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June 21, 1956

Obituary For Allen K Johnson, Gospel Preacher

Mack Kercheville

On Saturday morning, May 12, Allen E. Johnson, well-known and much loved gospel preacher in New Mexico and throughout the Southwest, died suddenly of a heart attack in Roswell, New Mexico.

At the time of his death, Brother Johnson was serving the College Avenue church in Roswell as preacher. Funeral services were held at the church building on May 14, with Robert Waller of Artesia, New Mexico, preaching, assisted by Fred Engle of Roswell."

Brother Johnson is survived by his wife, Jewell Rowland Johnson; his daughter, Mrs. Mary Grace Horton; one grandchild, Arlene Horton; three sisters: Miss Elizabeth Johnson, Mrs. Clara Snyder, and Mrs. Nettie Nell Kercheville; and four brothers: Ira, Felix, Finis, and George.

After graduating from Abilene Christian College in 1925, where he was known to many of his friends by the nickname of "Squire," Brother Johnson returned to New Mexico to spend his life almost entirely in building up the Lord's church in that state. For a number of years he taught school and preached until churches became strong enough to support him full-time. Places where he served as local preacher were: Hope, Artesia, Hobbs, and Roswell, all in New Mexico. After serving the South Main church in Roswell as preacher for several years, he moved to Riverside, California, to return two years later to Roswell as preacher for the College Avenue congregation.

No man in the Southwest was loved and respected more than Allen Johnson because of the many sacrifices he and his wife made for the Lord's Cause, because of his superior ability as a Bible student and a preacher, and because of his friendly, easy going nature, which attracted friends in all walks of life. At his funeral Mexicans and Negroes walked by his casket weeping along with rich and poor, educated and illiterate, ranchers, farmers, and city folk. Our lives are richer for having known him. His influence for good will extend on down through the years. Truly he was a good man."