Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 20, 1956


Victor H. Sellers, Box 104, Mineola, Texas: "Lonzell Ross, of Quitman, Texas, and Victor H. Sellers, of Mineola, Texas, spent twelve days (June 27 through July 8) in Hastings, Nebraska doing personal work and preaching the gospel. The preaching and song leading were done by both men on an alternating basis. There were no baptisms. The expenses of the meeting were taken care of in the following manner: the salary of each preacher was assumed by his respective congregation; the meeting expenses, including the accommodations for the preachers, and half of the travel expenses were paid by the Hastings church; and half the travel expenses were paid by the Mineola church.

"Hastings, Nebraska, a city of some 26,000 people, has a congregation that numbers twelve members. Several months ago it numbered around sixty members. The loss of membership was due to the transfer of some of the church members because of the lay-off at the Naval Depot. The church in Hastings is purchasing a new preacher's home and a church building once owned by a denominational group. The services of a full-time preacher have been secured, but his personal support is not adequate.

Those interested in helping the work in Hastings, Nebraska are asked to write to H. W. Tubbs, one of the elders, 921 North Bellevue, Hastings, Nebraska."

NEW CONGREGATION AT RISCO, MISSOURI Jasper Hilliard, 802 N. Decatur St., Malden, Missouri, July 18: "A new congregation which will begin meeting at Risco, Missouri August 1 is a wonderful example of brotherhood cooperation. Risco is a small town eight miles from Malden. Several Christians live there but since there was no congregation there most of them attended the church at Malden. Others attended other nearby congregations.

"Last year the church at Lawrenceburg, Tennessee sent Brother Gilbert Gibbs to preach in a tent meeting at Risco. He was back in a meeting this year which resulted in six baptisms and one restoration. The meeting was well supported by the churches at Malden, Parma, Gideon and Lilbourn. Plans were made at the last of the meeting to rent a house and start meeting there as soon as possible.

"The Malden church will send me to preach for this congregation part time and the church at Gideon will send Brother Norman Fultz to preach some. Brother P. E. Pinkston, a member of the Malden church and a preacher, will help some too. Other members from Malden, Parma, Gideon, and Lilbourn will meet and help with the work at Risco also. The church at Glendale, Tennessee gave Risco some good pews and some chairs and other necessary equipment has been bought. A number of other things will be needed however including a building very soon. If you would like to cooperate with all these other fine churches in this great work please send any contribution to Cleo Ornder, P. O. Box 6, Risco, Missouri. Brother Ornder has been a very active and dependable member of the Malden congregation for a long time but he lives at Risco and is very interested in the work there."