms" to prove (?) things in our day. It is no longer a matter of giving a "thus saith the Lord" or "Book, chapter and verse." The necessity of "walking by faith" and abiding in the doctrine of Christ, is seldom heard today. We hear much about "premises," "component parts," logic, axioms, and such like. If we are not careful, all this human wisdom, reasoning and philosophy will throw the church into the sea of turmoil and doubt, without anything certain or sure upon which we can depend. We need to pray as did the early disciples, "Lord, increase our FAITH..... John C. Whitehead is moving from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Cocoa, Florida, to work with the church there . . . . Have you noticed how frequently the title "Dr." is being used among us now? It is gradually being accepted along with other things like it. A few years ago it would not be tolerated at all by the vast majority in the church in any connection with religious services or as a title for gospel preachers — even when it was an earned degree! NOW IT IS DIFFERENT! Of course, we have more "doctors" now and their number is increasing; so they will have to be so recognized and honored when there are enough of them to demand it. The influence for this is stemming from the colleges among us. Years ago when they were not so big, independent and powerful, they would not allow this use of the title. Yet today in the bulletins of these colleges and even in some church bulletins, we read of "Dr. Mattox," "Dr. Bates," "Dr. Rex Turner" and others . . . . It is "Bible Camp" season now and the advertising of such is flying thick and fast. Quite a number of these camps are sponsored and directed by some congregation. What is the difference in some church buying a large ranch and converting it into a place for members to go spend their vacation, play games, swim, and such things, with a little Bible teaching thrown in for good measure; and another church taking several thousand dollars from the church treasury and erecting a large game room or 'recreation hall" in connection with the church building? What is the difference what it is called — whether a "Camp" or a "Fellowship Hall"?...

James Burner has moved to Arcadia, Florida, to work with the church there . . . . THANKS to all of you who have been sending in bulletins and other material showing some of the recreational and entertainment functions some churches are engaged in. PLEASE continue to do this. I have acquired quite an interesting collection and all along I will be sharing them with the readers of this column. It is still very amazing to me to see the lengths to which some churches have gone in this matter. The end is not yet.

From a Dallas paper: At the Skillman Avenue Church of Christ, where John Bannister is minister, Mrs. John Pratt was giving her primary kids a Sunday School lesson recently. "Do any of you know who baptized Jesus?" she asked. One small boy held up his hand. "John the Bannister," he told her.

"The church in Pontotoc, Miss., will conduct a camp for young people June 16-28th. 'Camp Hope, A Christian Camp For Young People'." — Gulfport Banner, Gulfport, Miss.

"We also have laid plans for an area-wide meeting in 1958 with Brother James D. Willieford as the speaker. Brother Willieford is nationally and internationally known by his splendid work on the 'Herald of Truth' program.

"This meeting is to be the COOPERATIVE EFFORT of Granby Street Church of Christ, Portsmouth Church of Christ, Oceana Church of Christ and Norview Church of Christ. It will be held in the Center Theatre Auditorium. This auditorium will seat 1831 people. Granby and Portsmouth are supporting it financially $1500 each. Oceada in the amount of $500. Norview's part in this work financially is $1500. Bro. Pat Boone has been invited to direct our song service, and has stated that if possible, he would be happy to do so . . . ." — Bulletin, Norview church, Norfolk, Virginia.

Attention Young People:

"THE SWASTIKA TO THE CROSS" will be the topic for the monthly young people's meeting here at Vermont Avenue on May 5, at 7:00 p.m.

"An ex-nazi bomber pilot, Brother Fred Casmir, will tell how he found Christ amid wars of Hitler. We are sure that you will find this a truly inspirational experience.

"We have planned the program of singing a little different from the usual program. The 57th and Figueroa congregation will present a group of spirituals instead of the usual chorus singing. We shall also have congregational singing through requested numbers from the group.

"See you next Sunday at 7:00 here at Vermont Avenue." — Letter of Vermont Avenue church in Los Angeles.