Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 1, 1956
NUMBER 26, PAGE 1,7c

Why So Many Divorces?

C. R. Nichol, Homestead, Florida

There are three divine institutions: The family, civil government, and the church of Christ.

Marriage was ordained for the happiness and perpetuity of the human family; that the relationship of husband and wife should exist so long as they should live. Many, especially in our modern day, have no regard for the law of Jehovah pertaining to the marriage relationship. This is forcefully evidenced by the number of divorces sought and obtained in the civil courts.

Not many years ago divorces were fewer, and those divorced were looked upon with misgivings, by all who lived soberly and righteously. Divorces are the canker worms eating at the vitals of our social life and undermining our civilization. There has never been a time when there was so much worldliness in churches. Alas how things have changed! Today, couples divorce each other for the most trivial cause; "cook up" excuses for divorce. On every hand may be seen the divorced husband, and discarded wife. Not only are such people crashing high society, and top-flight positions in worldly places; but to the shame of the clergy, and Christian men and women, there are those who force themselves into leadership positions among God's people. Travel with me and find housed in one group, men and women with a multiplicity of spouses even to the third degree. One man with two living wives, the present wife two living husbands. In numbers of congregations divorced men, and women with no scriptural grounds for separation. Such disruption of the conjugal tie, by man-made laws is alarming and shameful. The absence of harmony in legislation of man, and the legislation of God has led to confusion, conflict and utter disregard for the commandments which follow in this age for eternity. Today causes of divorce are legion; but for sure, there is not Bible authority for such. Why all the divorces? There must be a reason.

All must agree there are contributing reasons, foremost is lack of reverence for the word of God, perhaps ignorance of God's word, and lack of proper training, teaching in earlier years by parents — a failure to bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. (Eph. 6.)

It is a well known fact that from the earliest existence, laws were made governing divorce. Among the Jews, the Mosaic law was their standard. "When a man had taken a wife, and it came to pass that she found no favor in his eyes, because he hath found some uncleanness in her; then let him write her a bill of divorcement and give it in her hand and send her out of this house." (Deut. 24:1.) You will note here that impurity is the assigned cause for divorce.

Are married couples trying to keep alive the same respect, courtesy, love and cooperation after marriage, as existed during the days of courtship and early marriage? Is the wife as particular about her personal appearance, ever neatly dressed, and does she strive to please her husband? Is the husband as anxious to accompany the wife to church, and elsewhere as was he, when he was wooing her? Does each make concessions to please the other and strive for peace and unity in the home?

Recently I was an overnight guest in the home where the wife appeared at the breakfast table, dressed in a robe, with her pajamas dangling below the robe. At the lunch hour there was no change in her attire. Do you think there was no change when we three were guests with a mutual friend for dinner? There was a transformation!

Oftentimes the husband grows careless also. Certainly one must measure by some contrast, or comparison, those who are ever neat and presentable to those who have become careless and neglected personal appearance.

It may be that the husband is not financially able to give the wife the same character of wardrobe she was accustomed to before marriage, and she may "nag" at him until he becomes "sore." 'Boisterous words and rising temperatures follow. Words which wound may be spoken. Words often make wounds not easily healed.

"Angry words, oh, let them never

From your tongue unbridled slip."

Is it possible that the preacher where you attend religious services has failed to teach what the Bible reveals about marriage relationship, divorce and remarriage to some other person? Has he failed to declare the whole counsel of God because Brother "X" has a plurality of wives; or Brother "Y" is "double-yoked," and holds or has influence over the money hag? Is he preaching to save souls, or is he preaching for "Simony"?

Have you learned the full meaning of Ephesians chapter five, verse twenty-two? Hear Paul in his exhortation on the relation of husband and wife. "Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God."

Hasten the day when ministers everywhere will have the intestinal fortitude to speak out with conviction on such matters, declaring the whole counsel of God, then and then only will the populace adopt the interpretation of the New Testament (Matt. 19:16), "What God hath joined together let no man put asunder."