Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 25, 1956


H. F. Manchester, Alvin, Texas, Sept. 9: "After five years with the church in Comanche we have accepted work with the church in Alvin, Texas, and will begin that work on September 14th. Brother Luther Blackmon held the summer meeting in Comanche which closed on September 2nd. There were five baptized and three restored. The preaching was as good as the faithful could ask for. The brethren in Comanche will be looking for a preacher as of new. All who may be interested in making a change should write the elders in care of Buster White, Comanche, Texas."

Wright Randolph, San Pablo, California, Sept. 17: "On September 10 through 18 a debate was held in the building of the Richmond church. The propositions covered the Herald of Truth and Ontario Orphan Home. The disputants were Brother Lloyd Moyer, who for the past three years has preached for the Richmond congregation and is now preaching for a new work in El Cerrito, and Brother Don Rudd of the Rayon City church in Tennessee. Two nights were given to each proposition and some four hundred people attended each session. Good was accomplished. A review will appear later. One observation is noted here. A NEW PROOF TEXT IS IN USE TO ESTABLISH AUTHORITY FOR HERALD OF TRUTH: ORPHAN HOMES AS PRESENTLY CONDUCTED, ET CETERA: (1 Corinthians 12:26.) This text, though far removed from the subject, is ALMOST as good as others which have been cited and used. Faithful brethren appreciated the work and conduct of Brother Moyer."

Henry A. Simpson, Box 444, Carrizo Springs, Texas: "I have been with the church here since July 1. We had a VBS in August with a high attendance of 48 and an average of 42. Most of that number were school age or over. We feel that much good was done in our teaching and that some good contacts with outsiders were made. The church here is not disturbed by any of the current problems as we are old fashioned enough to be busy trying to keep our work here going and growing. If the time should arise that we need to look for more to do, all we have to do is go a few blocks away and begin a `mission' work with thousands of Mexicans right here at home. We are working toward that end in the not too distant future."

Glenn L. Shaver, 6243 Delaware Ave., Hammond, Indiana, Sept. 27: "Since beginning our second years work with the Hessville congregation July 1, 1956, six have been baptized into Christ, seven have been restored to their first love, and nine have made it known they are members of Christ's church who have moved here and desire to worship with us. Attendance and interest is growing again after the summer vacation time has ended. Roy E. Cogdill conducted our meeting this summer and two were baptized and one was restored. The elders invited him back for a meeting next year. We enjoyed his sound preaching. Our next meeting will begin October 28 and continues through the 30th, with Norman Hogan of Alamo, Tennessee, doing the preaching. O. C. Lambert of Winfield, Alabama, will speak to the congregation here October 23 on Roman Catholicism. We welcome people moving into the Hammond area to worship with us."

Robert Goodman, Madisonville, Texas, Oct.. 2: "After three years of pleasant and profitable work with the church in Madisonville, we are moving to Aldine to work with the Aldine Church of Christ. M. Roy Stevens, Haynesville, Louisiana, preceded us in a good work there. Our address will be 14413 Aldine-Westfield Rd., Houston 16, Texas. The Church of Christ will soon be meeting regularly in Bedias, Texas. They need a donation of used pews. Address all correspondence to Garvin Morris, Bedias, Texas."