Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 11, 1956

Louis J. Sharp, Little Rock, Arkansas: "During June, July, and August six were baptized and three restored at East Side. One lady 73 years of age and a life-long Methodist was among those baptized. Our Bible study and contributions have continued to grow through the summer months. Our fall meeting will be conducted the week of October 14-21."

Roy E. Gulley, Laredo, Texas, Aug. 20: "Two baptisms here yesterday and one confession of wrong the Sunday before. Next Sunday closes my work with this congregation. I will begin with the West Main Street church in Atlanta, Texas, September 1. Please note my change of address."

J. N. Flores, Rt. 3, Alton, Missouri: "The Hickory Grove congregation has recently closed a meeting, Brother W. D. Fike doing the preaching, resulting with six baptisms. Later one more baptism and one restored at regular meeting with Brother 'Harlan Lewis of Poplar Bluff, Missouri as preacher. Church much strengthened."

W. E. Fortney, 162 Harrison, Clarksburg, West Virginia: "Two precious souls were baptized into Christ in our meeting at Burt, West Virginia."

Carl A. Collins, Oakwood, Texas: "Dear Brother Tant: In a recent editorial of the Firm Foundation (July 21, 1956) I note that Brother Reuel Lemmons is opposed to greasing the machinery of the 'greater evil; 'the high pressure promotional schemes.' I think he must be trying to get off the band wagon and he says it is harder to get off than it was to get on. He has already hurt himself pretty badly. Will not someone near to him help this prodigal to get off so he can come back home?"

Judson Woodbridge, Mulvane, Kansas, Sept. 3: "Eight have been baptized here during July and August. Four were baptized and one restored in my meeting at Paden, Oklahoma, which was conducted the last part of July."

W. E. Shamblin, 2310 Chapala St., Santa Barbara, California, Sept. 4: "We have had some inquiry about the discussion that was held here in Santa Barbara between Brother Lloyd Moyer and Brother Tommy Phillips on the subject of congregational cooperation. Brother Moyer very ably defended the truth in this debate; however, Brother Phillips was a poor representative for the opposition. He whined and whimpered throughout the debate, complaining that he had been coerced into the debate. He contradicted himself going and coming trying to use the arguments of G. K. Wallace, Roy Lanier and Thomas B. Warren. He had no arguments of his own, but read from the Firm Foundation and Gospel Advocate. He read, of course, some of as good arguments as have been made, or apparently can be made, in defense of his position. This was good for the debate as it gave Brother Moyer a chance to answer all these arguments, which he very clearly did. But Brother Phillips, not knowing an argument when he made one, and trying desperately to use the arguments of others, utterly confused his own position, and met none of Brother Moyer's arguments. So far as I know, no arrangements have been made to publish this debate; however, Brother Mover has published a leaflet very clearly setting forth his position, and Brother Phillip's arguments can be found verbatim in back issues of the Gospel Advocate and Firm Foundation. For Brother Moyer's leaflet write: Lloyd Moyer, 309 - 36th Street, Richmond, California (price 25c)."

Thomas F. Shropshire, Box 666, Post, Texas, Sept. 12: "On July 22, 1956 I closed two years work with the East-side church in Ranger, Texas, having resigned my work with them three months previous. I left Ranger of my own free will and have the endorsement of that church. This may be verified by anyone interested. I have come to Post to stay until I have made a working arrangement with another congregation. I have found that it is not easy for a preacher who has declared himself on the current issues to secure a work in the preaching of the gospel, especially if it is known that he deals with the issues in his preaching. But we still live in hope that there will be a congregation somewhere who will want his services."

Derrel Starling, 2128 W. Earl Dr., Phoenix, Arizona, Sept. 12: "November 4-11, Cecil B. Douthitt of Brownwood, Texas, will be in a meeting with the Westside church, 1606 W. Indian School Road."

Voyd N. Ballard, Box 707, Ventura, California, Sept. 13: "From August 31 to September 7 the church in Saticoy, California conducted a tent meeting in a nearby community with good interest and attendance. One was baptized during the meeting. Brother Lloyd Moyer of Richmond, California, did the preaching in this meeting, and did it well. Brother Moyer preaches the gospel without fear or favor of man and in such a way that it cannot be misunderstood. We plan to have him with us again in the spring. We had visitors from Oklahoma last Sunday who had read our location in this paper. Our meeting place is 1036 Sixth Street, Saticoy, California."

Otis H. Moyer, 1649 Holt St., El Centro, California: "This is to inform those interested that after seven years in the San Jose area I have moved to work with the church meeting at 700 South 8th in El Centro. Two have been baptized and four restored since our arrival here three weeks ago. We look forward to a fruitful work with the brethren here. I have been with the following congregations for meetings recently: Las Cruces, N. M. in June; Carey, Texas, July; and Napa, Calif., in August. My next meeting will be with the church in Alameda, Calif., November 6-15. When passing through El Centro visit with us."

West End Church Formed In Richmond, Virginia

On October 7, 1956, members of the church now worshipping at 1208 West 41st Street (Forest Hill), Richmond, Virginia, will swarm. About 26 Christians who have been traveling approximately 40 miles each week per family to worship with us will establish the West End church of Christ at 319 Maple Avenue in this city. The group is comprised of young families; however, it includes some men with at least a quarter of a century each in the Lord's work. All are active, six are teachers or substitutes in our Bible classes and one has served as our secretary. Male members include Edgar Beck, Maurice E. Dare, O. V. Holeman, R. E. Johnson, John L. Nosker, Linton Parker, and B. J. Wilson.

The church in Forest Hill is not so large that we could not easily have continued to work and worship together. Strife is not the reason for formation of a new unit of the Lord's church as it is believed it would be difficult to find a more harmonious work than we have had during our nearly ten years of existence. The reason for the move is the geographic location of these members and barriers to maximum accomplishment with such a far-flung membership in a city of this size.

Temporary meeting place of the new church will be the lower rooms of a lodge building strategically situated within probably the fastest growing section here, among an estimated 100,000 people. A lot is being sought and a building will be constructed as soon as plans can be formulated and financing arranged. These brethren believe, and we concur, that there is a great opportunity to implant a strong and growing church in this section of Richmond. Consequently, they leave with our blessing and, as do we, respectfully request an interest in your prayers.

Earl Alderman Delmar P. Coffield

W. A. Lyell Elders

Vernon Ripley, Big Sandy, Texas: "Enjoy reading the Guardian. We have moved to Big Sandy from Ropesville, Texas. The work here is growing in all phases. We have recently added to our building, class rooms. When through this area worship with us."