Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 21, 1957

Sure Systems

C. D. Plum, Columbus, Ohio

Anything that is "SURE" — works, Works in harmony with the will of him who set the system in operation. The two systems that concern man the most in time and in eternity are the solar system and the soul system. Both are sure in work. We shall briefly notice them in this order.

Solar System, Satellites

I am not an astrologer. My knowledge is practically nil of astronomy. But what I am going to say requires only that I be a child of "faith" in him who set the solar system, with its various satellites in motion, or stationary. This solar system of which I speak embraces the earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars. (Gen. 1:14-18) God made this solar system. The sun at least is one stationary part of this system, but I certainly do not mean it is stationary because it is too big or hot to move, but God made it that way. Speaking at least of the earth and the sun, it is said of the earth, "It is turned as clay to the seal." (Job 38:14) The revolution of the earth is certainly taught here. It may well be that other satellites revolve. The same power that makes the earth turn could well make them turn. That the earth is circular, there can be no doubt, because it is said of God, "It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth." (Isa 40:22) That the earth hangs in space there can be no doubt, yes, revolves in space, because the Bible says, "He stretches out the north over the empty place (space R.V.), and hangeth the earth upon nothing." (Job 26:7) Now don't become confused because the Scriptures speak of the foundation of the earth. There is no contradiction it says, "Upholding all things by the word of his power." (Heb. 1:3) The "worlds" referred to in Hebrews 1:2 was this solar system, with its satellites, and the only foundation for any of these out there in space is: "They are upheld by the word of his power." Here, as elsewhere, we must "walk by faith." (2 Cor. 5:7)

The relationship of the solar system comprising the sun, moon, and stars, to the earth part of this solar system is set forth in Genesis 1:14-17. We are walking by faith when we say the sun, moon, and stars, are to give "light upon the earth." We are also walking by faith when we say these "lights divide day from night," and are for "signs, seasons, days, and years." To me, at least, this is very strong evidence that the earth only is inhabited, and the rest of this solar system contributes to life upon this earth.

The first verse of the Bible, yes, the first ten words of the Bible, say, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." (Gen. 1:1) Here our God has forever overthrown the claim that he is ignorant of the basic principles of true science: which principles are: time, force, action, space, and matter. God knew these principles, and set them forth in this first verse of his book. Note it: "In the beginning" — time; "God" — force; "created" — action; "the heaven" — space; "and the earth" — matter.

A great deal of concern is centered about the Russian satellite that is now circumventing the earth. What the ultimate outcome of this, and others upon the earth that are to follow, I am not trying to predict. But this I know, it is not comparable in accuracy, or 'lastity', or helpful benefits of the millions, yes, more than that, of God's satellites in his solar system. How far man can go I am not trying to predict. How long God will allow man to "fool" in his "sphere" I do not know. But this I know, there is a limitation to man's accomplishments, even as the magicians of Egypt found out this truth. They failed in turning "dust to lice," and then confessed: "This is the finger of God." (Gen. 8:18-19) Let God have his time and way. Believe in and trust him. He knows what he is doing. Don't try to run and ruin his business.

And this remember, God's solar system and satellites are governed by God's natural law — that's why it works — and is sure.

Soul System, Salvation

Now, let's take a look at God's soul system, and salvation. Like the solar system, this is in the realm of faith, but unlike the solar system, the soul system of salvation is not a matter of man's faith "alone." Man cannot alter God's solar system, but man can, and should, do something about God's soul system of salvation. Man cannot do anything about God's spiritual laws through Christ that govern the soul system of salvation, he cannot repeal these spiritual laws, he cannot change them by God's approval, but he can, and should, and must obey these spiritual laws of God if he is to be saved.

The Solar System Had A Sun, And The Soul System Has The Son.

The solar system works because it obeys God's natural laws. The soul system will work if man obeys God's spiritual laws. Said Jesus, "And why call ye me, Lord, and Lord, and do not the things which I say?" (Luke 6:46) And again of Jesus it is said, "He became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him." (Heb. 5:9) All the millions of earth of the Christian era who have genuinely believed, repented, confessed Christ, and were buried in baptism for the remission of sins have this soul system of salvation in its first stage. When these, who have thus become Christians, worship according to God' New Testament law, work according to this law, and live according to this law, the soul system of salvation is complete in all its simplicity and glory. This system worked in the infancy of the church, and it will work now. And there isn't anything else that will work now.

"The" church is the body to be saved. (Eph. 5:23). "The" church is the body to preach the gospel. (Eph. 3:10). "The" church is the body to care for the poor. (Gal. 6:10; -1 Cor. 16:1-2). "The" church should be under qualified men. (1 Pet. 5:1-4). "Christians" are to glorify God in the church. (Eph. 3:21). Why share this glory with a plan of man — "man who cannot direct his own steps"? (Jer. 10:23)