Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 17, 1956
NUMBER 3, PAGE 14-15a

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

Order that "Special"!

We saved the type, and are therefore able to fill all orders for the "Special" Issue" of the Gospel Guardian. We urge congregations all over the land to order it in bundles-100, 200, 300, 500, or as many as you can distribute. This is a supreme effort toward promoting UNITY within the church. Let us pray that it may succeed. Cost of the paper is fifteen cents per copy, regardless of how few or how many may be ordered. But order now!

An invitation

Elsewhere in this issue we print an article by 1W. P. Hayden on "Cooperation, In the Light of Revelation." It is an excellent defense of cooperation (as Hayden used the term, and as many brethren today are using it.) We herewith invite Roy Lanier, Guy N. Woods, Thomas B. Warren and E. R. Harper to answer Hayden, showing why his "cooperation" is wrong and theirs is not. We will print any article these brethren may wish to submit on this subject.

Jumping to conclusions

The good ship "Sponsor," having taken off from a Texas airport, was sailing high, wide, and handsome on a world-wide mission. Then trouble developed. A little cloud out of the sea, like a man's hand first appeared; soon the heaven was black with clouds, and the good ship "Sponsor" was driven and tossed. In desperation the crew tried every remedy, but all to no avail. Finally, they grabbed their parachutes, each of which bore the legend "Constituent Element — Made In Texas By Texans," and baled out. Not a single chute opened. That might be called "jumping to a conclusion." End of the story.

Home for old folks

The Houston Press last month carried a story of the latest "Old Folks Home" projected for the Churches of Christ — a $500,000.00 plant proposed by the Central Church of Christ in Houston. Elder A. B. Banowsky made it clear that the home is to be open to old folks "from all denominations" but that only churches of Christ will be solicited for funds to operate it. Full capacity will be about 50 old folks. And of course (but of course!) they will apply the same rigid restrictions to the widows "from all denominations" that Paul applied to Christian widows, "Let none be enrolled as a widow under three-score years old, having been the wife of one man, well reported of for good works; if she hath brought up children, etc." (I Tim. 5:9-16.) That's a joke, son.


Then there was the fellow who insisted rather belligerently that he had a brother who was twelve feet tall. Being pressed on this point, he responded: "The whole of a thing is equal to the sum of its parts. I have two half-brothers each of whom is six feet tall. Two halves make a whole. Therefore, I have one brother who is twelve feet tall." You just can't argue with a mathematical axiom.

How's that, again?

We're hearing and reading a good deal of confused speech of late about the Missionary Society, equality, autonomy, cooperation, and a few kindred items. Some of it is so self-contradictory and impossible that it calls to mind the statement of the little woman who had had a spat with her husband, and suddenly resolved to compromise the situation, "George," she said, "I want you to forget that I told you I didn't mean what I said about not taking back my refusal to change my mind. I've been thinking it over and I've decided that I was right in the first place."

"Seeds of discord"

Brother H. C. Hale of West End Church in Nashville made a visit to Germany a few weeks back, and wrote back to the congregation: "Germany, to my mind, is the key to the mission work in Europe. Brother Gatewood used me constantly while there. The Gospel Guardian is trying to sow seeds of discord there among the young preachers." And just what is the basis of this false accusation? Well, quite a number of the young preachers receive the Guardian. That is all! We don't even give a discounted or reduced rate for their subs.

Vacation Bible Schools

We call your attention again to the fine Vacation Bible School literature we have in stock — the Marian White Series on "Joseph, The Forgiving Brother." It's time to order.

To whom are you giving?

Brother Herschel Patton writes us of a local Baptist preacher in his section who declared over a radio program, "A lot of folks think they are giving to the Co-operative Baptist Program, but this is not so. They are just giving through the Co-operative Program for orphans, colleges, and the preaching of the gospel. If your church includes in its budget a contribution to the Co-Operative Program, you are not contributing to the Co-Operative Program but having a part in this great work"! (Page Gayle Oler.)

The closing of the eyes

"I never see our preacher's eyes,

He hides their light divine;

For when he prays, he shuts his own,

And when he preaches, mine." — Anonymous


Once again we print an almost despairing plea that those who submit articles use paper clips (NOT STAPLES) to keep the pages together. Every stapled article has to be UN-stapled before being used; the editor is the one who does that job. Have you ever tried to Unstaple several sheets of paper, using only your finger-nails for the task? "All tattered and torn, and ragged and chipped; have mercy, please; send your articles clipped!"

Bound Volume VII

Bound Volume VII of the Gospel Guardian will be ready for distribution in about six or eight weeks. Price of the bound volume will be $5.00. But those who order before July 1, (sending their money with the order) can receive the book for $4.00. We have about 200 regular customers who take the bound volume each year; we are binding enough to supply their needs and about 50 more for others who may want a copy.