Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 27, 1956

A Dream Comes True

Leroy Brownlow, Fort Worth, Texas

Last night a brother from California called me to learn if I knew of where and how a congregation there could secure a loan. This problem has been and is the problem of many congregations. Large congregations with great assets have been able to get loans without much difficulty. But other congregations have found it very difficult, and in many instances impossible.

For many years brethren have dreamed of a business enterprise, directed by faithful Christians, that would make loans to churches of Christ. It is now a dream come true. On January 27, 1956, Church Builders, Inc., was formed under the laws of the State of Texas, as a specialized loan company, with headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. Loans are to be made to churches of Christ for buildings, expansion, remodeling, parking lots, air conditioning, etc. It is now a going business. The first loan was made for air conditioning for the White Settlement Church of Christ, Fort Worth.

The by-laws of the corporation state that all officers and directors of it must be faithful members of the church of Christ, and that loans are to be made only to churches of Christ and, of course, to personal investors of the corporation who may borrow up to 75% of the amount paid the corporation for stocks and/or bonds. Why did the founders restrict loans to churches of Christ only? Because they know that money is a power for good or evil, depending upon its use. They want to aid truth, but they do not care to be a party to the building up of error. This spirit is commendable!

This corporation is neither an agency of the church nor an adjunct to it, even though it is directed by members of the church. It is strictly a business enterprise. It is being operated on the basis of sound, business principles. There are no gimmicks, no donors, and no gifts. No one makes gifts to it, and no one receives gifts from it. It is definitely and unequivocally a loan company.

The officers and directors are to serve without any salary or bonus of any kind. They do not want the people who invest in it to think for one moment that there is any possibility of the profits being eaten up by high salaries; so they shall receive no salaries. The only way they can profit financially from the corporation is from their investments in it, and then it will be in exact proportion to what every other investor receives from the money he puts into it.

The following brethren are officers and directors:

(1) Jack Burton — Bible teacher, Southside church, Fort Worth; trustee, Central Christian College; partner, Burton Bros. Electric Company.

(2) J. H. Richards, Sr. — elder, Polytechnic church, Fort Worth; trustee, Abilene Christian College; trustee, Southwestern Christian College; senior member of Ryan-Richards-Garrison Insurance Firm.

(3) W. B. Cayce — Bible teacher, West Berry church, Fort Worth; trustee, Abilene Christian College; president, South Fort Worth State Bank

(4) Elmer Wooldridge — member, Southside church, Fort Worth; director, American Founders Life Insurance Company; builder.

(5) J. Don Baldridge — member, Broadway church, Lubbock; secretary-treasurer, Baldridge Bakeries; trustee, Lubbock Christian College.

(6) Reuel Lemmons — gospel preacher, Austin; trustee, Abilene Christian College; editor, Firm Foundation.

(7) A. E. Winters — deacon, West Berry church, Fort Worth; trustee, 'Southwestern Christian College; public accountant, and owner of Winter's Brake Service.

(8) Lewis G. Lacy — deacon, Southside church, Fort Worth; public accountant.

Persons with money seeking a place to put it where it will earn a reasonable return should note: This loan company offers a balanced investment plan, guaranteeing a substantial return on the investment, a return that is above the current rate of interest offered by banks and savings and loan associations.

Those who are interested in either borrowing or investing may write: Church Builders, Inc.; attention, Voyt Williams, 316 Bailey Street, Fort Worth, Texas.