Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 3, 1957

Adventures In Good Reading!

All Books Intended For Review In This Column Should Be Sent To C. R. Nichol, Clifton, Texas.

THE TREE OF LIFE LOST AND REGAINED, by W. W. Otey, republished by Bible Bulwarks, Box 61, Bellaire, Texas, $2.

W. W. Otey is a matured Bible scholar, painstaking in his statements, obsessed with the conviction that the Bible is God's revelation to man, and that obedience to His commandments are necessary to entrance into the heavenly home. He who reads this book will be impressed with the interesting discussion of the subject of sin, and the needed obedience to God's word. Those who read this book will learn what to do to become a Christian, as well as live the life of a Christian. The book merits a wide circulation.

CLASS NOTES ON SACRED HISTORY, by J. W. McGarvey, edited with additional notes by Leslie G. Thomas. Gospel Advocate Co., Nashville, Tennessee, two volumes, $1.75 each.

The late J. W. McGarvey, who for years taught Bible in the College of the Bible in Lexington, Kentucky, was a recognized Bible scholar throughout the land. His book on the Holy Land is a reference book in colleges, as well as an interesting description of the Holy Land.

Mr. Thomas has done an appreciated work in making this set of books again available, as well as by note he has added to the former volumes.

The student who has these books and studies them will have a working knowledge of the Old Testament, and fulfillment of many prophecies in the New Testament. This set of books should be in the library of each preacher. Buy a set while they are available.

PROTESTANT WITNESS OF A NEW AMERICAN, by Angelo Di Domenica. The Judson Press, paper binding, $1.50; boards, $2.50.

The author was born of poor Italian parents, and early in life became a "choir boy" in a Roman Catholic Church. His experience as a lad was far from pleasant, or profitable. He managed to come to America, became a member and preacher in a Missionary Baptist Church, also an American citizen. The book consists of the history of his life from childhood to maturity and his work as a minister in a Baptist church, as well as some missionary work.

10 STEPS TO LEADERSHIP, by J. Vernon Jacobs. The Standard Publishing Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, cloth, $2.25.

Most men would like to be able to speak in public; to have some public part in speaking on different occasions, in religious, as well as other public meetings; but think they cannot. Numbers of devoted religious people decline to speak in public, when in fact they have the information which would assist in the service, and wish to do so. They are self-conscious; fear some one who would offer adverse criticism. They are not "sure of themselves."

This book by Mr. Jacobs you will find will assist you a great deal, and you will rejoice to have the suggestions and outlines he gives in training yourself. Even those who now talk in public, but have no training in "speech," will find the book worth much.

SERMON OUTLINES ON THE RESTORATION PLEA, by C. C. Crawford. DeHoff Publications, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, cloth, $3.50.

The book is more than a scant "outline." Divided into twenty-five chapters, with a rather full discussion on such subjects as: "The New Testament Church," "Is There Anything In A Name?", "Is One Church As Good As Another?", "Can One Be A Christian Outside the Church?", "Authority In Religion."

A well written book, with a pleasing approach to each subject in a logical way. The book will fill a place all its own in your library, and do good service placed in the hands of one who needs teaching in the Bible.

TRAINING FOR GREATER SERVICE, by Charles E. Sewell. The Nobler Searcher, Lebanon, Tennessee, $2.

"Prepare for men's training classes." There is much in the book which will benefit others, and should be known by all members of the church.

Some splendid suggestions for those who are not accustomed to speaking in public. The chapter on the qualifications and work of elders in the church is easily understood as presented by the author. A few "Sermon Outlines" are given. The author strives to teach only the Bible.