Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 8, 1956

Adventures In Reading

All Books Intended For Review In This Column Should Be Sent To C. H. Nichol. Clifton. Texas.

NOW HOW TO LIVE, By Ralph W. Sockman, Abingdon-Cokesbury Press, Cloth $2.00.

This popular author attempts to tell how to live "now" with the many temptations, and demands made on us, and the unrest on every hand, and constant demands. He raises the question: "Are we free to make a choice?" "Are you making a choice?" "Are you fighting yourself?" "How Broad Should A Christian Be?"

When you have read the book, you will recall a number of people to whom you would like to give a copy of the book. You will make your life richer by reading the book, and have much to pass on to others.

THE APOSTOLIC FATHERS, Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Cloth $3.95, Translations by Lightfoot and Harmer.

Those who wish to have at their hand the writings of the men immediately following the death of the apostles, will not rest satisfied till they have this book in their collection. It has been said that if the New Testament were destroyed it could be reproduced by quotation made by the early writers, they quoted so fully from them.

Clement, to the Christians at Corinth; the Epistle of Ignatius, Polycarp, Barnabus, Hernias, and other of the early writers deserve a place in every Bible student's library.

The full Index in this edition makes it easy to locate any statement you wish to verify. Secure your copy while it is available.

THIRTY YEARS A WATCHTOWER SLAVE, By W. J. Schnell, Baker Book House, Cloth $2.95.

This book is new, just from the press. Written by Mr. Schnell who was for thirty years a member of, and worker in prominent places, of the people now called "Jehovah Witnesses." This religious people were in the beginning known as "Bible Students" with Mr. Chas. T. Russell the leader of the group, followed by Judge Rutherford. The Society sold much literature, at a very small cost, most of the books on cheap paper and cheap binding.

These are the people who set the definite time for the coming of Christ to the earth; 1914 was named, then 1925. More, it is claimed by them that Jesus has returned to the earth, that numbers of the Saints of Old Testament times have been raised from the dead. Too, they refuse to salute the flag of the United States. Do you know why? In a debate some years ago with Mr. Pack Whittaker, he made claim that Jesus had returned to the earth and the one who should be ruling over all the earth, as king, hence they recognized him as the rightful ruler, and would not salute our flag.

In this book Mr. Schnell tells his experience with the leaders of the organization. You will find it an interesting, as well as revealing story.

1500 THEMES FOR SERIES PREACHING, By William Goulooze, Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Cloth $2.50.

The author presents an unusual book of Sermon Outlines. As an example: An outline on, "The Word of God," followed by an outline on "The Word of Men," which is followed by an outline, "Living By the Word." Another series: "Specific 'Sins," the next sermon: "Explanation of Sin," then the next, "Forgiveness of Sins." Thus the style of the aggregation of sermons suggested such as, "Question by Jesus About Human Desires," then another outline on questions about "Fruitfulness," and questions of "Investigation," and questions "About Others." The outlines pare very suggestive, and will cause the hearers to desire to hear the next discussion, if the preacher announces that he will discuss the series of themes; too, it will necessitate some study on the part of the preacher. The themes are suggestive, with some texts of Scripture indicated. The book will be an asset to your "outlines."